Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy Update: STRENGTH in the LORD – JUST WHAT OUR FATHER ORDERED (VIDEO)

Some of the readership know that today I was void of strength and so weak because the enemy is using my family to wear me down.

A brother in Christ wrote an email to me in which he spoke words of TRUTH. God knew that I needed to read these words:

“Geri, of course your kids are going to despise your articles, they have bought into what the world and New World Order mantra has told them. They, like many we’ve seen, have become downright militant in their stand that the unvaccinated are the ‘enemy of the state’ and are going to kill everyone, when in fact, it is quite possible that the vaccinated who are the greatest danger to themselves…and through “shedding”, all around them.
YOU, your HUSBAND, and Biblically Literate and Wise Christians are exactly what they stand against !

I know you miss your children and your grandchildren, that is to be expected by a loving mother in a time of Global turmoil when the vaX’d want to wage an uninformed and ignorant war against the un-VaX’d.

Do you see Geri, your kids, I’m sorry to say for your sake, would rather hurt you for the sake of their New World Order compliance rather than respect your decision.

Luke 12:53 Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”

Geri, you likely are letting your emotional despair get to you which is convincing you of this decision.

I think we are in just the beginning of sorrows, despair, and demonically led behavior that is coming rapidly.

Geri, I cannot personally speak about family, however, do you know what drives me to keep going and eMailing to people like you ? It is because amongst My Lord, you, your husband, and ALL True Christians, all of YOU are my Eternal Family whom I will spend Eternity with.

I can also tell you matter of factly that you are an Excellent Writer, not only that, Leo Hohmann, regardless of his excellence, can never do what you do, do you know why ?
Because your articles are from a Messianic Jewish Woman’s Wise Perspective.How rare is that ?…VERY !

Geri, what I would advise, is take some more time away and really think about this.
Your work through your articles aren’t even about you, they are about doing the Lord’s work through your ministry.

I have to say this, and it’s not necessarily nice…Geri, if you decide to go the route of namby-pamby messages while ignoring the Prophetically Relevant “elephant in the room” messages, you’ll lose what made me want to read more from you. I don’t need Joel O’steen caliber messages, I want the well-informed TRUTH above all.

One more thing, for your own safety, make sure you are taking into account the dangers of being around your vaccinated family members.

I am not an expert on this by any means nor is anyone else at this point as nobody knows the long term effects of the vaX, however, if the vaccinated are “shedding” and destroying their immune system as some are reporting, not only will they need to keep getting vaX’d, you also might be putting yourself in increasing danger.
MARANATHA !” (Thank you, brother David!)

So then I get another email from a very close sister in Yeshua, and she says this:

“Bible Prophecy

I love JD!  You will appreciate this heartfelt update.  —- especially the part that is at the end that is only on his website which is what I am sending. He really speaks to our hearts, Geri!  God bless!” (Thank you, sister Carol!!)

As you will see, there is a place in this video where Pastor JD tells the viewers to go to to watch the end.


11 thoughts on “Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy Update: STRENGTH in the LORD – JUST WHAT OUR FATHER ORDERED (VIDEO)

  1. YES, Geri !! Everything the writer said is so true. All of us who have family members on the other side are suffering greatly. I can’t talk to my sister or my daughter. They scream and rage at me calling me names. Don’t give up!! You are one of the few voices that we listen to. You are our RUSH LIMBAUGH. You are close to our Lord so we know He reveals things to you….like if you are on the right track or not. Also, Holy Spirit tells you where to look. We need you very much. We need the raw cold TRUTH. I’ll be praying for your strength and for your family too that their eyes may be opened.

