The FATAL Covid-19 CYTOKINE STORM: What Is It and How the Coming Vaccine Could Actually CAUSE This

I have read much about Cytokine Storms in my research on Covid-19. This horrific “overdrive” of the Immune system is responsible for most deaths from the Virus.

If that is not scary enough, many health care professionals have said that a fast-tracked vaccine will most likely cause a Cytokine storm in people. 

What exactly is a Cytokine Storm?

This fatal condition happens in late stage Covid 19. The patient’s immune system emits an enormous number of “Cytokines” (proteins) into the blood stream and instead of the immune system fighting the Virus, the Cytokines cause severe inflammation throughout the body and attacks all organs. This causes multi- organ failure and the patient dies.

Cytokine storm in children

We have all been reading that very few children even get Covid, and if they do – it is very mild or asymptomatic.  I read an alarming study about children and Covid which every parent needs to read:


What we know about the new Covid-19-linked illness in children

A rare, Kawasaki-like disease is striking kids who have coronavirus antibodies.Doctors in at least 20 US states have seen kids who have fallen sick with a rare inflammatory illness similar to a condition known as Kawasaki disease. Symptoms include fever and inflammation and can affect organs, including the heart. The majority of the children have tested positive for Covid-19 or antibodies to the virus, and three have died.

Doctors and scientists have been calling the syndrome in children “A Kawaski-like” syndrome, but it is a Cytokine Storm and can be fatal.

New York City alone has reported 147 cases of the pediatric inflammatory syndrome so far, with about a third of cases occurring in children younger than 5, and about half between the ages of 5 and 14.

Clusters of the illness have also popped up in other Covid-19 hot spots, including California, New Jersey, and Illinois. The potentially deadly syndrome is also affecting a small number of children in other countries, including the UK, Spain, and now Italy.

A peer-reviewed study out of Italy, published May 13 in The Lancet, details the cases of 10 children who presented with this condition during the Covid-19 outbreak there. Eight of the 10 children tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 in an antibody test.

“Our study provides the first clear evidence of a link between SARS-CoV-2 infection and this inflammatory condition, and we hope it will help doctors around the world as we try to get to grips with this unknown virus,” said Lorenzo D’Antiga, lead author of the study from the Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy, in a statement.

Lauren Henderson, an attending physician at Boston Children’s Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, called it, “a very important study.”

Read rest of article HERE


Dr. Mercola interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Vaccine:

“Coronavirus Vaccine May Be a Disaster Waiting to Happen”

Kennedy goes on to summarize the history of coronavirus vaccine development, which began after three SARS epidemics had broken out, starting in early 2002.

“The first one was a natural epidemic that had moved from bats to human beings. The second two were lab-created organisms where people were experimenting with the coronavirus … That’s noncontroversial. Everybody accepts that.

“The Chinese, the Americans, the Europeans all got together and said, ‘We need to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.’ Around 2012, they had about 30 vaccines that looked promising. They took the four best of those and … manufactured the vaccines. They gave those vaccines to ferrets, which are the closest analogy when you’re looking at lung infections in human beings.

“The ferrets had an extraordinarily good antibody response, and that is the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines. Vaccines, as you know, are never tested in the field. They never give 5,000 people the vaccine, 5,000 people a placebo vaccine, and then tell them to go out and live life and watch what happens to those people. That never happens.

“The way that vaccines get licensed is that FDA gives people a vaccine or the industry gives them the vaccines, and then they do a serological response [test to] see ‘Did you develop in your blood antibodies to that target virus?’ The ferrets developed very strong antibodies, so they thought, ‘We hit the jackpot.’ All four of these vaccines … worked like a charm.

“Then something terrible happened. Those ferrets were then exposed to the wild virus, and they all died. [They developed] inflammation (cytokine storm) in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning and they died.

“Then those scientists remembered that the same thing had happened in the 1960s when they tried to develop an RSV vaccine, which is an upper respiratory illness very similar to coronavirus.

“At the time, they did not test it on animals. They went right to human testing. They tested it on I think about 35 children, and the same thing happened. The children developed a champion antibody response, robust, durable. It looked perfect, and then the children were exposed to the wild virus and they all became sick. Two of them died. They abandoned the vaccine. It was a big embarrassment to FDA and NIH …

“Those scientists in 2012 remembered that, and they said, ‘This is the same thing that happened [back then].’ So, they look closer and they realize that there are two kinds of antibodies that were being produced by the coronavirus. There are neutralizing antibodies, which are the kind you want, which fight the disease, and then there are binding antibodies.

The binding antibodies actually create a pathway for the disease in your body, and they trigger something called … a paradoxical immune response or paradoxical immune enhancement. What that means is that it looks good until you get the disease, and then it makes the disease much, much worse …

“Coronavirus vaccines can be very dangerous, and that’s why even our enemies, people who hate you and me — Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Ian Lipkin — are all saying, ‘You got to be really, really careful with this vaccine.’” source

Academics speak of the success of HCQ for early stage Covid-19


Read Article HERE

The reason I am not posting the text of this article is that it is from Oxford University, and the language used is far above my head and probably most of the readership’s heads.

But a physician who prescribed HCQ for me explained that HCQ gets into our cells; changes the pH in the cells to prevent Covid 19 from entering our cells. He told me that HCQ must be taken in early stage Covid 19. It will prevent a Cytokine storm from developing in our bodies.

I do hope that there are some doctors, nurses or scientists reading this article. They will certainly understand the verbiage used in the Oxford piece. Here is a graphic from the article about the efficacy of HCQ on early stage Covid 19.

Safety of Hydroxychloroquine:

This drug has been approved by the FDA for over 60 years. I have a friend who has a severe type of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has taken two 200 mg HCQ every day for the last 17 years with no side effects!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates are spearheading a fast-tracked Vaccine and they are seeing that as time goes on, more and more people are saying that they will NOT get the vaccine. We have been told that this will be a mandatory vaccine. 

I will NOT get this vaccine. I do not care if they put me in jail or fine me an exorbitant about of money. I would rather die than allow someone to administer a fast-tracked vaccine, the likes of which this world has never seen before.

 The following video will help the readers to understand that the vaccine is not like ANY vaccine known to man. The doctor in the video will explain exactly why the fast-tracked vaccine is so incredibly dangerous and how people will likely develop severe and deadly cytokine storms after being given the vaccine.

 I’m rather sure that the timeframe when people begin to either die or are left with horrific disabilities with be “staggered.” The Gates Foundation would not want millions of people to die at the same time!

And don’t forget, the Pharmaceutical Companies have full indemnity – they cannot be sued if something goes wrong…….even DEATH.

If the reader does one thing with this article, watching this doctor speaking about the horrors of the Covid 19 Vaccine is MOST important:

I want the reader to understand that what I am about to say next is simply my opinion – I am surmising this:

I believe that Covid 19 was manipulated with GOFR (gain of function research) mostly done in the Wuhan Institute of Virology – funded with millions of dollars sent to them by Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID. I believe that the experiments and GOFR were done maliciously. And I believe that the virus was allowed to escape from the Wuhan facility to infect the world.

Why else would Event 201 (a simulation of what is happening now) have been held in October of 2019?


Brethren, I realize that this is a lot of information. I have been researching for months. I hope that this article helps the reader better understand what is happening in our world right now.

Pray for God’s Will.  Pray for the lost who have no hope. Pray for the upcoming elections.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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