NO CAUSE FOR ANXIETY: THE LORD REIGNS, Let the Earth Rejoice. Psalm 97:1

I received this in my email today. I immediately felt that I should share it with the readers. This comforted me and I pray that it will bring comfort to many


There are no real causes for anxiety as long as this blessed sentence is true. On earth the Lord’s power controls the rage of the wicked as readily as the rage of the sea; His love refreshes the poor with mercy as easily as the earth with showers. Majesty gleams in flashes of lightning amid the tempest’s horrors, and the glory of the Lord is seen in its grandeur in the fall of empires and the crash of thrones. In all our conflicts and tribulations, we may behold the hand of the divine King.

God is God; He sees and hears
All our troubles, all our tears.
Soul, forget not, in your pains,
God o’er all forever reigns.

In hell, evil spirits acknowledge, with misery, His undoubted supremacy. When permitted to roam about, it is with a chain at their heel; the bit is in the mouth of the beast, and the hook in the jaws of the monster. Death’s darts are under the Lord’s jurisdiction, and the grave’s prisons have divine power as their jailer. The terrible vengeance of the Judge of all the earth causes fiends to cower and tremble.

Fear not death, nor Satan’s thrusts,
God defends who in Him trusts;
Soul, remember, in your pains,
God o’er all forever reigns.

In heaven there are none who doubt the sovereignty of the King Eternal, but all fall on their faces to do Him homage. Angels are His courtiers, the redeemed His favorites, and all delight to serve Him day and night. May we soon reach the city of the great King!

For this life’s long night of sadness
He will give us peace and gladness.
Soul, remember, in your pains,
God o’er all forever reigns.



10 thoughts on “NO CAUSE FOR ANXIETY: THE LORD REIGNS, Let the Earth Rejoice. Psalm 97:1

  1. chirsan

    Thank you! Just what we are needing to hear in these uncertain times, we know the One we can trust there is no other!

  2. readernan52

    I love this! I think we can all use encouragement in these trying days. Thank you for sharing.

  3. sredec77


  4. Dale Vernon

    My translation…God walks softly but carries a big stick. Be patient as God is patient. He is slowly but surely turning up the heat and as that increases people will become desperate & we pray turn to Christ. God knows exactly how many of the lost will respond to Him under these conditions where as they wouldn’t otherwise. We that are born again are already secure in His everlasting arms. We need to avoid discouragement & pity parties (yeah I’m guilty as well sometimes). Lets keep up praying for the lost because this entire satanic death hoax is world wide…that could be a lot of souls. God has blessed us with His Holy Spirit for discernment & the Bible for confirmation of truth. Many are searching for answers only Christ can provide & we must pray for those folks & others weak in the faith. The Tribulation is at the door & our meeting with our Great God & Savior is even closer so let’s do “our job” in the very short meantime.

  5. God’s Word is a life-giving fountain that will sustain us through these perilous times. Drink deeply and often from that fountain and be renewed and refreshed to the finish line of this life.

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