Anthony Fauci LIES to Congress About Funding ‘Gain of Function Research’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as he is Grilled by Rand Paul

As I watched this video, it brought back memories of Bill Clinton being questioned about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. I expected at any moment for Fauci to say:

“It depends what your definition of “Funded” is.”

Well, Mr. Fauci ( I will NOT call you Dr.) there are tons of evidence from NIH that you DID indeed do Gain of Function Research (GOFR) yourself, until a moratorium was called on this “risky” research in 2014. Then the story goes that you outsourced the GOFR to “Bat Woman” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, paying them over $4 million to do the dirty deed.

Mr. Fauci, do you think that we are so stupid that we would not do research on this?

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