JOE BIDEN: BLATANT RACIST – Let’s Take a Look Through the Years

It would be one thing if Sleepy Joe simply made a lot of gaffes but underneath it all there was a person to admire.

Well, there is NOTHING to admire about this man – not now and certainly not throughout his political career.

I felt that the best place to capture Biden’s Racism was on YouTube. Let’s take a look.

Seriously, I could simply place this one video and let it stand alone. It speaks VOLUMES about Racist Joe Biden.

Much has been said about the disproportionate number of blacks in jail. Much of this is a direct result of Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill! Just listen to the way he speaks about the black community. It made me cringe.

Tim Scott speaks with Fox News commentators about the racism of Joe Biden in this short video:

More of the same……..


Let’s not forget his Anti Semitism……..

Hannity on the Racism of Biden “40 Years of Failure:

And the beat goes on………

If I placed all of the videos exposing Biden’s Racism, this article would be way too long. But I encourage the reader to look on YouTube about Biden’s racism. You will be shocked.

 I thought that this video would be a good one for ending this piece:

Brethren, I think that it is so important for people to know the truth about the candidates.  PLEASE show me even ONE video or article where President Donald Trump spoke words of racism. Don’t bother looking because it’s NOT there. 

People with Trump Derangement Syndrome hurl all manner of insults and accusations about Trump. But when you ask them to give you an example – they can’t.  They get so angry but that is because they have nothing to back up their deranged comments.

Before the China Virus, President Trump had our economy where it has not been in decades. He lowered unemployment for everyone, but especially for the black and hispanic communities. 

Our president is not perfect and neither are you and neither am I. But he loves our Republic and he loves and defends our Constitution. He grieves over the millions of aborted babies, which is one reason he wants conservative Justices on the SCOTUS.

The Deal of the Century is far from perfect and I do have problems with it. But our Lord allowed that “deal” to be put in place. I believe that it will just further fulfill Bible prophecy.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


Who Knew? Doctors Are Prescribing Daffodils in Israel!

Strange title – I know. But to get around FB censoring me at every turn, I have had to resort to being creative with my titles.

Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms have algorithms which spot certain words in titles of articles which they deem dangerous or irresponsible. 

  The Facebook flunkies take their cues from the powers that be. The software engineers simply do their job, writing algorithms which flag the titles of articles which might anger Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, WHO, CDC and the list goes on………

So, to continue bringing my articles to the brethren during the PLANdemic, please know that when I am speaking of Hydroxychloroquine, I will say daffodils in the title only.

I have written about Hydroxychloroquine, Z-pak and Zinc as a miracle cure for early stage Covid-19. The leaders of the nations were put on these meds but it was told to the masses that this was untrue. It got me in a lot of trouble – banned from my own FB page, etc etc.

My doctor told me he would never prescribe these meds for Covid-19 – not even in early stage.  So I went on a quest to find out how I could get these on my own. I did find out how and me, my husband and grandson (diabetic) have the HCQ, Z-pak and Zinc which we will take if we exhibit early symptoms of Covid 19.

In an article I wrote months ago, I posted an NIH study from this year, which showed conclusively that HCQ was effective against early Covid. Here is the piece:

NIH Study Clearly Shows Hydroxychloroquine With Azithromycin Added Kills Covid 19 – Fauci Knew Since 2005 NO ONE NEEDED TO DIE

Now this will REALLY shock you:


Israel’s Covid Silence Mystery

Covid And the drug that dare not speak its name– Hydroxychloroquine

Israel congratulated itself on coming through the Wuhan virus pandemic with flying colors. By the end of June, with only 300 plus deaths, we were king of the world. We were allowed to go about our normal daily lives. And then we were hit again. Big time.  The death rate rocketed to over 1,200.

Why? What did we do differently?


We were never given the answer. Instead, they decided to appoint a health technocrat, called him the Projector, gave him the keys to the castle, including budget, ministries, laboratories, hospitals, the health clinics, even the army, to flatten the second curve. The politicians promised to stay in the background.

And so, The Projector turned the country into traffic light zones. Those with the highest infection rate were zoned red and required to be quarantined. Made sense, until it was discovered that the vast majority of the red zones, fully 80%, were either Arab or Orthodox towns.

These places, The Projector said, must be placed in immediate lockdown. Then all hell let loose. Politics reared its inevitable head. Knesset meetings became riots. Factions on which the Prime Minister depended for his support, and those that opposed him, began banging on his door. He did what any politician would do. He threw The Projector’s plan out the window and decreed a national lockdown of three weeks coinciding with the Jewish High Holidays encompassing Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

It began on the Friday afternoon before the traditional New Year’s eve to prevent mass family gatherings. But innovative defiant Israelis moved Rosh Hashanah festivities a day earlier and held their family gatherings on Thursday night instead of Friday.

Thousands of Jews rushed to test centers before heading to Ben Gurion Airport and flying from red Israel to green pastures rather than remain in lockdown for weeks. Some booked indefinite one way tickets.

Lots of TV chatter. Lots of ink splashed in pages of news media. Silence about the biggest mystery of all.

Why are more people becoming seriously ill and dying than before?

Why do we now have over 1,200 deaths when, in the peak of the first curve, our mortality rate was just over 300? Why the 400% difference?

It isn’t due to greater testing because people got sick, even without testing, in the first wave.

