VIDEO: Watch Dr. Judy Mikovits and panel discuss Biden’s dictatorial claim of ownership of every American’s body

Every place we go in life, we encounter people carrying myriad viruses and germs. This has always been the case, since the dawn of mankind. It’s a fact of life.

They carry tuberculosis, AIDS, influenza, measles, chickenpox, meningitis, mumps, rubella and all manner of contagions that can be transmitted in all manner of ways.

Yet, we don’t see any calls for digital health passports, no apps on your phone, no social-distancing marks on the floors, no calls to show your papers or a recent negative test for any of these illnesses. Only one. Covid.

And never have we seen a president go on national television like Joe Biden did last week and order everyone to get an injection claiming to prevent any of these diseases under penalty of losing your job and livelihood.

“We are losing patience,” he sneered into the camera with the sinister look of a man possessed.

The power of propaganda: Or is it something more?

Propaganda has always been present in the big government-big media narrative but what we’ve seen recently crosses the line into something more serious.

This bears the hallmarks of a cleverly managed psy op. Mind control.

The goal of the mind-controllers is to create a mob mentality. They whip up mass hysteria, using the fear generated in this case by an invisible virus to manipulate and divide the public into two camps: The obedient and the disobedient. Then they incite the obedient to hate the disobedient.

That was the real purpose of Biden’s speech, to fuel hatred and violence against unvaxxed Americans.

People have been conditioned to believe there is only one disease they must fear to the point of getting up into everyone else’s personal medical business. One disease we must be tested for constantly and even inject ourselves and our children with an unproven, unknown mystery serum. We’re told repeatedly across all media platforms that it’s some kind of magic potion, that it’s the only thing capable of saving us and returning us to that elusive “normal.”

Even when the potion turns out to be a fraud, causing more people to get sick, the obedient ones await their next command from the same set of hypnotists: “Just take one more shot and it will offer the protection you are looking for. ‘Normal’ is just around the bend. Trust us. Trust the science.”

But normal never appears. Just more commands, more “requirements,” more mandates, more shots.

Forget that we already conned you into taking two shots that didn’t work. Don’t ask questions. Just shut up and take another dose of the magic potion, then another, and another, and…

The obedient ones remain locked in a vicious cycle of Stockholm Syndrome, displaying a love-hate relationship with their tormenters, ever ready to switch gears and salute on command to the next big lie. But I sense some may be growing weary of “trusting the science.” Their religious fervor for the needle is waning as fast as the fake protection it delivers.

It’s simply not normal for the establishment to be this determined, to the point of being obsessed, with a single medical treatment, especially one that has failed so abysmally in its stated purpose.

For more insights, please watch the panel discussion below at that I was honored to participate in with renown scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits, former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, attorney Thomas Renz and fellow journalist J.D. Rucker.

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ETHYLENE OXIDE Found in Many Foodstuffs in FINLAND and EU: Remember my Article on PCR Swabs Being Coated With This Carcinogen – Could OUR Food Supply Be Tainted With This Poison?

Months ago, I wrote a piece on my experience with having the swab to test for C19. My doctor was booked, but he asked me to go to urgent care and have a chest x-ray and blood work. But he told me that he insisted that I get the so-called PCR swab test. I was not happy about having that swab in my nose but I cooperated because I needed the other tests.

I did research on the PCR swabs and found that all of these made in China were coated with Ethylene Oxide – a known Carcinogen. I was shocked, but it had already been done to me. I knew that I should write a piece on this, and I did:

It is NOT a Conspiracy THEORY if They (Government) are Truly Trying to KILL YOU: PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known Deadly Carcinogen Which Can Change our DNA

Yesterday I noticed that the viewers from Finland were almost 3000 and today there were even more than that in the early morning. I wondered why so many people from Finland would be reading my articles. I began my search in Finnish newspapers and found my answer. In the last couple of days, a story broke in Helsinki, that it had been found that many foodstuffs had Ethylene Oxide in them. Here is one of the articles I found.


Finnish Customs detected prohibited ethylene oxide in several foodstuffs


From the end of last year, the foodstuff controls by Customs detected ethylene oxide in several foodstuffs. The detection of the substance, which is harmful to health, increased in the EU area in 2020 after which Finnish Customs also began monitoring the concentrations in imported foodstuffs. During monitoring, ethylene oxide was found in five lots of seeds and nut products. In future, the monitoring will be even more efficient, when the Customs Laboratory’s own examination method is completed.

Of foodstuff samples monitored by Customs at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, five contained ethylene oxide, which is a biocide that is harmful to health and prohibited in the EU.

– Ethylene oxide was found in sesame seeds, nut products containing sesame seeds as well as in ecological psyllium powder. Even though the quantities found were not especially large in relation to the monitored product lots, the observations show the importance of monitoring, says Jonna Neffling, Head of Product Safety at Finnish Customs.

Ethylene oxide was detected e.g. in sesame seeds when examined by Customs.ita 6. kesäkuuta 2021.

Ethylene oxide should not occur in foodstuffs at all, since it can cause serious health problems when they are used long-term. It is classified as a dangerous substance, which causes cancer as well as cell mutations and is toxic for reproduction. However, in some parts of the world, ethylene oxide is used as a biocide, for example when sterilizing seeds and spices. Using it for this purpose is prohibited in the EU.

Part of the foodstuffs examined by Customs that contained ethylene oxide came from the EU area; some from outside the EU. To date, Customs has examined 30 different product lots for ethylene oxide. The monitoring has been targeted based on observations by other Member States among others.

Increase in observations has caused concern in the EU since last year

In the autumn of 2020, several EU countries observed worryingly high concentrations of ethylene oxide in sesame seeds imported from India. Since then, the substance has been found in several other foodstuffs, such as spices and food supplements. With the increase in observations, even more attention has been paid to monitoring, and methods of analysis have been developed in many EU countries.

– At Customs, the monitoring of ethylene oxides in foodstuffs began at the end of the year 2020. We monitor both foodstuffs declared from outside the EU and foodstuffs that arrive in intra-EU trade. These foodstuffs are chosen for controls based on risk assessment. The monitoring is done within the framework of normal foodstuff controls, Neffling says.

In future, the monitoring of ethylene oxide will improve, when the Customs Laboratory’s own examination method under development is completed.

– The Customs Laboratory has examined ethylene oxide in the past, but when the need for monitoring decreased, the examinations were abandoned approximately twenty years ago. The recent findings show that there is again a need for monitoring. With our own method, we can enhance the monitoring further. This gives us better possibilities to facilitate food safety and prevent harmful substances ending up on the consumers’ plates, Pirjo Sainio the Director of the Customs Laboratory concludes. Source

Brethren, this makes me very concerned about the U.S. and our food supply. It is terrible to know that the powers that be are truly attempting to depopulate the earth – not just with the jabs, but by poisoning our food supplies.

Please pray for the people of Finland and for other countries in which this despicable practice is happening.

It is TIME for the people of this world to rise up and say ENOUGH!!