I remember 17 years ago when the cicadas invaded our part of the world. To adults it was a major annoyance.

But to kids and dogs it was amazing!

In 2004, these annoyingly LOUD insects emerged from the ground, leaving behind large holes. I thought to myself that God had naturally “aerated” our property.

But to me, that was the only good thing about the cicada invasion.

The Deafening Sound

My husband and I had bought a covered swing for our backyard in early spring. It had been a wonderful and peaceful place to sit and talk – that is before the invasion.

The sound seemed like a natural symphony, but definitely not one for which I would pay money to attend.

Have you ever said “It was so loud – I couldn’t hear myself think?” Well yeah – it was like that but ON STEROIDS.

And the swarming was more than a little disconcerting.

Let’s just say that this invasion seemed to be of Biblical proportions. But we did research and found that this was a phenomenon which happened every 17 years in our area.

Here are some pictures we took of our grandson Ethan and our dog Harley. They both thought that this event was super cool

I remember telling Ethan that when he turned 21, we would look at these pictures and remember.

Harley died in 2017. I remember him eating these critters, and one day ate too many and got sick. He stopped eating them after that.

The Cicada Skeletons

Another thing that was unusual about the cicadas was that when they emerged, they would shed an external skeleton; much like a snake shedding its skin.

It was definitely a surrealistic event!


13 thoughts on “THE CICADAS ARE COMING…THE CICADAS ARE COMING! So What’s the Big Deal?

    1. Yulya Sevelova

      Cicadas are normal. They are native to many countries. I like to pick them up if I see one. I think they’re cute. Not to be eaten though,lol.

  1. What IS the big deal? Cicadas show up every year here in Texas. I love to hear them sing. It seems that the hotter it gets, the louder they sing. It’s music to my ears. It’s just a part of summer in Texas that I love so much. (Genesis 8:22)

  2. Yulya Sevelova

    I think they’re funny. They are normal bugs, and they live in California too. They aren’t dangerous, but one shouldn’t eat them, lol.

  3. LV McGraw

    It is said that the Japanese people loathe tham. There were sure a lot of them in your photos. I don’t think I’ve seen that many ever. I kinda like them. Like Mr. Ernesto said, they are the sounds of summer.

    1. Mary

      What Do Cicadas Eat? Cicada Diet Facts & Information
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      As adults they feed on plant fluids from the young twigs of trees and woody shrubs. Contrary to popular opinion, adult cicadas do not cause serious plant damage from their feeding activities, but do damage plants as the result of their behavior of cutting small slits in the plant they use for places to deposit their eggs.

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