Officials and pundits talk endlessly about testing, social distancing, lockdown, but little else. They are worried about hospitals and laboratories becoming overloaded with seriously infected patients.

But no one is talking about how to stop early stage sufferers from deteriorating into hospitalization and worse.

Are our local doctors and clinics being allowed to do everything possible to stop early stage patients from becoming hospitalized and dying?

The answer is no. They are not. In fact, these first-line physicians, who have intimate professional contact with their patients, are being prevented from treating them successfully. 

Were Israeli doctors prescribing something in the first wave that prevented massive mortality figures they are not prescribing now?

The answer is yes.

Local doctors and clinics are being prevented from prescribing a drug that worked before, but is banned now. The drug that dare not speak its name is hydroxychloroquine.  Medical experts are forbidden on social media to mention its name. Some have been fired from their professional for daring to suggest that this drug, in combination with others, has saved countless lives.

The drug that dare not speak its name is hydroxychloroquine

Now that ban has been placed on Israeli local physicians, and more people are dying.

HCQ is a drug that received global official status use for a number of illnesses and diseases. It has a remarkable sixty-year safety record. Overnight, it became the devil’s potion.

Many hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients who swear to its efficacy when used on early stage sufferers in the right dose and in combination with other medications such as zinc and azithromycin, have been pilloried and banned from expressing their data and from sharing their experiences. Professional physicians, in intimate contact with their private patients, are treated like heretics.

The authorities say HCQ failed late stage clinical trials. They claim it left a few patients with heart irregularities, a claim refuted by many experts, including Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Medicine, who is highly critical about how badly the clinical trials were conducted.

After studying the clinical trials, he concluded, among other things, that they applied the drug incorrectly, even in dangerously high dosages, often not in combination with other drugs, to patients who had little chance of surviving with any drug.

Professor Risch is an ardent advocate for the application of HCQ in combination with other medications to early stage patients, as is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an Orthodox American physician, who came up with the Zelenko Protocol which details, for local doctors and clinics dealing with early stage Covid patients, how to prescribe and monitor patients starting in the first five days of contracting the coronavirus.

Hydroxychloroquine was banned for Covid patients by the World Health Organization

Professor Risch records and analyses the successes and failures of treating early stage Covid patients and is convinced in his judgment that HCQ, in combination with other drugs, is a safe and efficient method of preventing the debilitating effect of the coronavirus.

This early stage treatment was pioneered successfully in France by virologist Didier Raoult, who successfully treated hundreds of Covid patients, before he was pilloried as being a quack by Big Pharma.

Hydroxychloroquine was banned for Covid patients by the World Health Organization on the basis of these failed late stage trials. But the WHO recommends paracetamol, a drug that has not undergone clinical trials for Covid patients, and is known to have serious side effects. This is not only hypocritical, but highly suspect. Which begs the question. Why the difference?

This troubling discrepancy was brought home to me when I interviewed Dr. Rob Elens, a local physician with a busy clinic in the south of Holland.

Dr. Elens had an initial twenty-five patients who came down with Covid. They were prescribed with the Dutch health authorities recommendation, namely paracetamol and isolation.

The condition of all twenty-five worsened. All were hospitalized. Twelve of his patients died.

Dr. Elens, a compassionate doctor, was gravely concerned that something better could have saved his patients’ lives. So he did what any self-respecting doctor would do. He went in search of the science and came across the Zelenko Protocol, a tried and tested derivative of several doctors’ experiences in helping their early stage patients get over Covid.

“Drug combination of zinc, HCQ and azithromycin:  “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

So, when his next infected patient came along he offered him the choice of the official track or the drug combination of zinc, HCQ and azithromycin. Dr. Elens monitored the patient hourly and was pleased to discover that his patient responded well to the treatment and recovered completely within three days.

The doctor repeated the same medication in the required doses with his next nine early stage patients. All recovered quickly. But when he reported his successful cases to the Dutch medical authorities he received a warning to desist.

In my video “Covid, and the drug that dare not speak its name,” the now defiant Dr. Elens responded by saying of his patients, “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

A June comparative study, carried out into Covid-19 patients by the Saudi national fever clinics, concluded that early intervention of a HCQ-based therapy in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients was associated with lower odds of hospitalization, ICU admission and/or death.

Coming back to Israel, a question is floating in our viral air. Are we becoming guinea pigs for vaccine experiments?

Could it be that people are deliberately prevented from recovering early from Covid in order to drive them into the large pool of patients required to be experimented on in critical clinical trials for a potential vaccine?

And could it be that our rapidly rising death rate derive from patients either receiving a placebo or other drugs that are failing in vaccine test trials?

And why, if it is so important to prevent our hospital system from being overwhelmed, are we not having a public conversation on the prevention of a drug that dare not speak its name, but of which so many physicians and renowned specialists swear to its efficacy?

All legitimate questions that demand answers at such a critical time.

. source

Brethren, there are two main reasons why the world was lied to about HCQ.  One – the globalists, including Gates, Fauci and WHO wanted people to die!  They are not just globalists, they are eugenicists. The end game is to get the population of planet earth down to 500 million or less.

Secondly, these bad actors are all tied to Big Pharma. HCQ is cheap. The pharmaceutical companies would not make a killing (pun intended) off of a drug like this.  They wanted people to take Remdesivir or other therapeutics which costs many thousands of dollars per patient.

So there you have it – straight from Israel: “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

Oy Vey – I love my people!!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua