8 thoughts on “SEBASTIAN GORKA: FBI Going After Email Accounts of Conservatives -WELCOME TO THE USS of A Where in 10 Years you will Own NOTHING and Will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

  1. Cmt

    They are scared. I use protonmail. I am apolitical. The WHOLE thing is corrupt and needs to go back to our original constitution and get out from under the European bankers. Both Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama, Biden, and I’m still on the fence with Trump. I am happy this confirms my email is private. The “Handlers” have learned the US from Federal, State, to Hospitals and Schools can all be bride or Blackmailed. Money trumps Children. Despicable. Dear Protonmail, Please don’t sell out??!! While I have no idea if there is a “coup de ta” going on to remove the tyrants from office, but I sure hope so. I’d like to make a few citizen arrests myself.

  2. Dale Vernon

    Anyone else feel their prayers to restore this country to its Judeo Christian roots are falling on deaf heavenly ears? Let’s face it this once great country is done as a sovereign God fearing republic. Those of us who fear God know all the reasons & in all good conscience we wonder why God hasn’t already pulled the trigger on our country’s demise. In fact Christians are just beginning to feel persecution’s appearance. It will continue as the Lord allows the devil to his dirty deeds. This is the time like the 2 minute drill in a close football game where Christians need to stand strong in the Lord to witness, pray for the lost, reach out to unsaved family & give $ to worthy Christian ministries equipped to reach the unsaved & even more for us to live a holy, obedient life & keep short accounts with our Lord so He is glorified to all who are watching us. We also need to equip ourselves in His precious Word so we are available to the Holy Spirit to answer questions that come up. I have found just studying the Bible in a random manner can bring knowledge to the strangest questions coming from the lost. None of this is news to Christians BUT I believe there may only be 2 minutes to go & our opportunities to share the Gospel will be over.

  3. Travis

    Dear Dale,

    To your point: I was praying the other day and a scripture “address” came into my mind. It was Isaiah 22:14. I had no idea what the passage was. When I looked it up, I found the verse is:

    “Then it was revealed in my hearing by JHVH of hosts, ‘Surely for this iniquity there will be no atonement for you, even to your death,’ says the Lord JHVH of hosts.”

    The context is that Israel was disobedient, so God sent trouble to them, wanting them to repent; but instead of mourning for their sin the people of Israel continued to party, maybe even harder. In verse 14, God is saying, “The warning you heard before was your last warning.”

    I think perhaps this applies not just to the US, but to the entire world. I agree with you that at this time it would be good to focus on preaching the message of salvation to the lost. I myself do not expect the United States to be saved, nor wish to put much energy in that direction; rather I do want to exert myself by the leading of God’s Spirit to share the life-giving news of hope through Jesus.

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