Why Has the Virus Targeted Republicans and the President?

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Why Has the Virus Targeted Republicans and the President?
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Recently, several Republican senators, people working in Trump’s campaign and administration, and even President Trump and his wife have all tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

It seems like the coronavirus has a mind of its own — targeting Republicans while leaving Democrats unharmed. The Democrats so far are trying to show that it happened at the debate or the Rose Garden, even though plenty of Democrats and Biden’s supporters were also at the debate.

They say that because they always wear their masks, they’ve so far been shielded and kept safe from COVID-19. The thing is, if masks were the only thing that people needed to stay safe, most — if not all — of us would be immune.

Some people still contract the disease despite wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, social distancing, and basically just following the coronavirus protocols. That’s because all of these are only preventative measures to minimize risk.

That’s why some people find it odd that in the whole of Washington, D.C., only the Republicans have so far tested positive for the disease.

According to the American Thinker, the timing is also an important factor. Key Republicans fell ill after the Barrett announcement, the debate, and Comey’s flaccid testimony — just when they were needed.

After the evidence was stacked against the Obama administration, proving that he, Comey, and Brennan were aware of Hillary Clinton’s intent to frame Trump for colluding with Russia, Andy McCabe suddenly cannot appear on Zoom in the Senate because he is afraid of spreading the coronavirus to his family.

Then as if it was planned, Schumer demanded the cancelation of the Barrett hearings — for the purpose of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Finally, Biden has come out of his Delaware basement and flown to Michigan and Florida, hopping on planes for most of September.

One would think that at his age, as one of the people most at risk of contracting the virus, he’d be more cautious and reluctant to travel and interact with his supporters as Trump recently tested positive for COVID-19. But the opposite has happened — as soon as Trump is unable to continue attending back-to-back rallies, Biden is getting on planes without a care for his safety.

Another thing to highlight is the fact that Trump suddenly came in contact with the virus just weeks away from the November elections. If even that isn’t odd to you, then I don’t know what will be. source

I have wondered about the odds that only Republicans would be hit with the virus, but then my mind quickly traveled to other places. The thought that Trump and other Republicans were maliciously targeted was too much to ponder. It was just too horrible to think that the Dems could be that monstrous.

But then something dawned on me: these people really are that monstrous. How else could they turn a blind eye to a baby born alive after a botched abortion, and vote that the child should not be given care? Just put the child in a dark room and let him/her die. That’s the stuff of which horror movies are made. But it’s real.

I put NOTHING past these people. I believe that most of them are demon possessed and I DO mean this.

I think that it is quite apparent that Republicans were targeted with this virus. How the Dems did it – who helped them- we will probably never know. But since the Covid-19 has been accepted to be a “bioweapon” and not a natural virus; is it so outlandish to believe that the Dems were given a “stash” from the lab for nefarious purposes?

Brethren, the words I have written above shock me to my core. I never would have believed that we would be experiencing this horror in America.

Jesus called these times “Perilous” and we have just begun to understand what our Lord meant.

I found this online about the word perilous and wanted to share it with the reader:


  • adj. Full of or involving peril; dangerous or risky.
  • Full of peril or danger; dangerous; hazardous, risky: as, a perilous undertaking or situation; a perilous attempt.
  • Terrible; to be feared; liable to inflict injury or harm; dangerous.

Yes, brethren……..these are perilous times.

BUT GOD……………

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


9 thoughts on “Why Has the Virus Targeted Republicans and the President?

  1. Suspicious is an understatement. I totally agree with what you have said and I also think that the democrats are as dangerous as satan and just as evil. I don’t believe in coincident’s either. I think you have nailed it that this has been, and is, planned and may the Lord’s glory be shown to all.

  2. Great article Geri, The Lord told me they were being targeted, only made since none of antifa or the BLM or Dems were getting it, and then it all of a sudden hits the WH, and P. saying they still had a few arrows left in their quiver, and look all they have done for four years is try to bring the President down get him kicked out of office, that the only work they have done, and not we find out H.C. did the whole Russian thing, to take the attention over the e-mails off her, they are monsters, anyone who wants to kill a newborn baby, and they tried to pass it, to where they could still kill after birth, and thats a monster in my book, you best not trying in front of me, these are devils but we been duped in to a love thats not of God, Jesus told the Pharisees you make them twice more the child of hell as you are, and he called Judas the son of perdition, unredeemable, and then Roms 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; there is an evil that can go to far, and even some born that way, I will not go into because every one get so mad, but theres a reason in the old testament God had whole families killed, and I didn’t see it for many years but now after seeing these Democrats, I see it plain, just like in the days of Noah those watchers angels took wifes, and u may turn against me but there are seeds today also that are satans, I will stop there the Lord has showed me, but thats another reason it say as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be int coming of the son of man, we don’t ask for understanding and go deep enough, I have always sought the truth, and he has shown me a lot, I get cut down for it, but I like knowing the truth about the word, and there are things that are pure evil right now, satan had to have it this way in order to take over the church, fallen angels and goddessess being worshipped in the church right now, as a matter of fact the rule the leadership, is why they all hate me so bad, because I know it and am exposing them, the Lord has chosen me for this, and to warn the church they are not ready, he took me to heaven and gave me 2 Cor 12:20-21 and said all this is going on in my church and they are not ready, now go back and tell them and preach with more fire than ever before, and I have, but they hate me, and back Mr. Trump and tell them he is my man, God Bless you richly Geri

  3. I was thinking the same thing so there’s 4 things that could have happened.

    1. There was a typhoid Mary in the crowd that went around knowingly spreading it by handshakes, coughs, or who knows to Reps.

    2. Dems have come down with it also but they are remaining quiet about it and the press is complicit.

    3. Someone with access to the virus in test tube form also has access to the W.H. and spread it to their work spaces. There’s lots of deep state members still.

    4. Melania could have brought it home from one of her photo shoots with groups of people and innocently spread it to Trump.

    I heard that two press reporters had contracted it beforehand but no ones heard from them since. Maybe one of them showed at this rose garden ceremony.

  4. I am Susan

    My first thought when I heard that President Trump and Melania had contracted Covid-19
    was that they were tested with infected swabs that had been pre-packaged. Many people are willing to do anything for a price.

    Since the President, and those around him are tested frequently, I really think that they were infected the way I described above. I have also thought the same thing: why is it that only conservative leaders have contracted Covid-19? I wouldn’t put anything past these Democrats.
    They said that they would do anything to get Pres. Trump out of office and we haven’t seen all of their nefarious “tricks” yet.

    I know that we are all in deep prayer for our country and our President. The Lord’s will be done.
    Remember that whatever happens God is Sovereign and in control. He uses events that he doesn’t necessarily desire (bad things happening to innocent people) to achieve His ultimate plan. These Dems, BLM, Antifa, George Soros and the legion of demon possessed people may THINK that THEY are in control, but WE know Christ and his followers are the Victors.

    Maranatha! Amen!

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