  2. Evelyn

    The enemy is out to make the Saints weary, but Jesus said come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest .
    We enter into His rest by believing Him , that is by faith , not our faith but The faith of The Son of God , a gift given to us when we are baptised into Jesus and into His death , that means that God applied to man is salvation , God giving Himself to me by a baptism in the Spirit , which is spiritual not physical, sin is not wet ! water baptism does not remove sin it is a type and picture of what baptism in The Holy Spirit does because of The death and resurrection of Jesus , which needs to be received after you have believed .
    Faith works by love ie a relationship with God , that is what Jesus came to give us ,
    That is what God wants in us , intimacy with Him , the same intimacy Jesus had on earth with His Father .
    Do not neglect your time with Him , your intimacy , that is where your strength is , don’t let distractions cause your love for Him to grow cold .
    Shut out the world and spend time with The Lord .
    God told Moses come up to the mountain and be there !
    He did not say come up and have a conversation with me no , come bathe in My presence, be loved and love Me , this is prayer !

  3. Sharon Holdren

    Every morning I put on the whole armor of God. What I was missing was a battle strategy. Family was wearing me out until I watched a movie called War Room. Things got a lot clearer for me.

    1. Mark V

      You have been a blessing to me in strengthening discernment. “But exhort one another while is is still called today…” Yes while is is still called today. Jesus will come soon. His Word will not fail.

  4. Brethren, I think that the enemy is using tactics which he knows work with me. Now that I understand that this is satan, I am on my guard and also I realize that the Lord does want me to continue writing. I must be in the Word constantly and in prayer also BEFORE I write. I am asking the readership to please pray for me. Shalom.

    1. Ms. Faux Name

      Dearest Geri, you are one of the people the Lord has chosen to not only share His Truth, but to lead. (I’m glad you have Aarons to lift your arms when they sag.) To whom much is given, much is required.
      After concerted prayer, I wrote to my very-long-now-adult child, the one who I thought may HEAR me, last fall, warning about COVID and the kill shots, the New World Order and the World Economic Forum’s plans for The Great Reset, including massive reduction of the world’s population. I warned about the coming famine, coming wars. Offspring’s response was to take a flight to come check on my sanity. (I passed just fine.) The letter was thrown away. I do email some alternative news articles, but very few. I respect that my adult offspring are free to make their own errors in judgment, just as I was. I made terrible choices, life smashing choices, but I was free to make them — and, of course, I live with the consequences daily. After hearing all three took the shots, I told my husband “They just killed themselves.” I pray for their souls and their salvation, although all three say they are “Christian”. My unsolicited advice is to carry your boundaries with your children to the Lord so you don’t accumulate wounds from pecking beaks. RESPECT is your due as princess, daughter of The KING. You know, that you know, that you know when you are in His will. Do not allow emotional violence from those who disrespect you.

      Using Faux Name this time in the very remote chance one of my “own” were to see this. That I am “un-VAXXED” is not their business. (P.S., had COVID last May, have antibodies, specific targeting T-cells and am taking Ivermectin as prophylactic.)

  5. Nita Downum

    I have listened to JD Farag for years now and mostly Calvary Chapel starting with Chuck Smith. So many churches today are corrupt and without Christ. We need Jesus and we need Him now.

  6. RR

    Geri, you’re a blessing to those of us who truly are your brethren!
    The Lord has side-lined me from my previous platform from which I witnessed. My mission now is to encourage those like you who are on the front line.
    Don’t faint now… your reward is coming soon!

  7. Joey Paquette

    I am going through a a very heavy time in my life, with my marriage and my children. I really needed to hear this message today, thank you for posting it, I love Pastor Farag. I really need prayer, and God’s direction for my family, it is very hard for me on some days, as I am alone. I live alone, and I am disabled and just want my family back together again. I give it to God, and I want His will for my life. Praise the name of Jesus!

  8. Heavenly Father, I lift each one of the commenters on this blog up to You Lord. I pray that they are strengthened by You! Give each one what they need for only You know that. We love you Jesus. You are our Everything! We long for the day when we see You face to face. O HALLELUJAH!! I pray in the Holy Name of Yeshua. Amen.

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