EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Covid-19 and the Major Players: Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Economic Forum Et Al


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The Comprehensive Plan To Implement Global Governance In Our World

Brethren, I thought that it would be helpful to have all of my articles on Covid-19 AND The WEF (World Economic Forum) which came out within days of the plague with the most complex information about the NWO and what part Covid will play.

The Covid-shaped wheel in the graphic below, has layer upon layer of information – I’m talking about over 200 layers beneath each link. This is merely a picture of it. But right above the picture, I placed a link which says “Live Covid Wheel from WEF.” If you click on that, you will be taken to the live wheel on WEF’s webpage.

Can you even imagine how long this took to to build such a complex plan to implement Global Governance? I would say that this took years. And that would mean that the Covid-19 Plandemic was indeed PLANNED. And it seems that those involved in the WEF are quite proud of this.

Go Here to see this live:


Brethren, I know that for the past months we have been on a steady diet of news about Covid-19, masks, social distancing etc etc. Perhaps putting all of this information into one article will help some to connect the dots.

Our elections are almost upon us. VOTE NOW if you can. It seems that crazy arctic weather is coming tomorrow with snow and high winds, and will be here through the election.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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  1. And they never took to such in 2018 when 80,000 people died of the flue, which lasted only 3 months (one million world wide), yet now this virus (which is in the flue family) has lasted 9 months. Just multiply 80 times 3, it gives us about what we have today with covid. Sure it is stronger (lasting until now), but Trump is right, we can not succumb to economic, mental, and social destruction because of this. We did not hide in 2018, neither should we now. Just mask, wash and distance or there will be worst to come.

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