Not Only Has this Inept and Evil President Left Behind Hundreds of Americans -Biden Also is Slammed for Abandoning Service Dogs in Afghanistan

But Brethren, should we really be surprised? Biden cares not for the millions of aborted babies since 1973 and he voted for Partial Birth (late term) abortion. The man has no heart. Pray for him!


The Biden administration seems to be almost intentionally trying to make things worse for the nation. With this current president in office, one disaster has followed the other, seemingly to no end.

Right now, in real time, United States citizens are stranded in Afghanistan. This is because Biden prioritized meeting a deadline set by the Taliban over rescuing our own people. Then, Biden has the gall to stand before the nation and declare his Kabul withdrawal as a success.

Americans aren’t falling for it. During this month alone, polling has come out showing that 52% of Americans want Biden to step down as president; only 39% are in favor of Biden remaining in the White House.

As it turns out, though, Biden’s problems keeping mounting up. The government is now under fire for reportedly abandoning military service dogs in Afghanistan to be tortured and slaughtered by the Taliban, as Townhall confirms.

No Respect for America’s Service Dogs

This president doesn’t seem to have any respect for people — or animals — who have served on behalf of our nation in Kabul, Afghanistan. Just earlier this week, American Humane came out, stating that the Biden administration is leaving behind service dogs working for the military in Afghanistan.

In additional remarks, American Humane furthermore confirmed their readiness to bring these dogs back home to safety. Following this report, images surfaced online of military service dogs trapped inside small crates. News also broke that these service dogs could have traveled in U.S. plane cargo sections.

This latest report about America’s service dogs arrived at the same time that Biden declared his removal of U.S. troops from Kabul a smashing success. Many Americans beg to differ, though.

Pushback from the Pentagon

It didn’t take long for Biden’s reported abandonment of military service dogs to begin circulating online. It prompted understandable backlash against an administration already under fire for the deaths of 13 American Marines and other horrors.

After some time, the Pentagon issued a statement on this matter. Per the Pentagon, dogs in cages were reportedly not abandoned at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. The Pentagon moreover claimed that the viral images of military service dogs are actually dogs being cared for by Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

According to the Military Working Dog Team Support Association, these statements from the Pentagon are correct. One can only hope that these service dogs are, in fact, properly cared for and brought back to America safely.

What do you think about the conflicting reports regarding the treatment of our country’s service dogs in Afghanistan? Do you believe these animals are getting the proper care and removal from Afghanistan back here to the United States? Sound off down below in the comments area. Source

How Can I Be Saved?


ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE? “Soothing Symptoms of Anxiety” with Graphene Oxide; It’s In Millions of Masks

SO THIS is supposed to calm people down and make them trust in Millions of Masks which contain the Toxin GRAPHENE OXIDE??

Are they Kidding?? Unfortunately, they are as serious as a heart attack!


“Soothing symptoms of anxiety” with graphene oxide; it’s in millions of masks

This is not a joke; it’s real “Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick, the lightest material known…the strongest compound [ever] discovered…the best conductor of heat at room temperature…the best conductor of electricity known…potentially an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for an almost limitless number of applications. Since the discovery…of graphene, applications within different scientific disciplines have exploded, with huge gains being made particularly in high-frequency electronics, bio, chemical and magnetic sensors, ultra-wide bandwidth photodetectors, and energy storage and generation.”

—I’ll get to the “anti-anxiety” effects of graphene on the brain in a minute; first a review of the lung issues.

On April 2, 2021, Health Canada issued an advisory, warning people not to “use face masks labelled to contain graphene or biomass graphene.”

Andrew Maynard covers this issue in a article, “Manufacturers have been using nanotechnology-derived graphene in face masks—now there are safety concerns.”

Those concerns? Masks could create lung problems.

Maynard’s article traces the safety concerns to a Chinese mask manufacturer, Shandong, but points out that millions of graphene-containing masks are in use around the world, produced by a whole host of companies.

Recently, I saw a mask sold to a customer. It was sealed in a plain plastic bag. No manufacturer’s name, no list of materials in the mask, nothing but a bar code. Does the mask contain graphene? No way to know.

The mainstream literature on graphene is ambiguous and far from reassuring: ‘yes, it’s probably toxic to the lungs; perhaps not seriously so; perhaps only temporarily; there are more questions than answers.’

Why have these masks been certified anywhere in the world for public use? Why haven’t the CDC and the WHO made definitive statements about safety concerns? Why didn’t public health agencies, long ago, run/demand definitive tests to see whether, and to what extent, the nanoparticles of graphene detach themselves from various types of masks and enter the body?

At, we have, “Is graphene safe?”

