Why Has the Virus Targeted Republicans and the President?

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Why Has the Virus Targeted Republicans and the President?
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Recently, several Republican senators, people working in Trump’s campaign and administration, and even President Trump and his wife have all tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

It seems like the coronavirus has a mind of its own — targeting Republicans while leaving Democrats unharmed. The Democrats so far are trying to show that it happened at the debate or the Rose Garden, even though plenty of Democrats and Biden’s supporters were also at the debate.

They say that because they always wear their masks, they’ve so far been shielded and kept safe from COVID-19. The thing is, if masks were the only thing that people needed to stay safe, most — if not all — of us would be immune.

Some people still contract the disease despite wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, social distancing, and basically just following the coronavirus protocols. That’s because all of these are only preventative measures to minimize risk.

That’s why some people find it odd that in the whole of Washington, D.C., only the Republicans have so far tested positive for the disease.

According to the American Thinker, the timing is also an important factor. Key Republicans fell ill after the Barrett announcement, the debate, and Comey’s flaccid testimony — just when they were needed.

After the evidence was stacked against the Obama administration, proving that he, Comey, and Brennan were aware of Hillary Clinton’s intent to frame Trump for colluding with Russia, Andy McCabe suddenly cannot appear on Zoom in the Senate because he is afraid of spreading the coronavirus to his family.

Then as if it was planned, Schumer demanded the cancelation of the Barrett hearings — for the purpose of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Finally, Biden has come out of his Delaware basement and flown to Michigan and Florida, hopping on planes for most of September.

One would think that at his age, as one of the people most at risk of contracting the virus, he’d be more cautious and reluctant to travel and interact with his supporters as Trump recently tested positive for COVID-19. But the opposite has happened — as soon as Trump is unable to continue attending back-to-back rallies, Biden is getting on planes without a care for his safety.

Another thing to highlight is the fact that Trump suddenly came in contact with the virus just weeks away from the November elections. If even that isn’t odd to you, then I don’t know what will be. source

I have wondered about the odds that only Republicans would be hit with the virus, but then my mind quickly traveled to other places. The thought that Trump and other Republicans were maliciously targeted was too much to ponder. It was just too horrible to think that the Dems could be that monstrous.

But then something dawned on me: these people really are that monstrous. How else could they turn a blind eye to a baby born alive after a botched abortion, and vote that the child should not be given care? Just put the child in a dark room and let him/her die. That’s the stuff of which horror movies are made. But it’s real.

I put NOTHING past these people. I believe that most of them are demon possessed and I DO mean this.

I think that it is quite apparent that Republicans were targeted with this virus. How the Dems did it – who helped them- we will probably never know. But since the Covid-19 has been accepted to be a “bioweapon” and not a natural virus; is it so outlandish to believe that the Dems were given a “stash” from the lab for nefarious purposes?

Brethren, the words I have written above shock me to my core. I never would have believed that we would be experiencing this horror in America.

Jesus called these times “Perilous” and we have just begun to understand what our Lord meant.

I found this online about the word perilous and wanted to share it with the reader:


  • adj. Full of or involving peril; dangerous or risky.
  • Full of peril or danger; dangerous; hazardous, risky: as, a perilous undertaking or situation; a perilous attempt.
  • Terrible; to be feared; liable to inflict injury or harm; dangerous.

Yes, brethren……..these are perilous times.

BUT GOD……………

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


“DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH” Doctors from Europe for the TRUTH About Covid-19: Watch Leader of Group Arrested in London – This is INSANITY

Dr. Heiko Schoning from Germany was arrested in Great Britain. He has been been threatened and told to stop speaking about Covid-19. Pray for him. He said that he will NEVER stop telling the truth!

Dr. Schoning reveals that this PlannedDemic is part of the Great Reset of the World’s Economies.

Today in Berlin, millions will be peacefully protesting this LIE which has been presented as truth. The world is in the grip of Fear. Pray for the safety of Dr. Schoning and all of the protestors.

Dr. Schoning is interviewed about world-wide movement of Doctors and Lawyers for TRUTH about the so-called Covid 19 Pandemic.

More and more medical professionals worldwide are questioning the countermeasures against the coronavirus. Several initiatives and collaborations are popping up and by bundling forces across borders people are hoping to break the one sided narrative that is being spread by officials. One of the doctors fighting for this cause is Heiko Schöning of Ärzte für Aufklärung. He was one of the speakers at the recently held conference in the Netherlands and is battling the fallacious reporting and disproportional measures under which people are suffering. Sven spoke with him about what they have been working on for the past weeks to provide a broader public with an update on what is going on outside the mainstream media. Links: https://www.aerzte-fuer-aufklaerung.de https://acu2020.org/ https://www.medicalemergencydeliberat… (binnenkort online/online soon)

Dr. Schoning speaks after his release from prison in Great Britain

Here is the video of Dr. Schoning’s arrest in Great Britain:

Brethren, THIS is what is happening in the world to strip countries of freedom and democracy. THIS is a plot by the Globalists to “Reset” the economies of the world to get ready for a New World Order.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr. Anthony Fauci are the puppets being used to bring our world to the great RESET. The Democrats in America are ALL part of this.

Please know that a vote for the Biden/Harris ticket is the final death blow for America. If you love your freedom and care about this Constitutional Republic, then do NOT cast your vote for Biden. A Biden victory will bring America to her knees and Marxism will take over our government. Many of us will be eliminated. Oh, you didn’t know that is how Marxism works? Why do you think that over 100 million people were murdered in the 20th Century by Communist Regimes??

Dr. Shoning speaks about the people who need surgeries – not getting those surgeries because of “Covid-19.” He speaks of the rise in suicides. He speaks TRUTH and he is putting himself at grave risk of losing his own life because the Globalists want to silence him.

Again – pray for him and for all doctors and lawyers who have come together in Europe to speak TRUTH.

Do you remember the Frontline Doctors in America who boldly spoke up? They were silenced and many of them lost their jobs as doctors.

WATCH Frontline Doctors speak about the LIES producing FEAR:


Read this article which I posted:

NIH Study Clearly Shows Hydroxychloroquine With Azithromycin Added Kills Covid 19 – Fauci Knew Since 2005 NO ONE NEEDED TO DIE

Brethren, PRAY and share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ while you still have time!!!


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua