Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: Our God is an Awesome God and He is in Full CONTROL

All day I have been asking the Lord if He had something for me to write. I felt in my spirit that He wanted me to remind all of the brethren that the events happening in this world must happen – that He is allowing all of this to happen to fulfill Bible Prophecy.

He reminded me that He alone is in full control.

Be careful what you read. Make sure that articles have sources. Make sure that the authors of articles have vetted the information.

I have noticed that some authors speak of very scary scenarios, but do not speak about where they are getting their information. I have also noticed that these same authors use foul language at times, yet call themselves Christians.

Brethren, we are of course in the End Days, and we were forewarned by our Lord Jesus about these times.

For many months, I have devoted this site to interviews by scientists and doctors who are telling the truth about the jabs. I feel that this is so important because these so-called vaccines are toxic.

But to scare the readers just for the sake of sensationalism is so wrong. Again, please be selective in what you read.

Most importantly, place ALL of your TRUST in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every Word He spoke in our Scriptures is TRUTH. He is God and He cannot lie.

Stay in His Word. Listen to Christian music – especially the hymns.

Watch videos by your favorite preachers. My husband and I love Adrian Rogers who. went to be with our Lord in 2005. Youtube is filled with his sermons.

Trust in God alone. Everything He said will come to pass.

Jesus said:

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).