Dr. Zelenko’s Cancer has Returned – He Urges Us to ‘NOT TAKE THE POISON DEATH SHOT’

Please pray for Dr. Zelenko as he is once again battling cancer. Pray that he will believe that Yeshua is the long awaited Messiah, not only of the Jews, but of the ENTIRE world.

From Dr. Zelenko:

Zelenko Protocol discoverer Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko today announced that his cancer that had been in remission has recurred, and that he may require radiation and open-heart surgery.

After the brief update, Zelenko acknowledged the prayers said on his behalf and made another request: “Please don’t live in fear.” He continued: “Please don’t live in isolation.  Reintegrate with the people you love. Don’t let the bad people scare you into depression and anxiety. Rather, replace that with G-d because, as you know, anxiety lives in the place where G-d is absent.

“I have no anxiety about having cancer again.  I completely trust in His will, and whatever will be, it’s up to Him, and I accept that.”

Dr. Zelenko went on: “Don’t submit to evil.  King David says, ‘Turn away from bad, and do good and live.’ ‘Turn away from bad’, in this context: Don’t live in fear, don’t live in isolation, don’t take the poison death shot.  And ‘do good’ means take preventive therapy for COVID,  take early treatment if necessary, but more importantly, live with G-d consciousness. Improve yourself as an individual, and when enough individuals improve themselves, society as a whole improves, and we move away from paganism, idolatry, and child sacrifice towards a world of truth, love, and the revelation of G-d.”

Let us all pray for this wonderful man – physically and spiritually! Jesus please save this man!

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