“But, it is the very nature of graphene that might be cause for concern: thin and lightweight, yet tough and intractable particles are notoriously worrisome in terms of the detrimental effects they can have on our health, particularly when breathed in…”

“Ken Donaldson is a respiratory toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh and he and his colleagues are among the first to raise the warning flag on graphene, at least for nanoscopic platelets of the material. It is not too great a leap of the imagination to imagine how such tiny flakes of carbon might be transported deep within the lungs similar to asbestos fibres and coal dust. Once lodged within, there is no likely mechanism for the removal or break down of such inert particles and they might reside on these sensitive tissues triggering a chronic inflammatory response or interfering with the normal cellular functions.”

Does this make any sane person feel safe about wearing a mask containing graphene particles?

“We have a new idea and a new product. It’s designed to force you to breathe in nanoparticles of graphene. Who knows what’ll happen? Try it and see.”

And now, on top of all that—Are millions of people walking around in a sedated dumbed-down haze, because they’re wearing masks?

(Yes, I know some researchers are making the claim that graphene oxide is contained in COVID vaccines. Their findings definitely call out for further investigation and confirmation.)

A large consortium, funded by the European Union, is conducting research on graphene oxide as an anxiety-reversal agent which affects the brain. The consortium is Graphene Flagship. They write:

“The Graphene Flagship is, along with the Human Brain Project, the first of the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technology Flagships, whose mission is to address the big scientific and technological challenges of the age through long-term, multidisciplinary research and development efforts.”

They have published an article, “Soothing the symptoms of anxiety with graphene oxide.” Here are key quotes:

“Researchers from Graphene Flagship partners SISSA in Italy, ICN2 in Spain and the University of Manchester in the UK, in collaboration with the Ribeirão Preto Medical School of the University of São Paulo, have discovered that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a model study. They found that injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the brain silences the neurons responsible for anxious behaviour.”

“Laura Ballerini, lead author of the paper and Professor of Physiology at Graphene Flagship partner SISSA, Italy, explains that graphene oxide disables communication between the synapses that cause this type of fear.”

“…’Two days after injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the mouse’s brain, it behaved like other mice that had never experienced the smell of a cat in their home environment. In other words, graphene oxide inhibited the mouse’s anxiety-related behaviour,’ Ballerini explains.”

“Graphene oxide interrupts anxiety-related neuron signals without affecting the neurons, or the surrounding cells. In simple terms, it only ‘turns down’ the communications between specific neurons. In a disease where these communications are over-expressed, like PTSD and anxiety, targeting the synapses with graphene oxide is enough to halt the development of this pathological behaviour. This is a type of precision medicine.”

“Graphene oxide is naturally eliminated after a few days, as the surrounding tissue digests the material. Ballerini says that, after two days, they did not observe any inflammation, and no traces of graphene oxide remained at all.”

What happens when you walk around all day, day after day, breathing in graphene through a mask?

What happens to your lungs? To your brain? To your feelings? To the quality of your thoughts?


In keeping with local laws, I’ve applied for a license to own a mask as a weapon. If I gain approval, I plan to seal it in a glass box and mount it on the wall next to my grenade launcher and Civil War cannonball. Source


ON SEPTEMBER 1 2020 CNN Health PUBLISHED THIS “Past Vaccine Disasters Show Why Rushing a Coronavirus Vaccine Now Would be ‘Colossally Stupid”

How did we miss this? I am thinking that this piece from CNN was published before THE MEMO was sent out to all Leftist news sources about promoting the jab!


CNN)Vaccine experts are warning the federal government against rushing out a coronavirus vaccine before testing has shown it’s both safe and effective. Decades of history show why they’re right.

FDA signals vaccine could green light early

Their concern that the FDA may be moving too quickly heightened when FDA Commissioner Dr. Steven Hahn told the Financial Times that his agency could consider an emergency use authorization (EUA) for a Covid-19 vaccine before late stage clinical trials are complete if the data show strong enough evidence it would protect people.

Covid-19 vaccine will likely require 2 doses

The commissioner has the authority to allow unapproved medical products to be used in an emergency when there are no adequate or approved alternatives. An EUA is not the same as full approval and it can be withdrawn.

That’s what happened with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. The FDA grantedan EUA to the drugs — much praised by President Donald Trump — on March 28. It subsequently revoked its EUA in June after studies showed they were not effective and could also potentially cause serious heart problems. 

Vaccine approval

For a vaccine to be FDA approved, scientists must gather enough data through clinical trials in large numbers of volunteers to prove it is safe and effective at protecting people against a disease. Once the data is collected, FDA advisers usually spend months considering it.

Optimism grows for emergency coronavirus vaccine use in 2020

An EUA is much quicker. Only once before has the FDA given a vaccine this lesserstandard approval of an EUA, but it was in an unusual circumstance. Soldiers had sued, claiming a mandatory anthrax vaccine made them sick, and a judge put a hold on the program. The Department of Defense asked for an EUA that then overrode the court ruling in 2005, so it could continue vaccinating military personnel — this time on a voluntary basis.Otherwise, vaccines have had to go through the entire clinical trial process and FDA approval process, which can take months or years. When the vaccine making process has been rushed, there have been bad outcomes.

