4 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer – I LOVE THIS!!

  1. Dear sister Geri, I´d like to thank you for holding up the truth and for your encouragement. The Lord bless you. Greetings from Spain!

  2. I commend you with everything I’ve got for doing this; for expressing so well what Yeshua tried to say. In Isaiah 1:18 our Father says, “come let us reason together”; in other words, “talk to me.” I talk to him all the time, and sometimes I think I drive him nuts! 🙂 But, one thing I know; he will always answer if you call him up with prayer. This is a wonderful message; it was very passionate and put plainly, Call Your Dad! I love it, and thank you for sharing this! Blessings always everyone for your health and for your heart. 🙂

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