Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on “Shedding” the Covid Virus After Being Injected

Do you see the Irony that the “Injected” who are shedding the virus are much more dangerous than those of us who have not received the jab? But the brainwashed public has no clue about this.

If you have relatives who have been injected, you MUST wear a mask around them for your protection. I wish I could give you a time period for the mask, but that is an unknown. They really do not know how long the shedding process lasts.

Brethren, do not forget that at times you may hear “New Age” verbiage from some of the medical professionals who are keeping us abreast of the Covid Jab. Just glean the medical info and leave the rest – pray for these people who need to understand that the New Age movement is a cult and has nothing to do with Christianity!



8 thoughts on “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on “Shedding” the Covid Virus After Being Injected

  1. Diane

    Thank you Gerri for posting this vital information….keep up this good work, God Bless You Abundantly!!!!

  2. Moira Wood

    I have listened to several of Dr Tenpenny’s interviews including the 5 doctor one she was speaking about. I thought she was a Christian. She sounds like a Christian.so what is all this prayer vibration and colour thing about? This is not Biblical! 😩

    1. I have mentioned quite a few times in my articles that some of th doctors who have come out about Covid are into new age practices. I have asked the reader to glean information about the jab, but to ignore the talk of new age practices. Sherri Tenpenny is one of these doctors.

    2. Kevin

      People don’t have to speak exactly the way you prefer to fight against demonic forces. Please support all of God’s warriors.

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