Not Only Has this Inept and Evil President Left Behind Hundreds of Americans -Biden Also is Slammed for Abandoning Service Dogs in Afghanistan

But Brethren, should we really be surprised? Biden cares not for the millions of aborted babies since 1973 and he voted for Partial Birth (late term) abortion. The man has no heart. Pray for him!


The Biden administration seems to be almost intentionally trying to make things worse for the nation. With this current president in office, one disaster has followed the other, seemingly to no end.

Right now, in real time, United States citizens are stranded in Afghanistan. This is because Biden prioritized meeting a deadline set by the Taliban over rescuing our own people. Then, Biden has the gall to stand before the nation and declare his Kabul withdrawal as a success.

Americans aren’t falling for it. During this month alone, polling has come out showing that 52% of Americans want Biden to step down as president; only 39% are in favor of Biden remaining in the White House.

As it turns out, though, Biden’s problems keeping mounting up. The government is now under fire for reportedly abandoning military service dogs in Afghanistan to be tortured and slaughtered by the Taliban, as Townhall confirms.

No Respect for America’s Service Dogs

This president doesn’t seem to have any respect for people — or animals — who have served on behalf of our nation in Kabul, Afghanistan. Just earlier this week, American Humane came out, stating that the Biden administration is leaving behind service dogs working for the military in Afghanistan.

In additional remarks, American Humane furthermore confirmed their readiness to bring these dogs back home to safety. Following this report, images surfaced online of military service dogs trapped inside small crates. News also broke that these service dogs could have traveled in U.S. plane cargo sections.

This latest report about America’s service dogs arrived at the same time that Biden declared his removal of U.S. troops from Kabul a smashing success. Many Americans beg to differ, though.

Pushback from the Pentagon

It didn’t take long for Biden’s reported abandonment of military service dogs to begin circulating online. It prompted understandable backlash against an administration already under fire for the deaths of 13 American Marines and other horrors.

After some time, the Pentagon issued a statement on this matter. Per the Pentagon, dogs in cages were reportedly not abandoned at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. The Pentagon moreover claimed that the viral images of military service dogs are actually dogs being cared for by Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

According to the Military Working Dog Team Support Association, these statements from the Pentagon are correct. One can only hope that these service dogs are, in fact, properly cared for and brought back to America safely.

What do you think about the conflicting reports regarding the treatment of our country’s service dogs in Afghanistan? Do you believe these animals are getting the proper care and removal from Afghanistan back here to the United States? Sound off down below in the comments area. Source

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5 thoughts on “Not Only Has this Inept and Evil President Left Behind Hundreds of Americans -Biden Also is Slammed for Abandoning Service Dogs in Afghanistan

  1. Karen K

    I have read that the girl who runs Kabul Small Animal Rescue is desperately trying to get out of the country also. She is an American and had all her animals and workers there at the airport but they refused to take the animals so she was left behind. Apparently there are groups working to try to get her, her employees and animals out. But no. none of this should be surprising. This administration left behind Americans and allies and have blood on their hands from the deaths of 13 Service members and others killed there. I agree with you that they do not care about anyone and in fact are working toward depopulation in any way possible. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  2. Jim V.

    Don’t get me STARTED!!!! I have service dog with me for 12 years. I’m a dog lover. I am so sick with Biden Admin. have done evil. It is a heartbreaking!! I still can’t get it over with. I’m still furious and angry with them. How dare you do that with an innocents dogs and left behind of Americans. I can’t wrap around my head. Enough is enough. Please Lord Jesus, take us home now.

  3. I remember during the end of Viet Nam the US refused to take our military dogs home. The dogs handlers begged to take their dogs out with them and were refused. This I am afraid will be the same for Afgan dogs from the military. Before now those military dogs were mistreated that we had trained and gave the Afgan military. Muslims consider dogs unclean. Does anyone remember seeing Obama flying with his dog? His dog always flew with the handler on a separate plane. Not a sparrow that falls our Holy God doesn’t know about. He will repay these villainous people for their treatment of these animals. Our Lord comes soon !!

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