The Cutter incident

On April 12, 1955 the government announced the first vaccine to protect kids against polio. Within days, labs had made thousands of lots of the vaccine. Batches made by one company, Cutter Labs, accidentally contained live polio virus and it caused an outbreak.More than 200,000 children got the polio vaccine, but within days the government had to abandon the program.The US just topped 6 million coronavirus cases in about 7 months. What happens next is up to you, Birx says“Forty thousand kids got polio. Some had low levels, a couple hundred were left with paralysis, and about 10 died,” said Dr. Howard Markel, a pediatrician, distinguished professor, and director of the Center for the History of Medicine at the University of Michigan. The government suspended the vaccination program until it could determine what went wrong. 

Monkey trouble

However, increased oversight failed to discover another problem with the polio vaccine.From 1955 to 1963, between 10% and 30% of polio vaccines were contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40).”The way they would grow the virus was on monkey tissues. These rhesus macaques were imported from India, tens of thousands of them,” medical anthropologist S. Lochlann Jain said. “They were gang caged and in those conditions, the ones that didn’t die on the journey, many got sick, and the viruses spread quickly,” added Jain, who taught a history of vaccines course at Stanford and is working on a publication about the incident. Scientists wrongly thought the formaldehyde they used would kill the virus. “It was being transferred to millions of Americans,” Jain said.Experts call for independent commission separate from FDA to review Covid-19 vaccines “Many believe this issue wasn’t adequately pursued,” Jain said. Some studies showed a possible link between the virus and cancer. The US Centers for Disease Control website, however, said most studies are “reassuring” and find no link. No current vaccines contain SV40 virus, the CDC says, and there’s no evidence the contamination harmed anyone. 

The epidemic that never was

In 1976, scientists predicted a pandemic of a new strain of influenza called swine flu. More than 40 years later, some historians call it “flu epidemic that never was.” “President Ford was basically told by his advisers, that look, we have a pandemic flu coming called swine flu that may be as bad as Spanish flu,” said Michael Kinch, a professor of radiation oncology in the school of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. His latest book, “Between Hope and Fear,” explores the history of vaccines. What you need to know about coronavirus on Monday, August 31“Ford was being cajoled to put forward a vaccine that was hastily put together. When you have a brand new strain situation like that, they had to do it on the fly,” Kinch said.Ford made the decision to make the immunization compulsory. The government launched the program in about seven months and 40 million people got vaccinated against swine flu, according to the CDC. That vaccination campaign was later linked to cases of a neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can develop after an infection or, rarely, after vaccination with a live vaccine.”Unfortunately, due to that vaccine, and the fact that it was done so hastily, there were a few hundred cases of Guillain-Barre, although it’s not definitive that they were linked,” Kinch said. We’re only just beginning to learn how Covid-19 affects the brainThe CDC said the increased risk was about 1 additional case of Gullain-Barre for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine. Due to this small association, the government stopped the program to investigate. “It was kind of a fiasco,” Markel said. “The good news is that there never was an epidemic of swine flu. So we were safe, but that shows you what could happen.”

Growing distrust in the US

It took several incidents for people to start distrusting vaccines. Even after thousands of kids got sick from the first polio vaccine in 1955, when the program restarted, parents made sure their children got vaccinated. They had clear memories of epidemics that paralyzed between 13,000 and 20,000 children every year. Some were so profoundly paralyzed that they could not even breathe easily on their own, and relied on machines called iron lungs to help them breathe.”Parents were pushing their kids to get to the head of the line to get the polio vaccine, because they had seen epidemics every summer for years, and saw kids in iron lungs and they were terrified,” Markel said.He signed up for a coronavirus vaccine trial using a method that’s never been used in humans. Here’s why.Markel said people’s attitudes started to change between 1955 and the problematic 1976 swine flu vaccination project. “You’ve got civil rights, when people see the cops beating the hell out of people on TV. You’ve got the Vietnam War where people start to get disgusted with the killing. You’ve got Watergate when the president is literally lying through his teeth,” Markel said. “That led to a real distrust of authorities and federal government, and it extended to doctors and scientists. And, that’s only progressed as time has gone along.”

A ‘colossally stupid’ move

Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.”This could do substantial damage,” Kinch said. Kinch, who is a patient in one of the vaccine trials himself, said the clinical trial process needs to be followed to the end. A too-early EUA for a vaccine could cause a “nightmare scenario,” for a few reasons. 

One, the vaccine may not be safe. Two, if it is not safe, people will lose faith in vaccines. Three, if a vaccine doesn’t offer complete protection, people will have a false sense of security and increase their risk. Four, if a substandard vaccine gets an EUA, a better vaccine may never get approval, because people would be reluctant to enroll in trials and risk getting a placebo instead of a vaccine.”People are going to die unnecessarily if we take chances with this,” Kinch said. “We’ve got to get this right.” Source

Brethren, it’s amazing that this article was not scrubbed from the internet!

PLEASE share this now so that readers can see that “Truth” actually came out of CNN before the press was muzzled by the globalists!