The burden against Damascus.

“Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
And it will be a ruinous heap.
The cities of Aroer are forsaken;
They will be for flocks
Which lie down, and no one will make them afraid” (Isaiah 17:1-2).


4 thoughts on “DAMASCUS BOMBED

  1. Jim V.

    This is my opinion, when Damascus will be destroyed, it will triggered Psalm 83 or Mog/Gog War. I don’ know, but I’m expecting of Psalm 83 first then Mog/Gog. Some say Psalm 83 have already happened back in 1967 and 1973.

    I’ve always wondered, are we as the Church will be here when Damascus destroyed or not? I pray the rapture is coming.

    Time is short.

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