FACEBOOK CENSORS Wall Street Journal Over ‘Fact Checked’ Coronavirus Op-Ed by JOHNS HOPKINS SURGEON

I guess he didn’t get the Gates Foundation Memo

From Breitbart.com

Facebook’s fact-checkers have come for the Wall Street Journal, causing the mainstream newspaper to be censored on the world’s largest social network, after the Journal published an op-ed from a Johns Hopkins surgeon who argued that the United States is likely to achieve herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus by April.

The surgeon, Dr. Marty Makary, argued that a failure to take natural immunity as well as vaccine immunity into account was leading some to underestimate when herd immunity could be achieved. Citing a 77 percent decline in cases over the past six weeks, Makary called for “contingency planning for an open economy by April.”

Makary also said that other medical experts privately agreed with him, but that they recommended remaining quiet to avoid a premature relaxation of precautionary measures.

“Some medical experts privately agreed with my prediction that there may be very little Covid-19 by April but suggested that I not to talk publicly about herd immunity because people might become complacent and fail to take precautions or might decline the vaccine,” wrote Makary. “But scientists shouldn’t try to manipulate the public by hiding the truth.”

Makary’s op-ed was subsequently “fact-checked” by Health Feedback, a project tied to the World Health Organization and an affiliate of Science Feedback, a group focusing on “fact-checking” skepticism of the man-made climate change theory, a position mainly held by conservatives.

Health Feedback tagged the Wall Street Journal op-ed with the label “missing context” and “misleading,” causing Facebook to censor the article by reducing its distribution across the platform.

“Once we have a rating from a fact-checking partner, we take action by ensuring that fewer people see that misinformation,” Facebook confirmed to the WSJ. 

Responding, the Wall Street Journal editorial board condemned the fact-check as the work of a “progressive health clerisy” presenting their opinions as scientifically-settled fact.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

…the progressive health clerisy don’t like [Makary’s] projection because they worry it could lead to fewer virus restrictions. The horror! Health Feedback’s fact checkers disagree with the evidence Dr. Makary cites as well as how he interprets it. Fine. Scientists disagree all the time. Much of conventional health wisdom about red meat, sodium and cardiovascular risk is still fiercely debated.

The same goes for Covid-19. There’s still much we don’t understand about the virus and its transmission and immunity. Yet Facebook’s fact-checkers “cherry-pick,” to borrow their word, studies to support their own opinions, which they present as fact. So let’s fact-check Facebook’s fact checkers.

The Journal went on to cite evidence in support of Makary’s claims from a range of sources, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet, and Science, among others.

The editorial board went on to say that the actions of Facebook and its fact-checkers support the case for reform of Big Tech’s special legal protections.

We’ve been leery of proposals in Congress to modify Section 230 protections that shield internet platforms from liability. But social-media giants are increasingly adding phony fact checks and removing articles flagged by left-leaning users without explanation. In short, they are acting like publishers in vetting and stigmatizing the content of reputable publishers. The legal privileges that enable these companies to dominate public discourse need to be debated and perhaps revised. Source

Breitbart News has reached out to Health Feedback for comment. ***And I say “Good luck with that.”

In the past 6 months, Facebook took down two of my pages. One of those pages was for family only.

Why did they take them down? Simply because I would post my articles on Covid 19 and the Vaccines. Many people were in hot water with the Social Media Giant for the same reasons.

But these so-called “Fact Checkers” make me laugh. FB has algorithms which spot buzz words like Covid, Jab, Vaccine, Gates, Fauci etc etc and first they slap a “Truth about Covid” message under the post.

Then after a few months FB alerted me that my page was under “Warning.” When I looked that up, I read that FB considered me to not be a good member of their community. (my bad)

Then one morning I got online and read “You have been banned from Facebook. You would not agree and abide by Community Standards.” And that was that.

I’m glad that the surgeon from Hopkins wrote what was on his mind, but I’m quite sure that heads are rolling.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


FROM CBS: “The Right’s Fight to Make America a Christian Nation” – They Do NOT Know our History Because They Learn from Revisionist History Books

If the Left truly knew the History of America, they would realize that we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Yuri Bezmenov, the late former KGB Operative who defected to the West to help us understand how the Left are victims of the Subversion of Society; explains that process in this short video:

The Left continuously LIE about our history; stating in their false narrative that America was Never a Christian nation.

I would agree that America is not now a Christian Nation – but the truth is that we were founded as a Christian Nation in 1776.


When I was growing up in the 60’s, we were taught about our Founding Fathers and that America was founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. Being a Jew, I accepted this as truth.

We even said the Lord’s Prayer back then, and even though I didn’t understand where the prayer originated, I LOVED saying it every morning in school. Even my sister who is an ardent atheist asked me about that prayer. She is 7 years older than me, but she remembered saying that prayer, and told me that it made her feel happy when she said it.

That opened the door for me to explain that Jesus had told His disciples how to pray using this prayer. My sister was shocked.

Our Forefathers

About 4 years ago, I wrote an article with this title:

Words From Our Founding Fathers About God’s Hand On America

If one listens to the Leftwing media, and has not been born again from above, they probably  believe the lies which are systematically cranked out to the American public 24/7.  Think about it:  A person who has not been exposed to the Bible or the Gospel of Christ, is so vulnerable to the MSM’s lies and distortions of truth. Day after day their listeners are subjected to revisionist history and God-haters as their source of current events.

 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:12-13).

If you have watched people being interviewed on the street, and asked questions about America – most of them (especially the young) haven’t a clue about our Nation and its origin and Founding Fathers. Their mantra is simply this:  Democrats care about people and are good; and Republicans only care about the rich and are very bad.  That’s it.  This is spoon fed to these people from the time they are old enough to listen to the news, or even worse – attend Universities where 99% of the professors are socialist/democrat/communists, whose mission is to belittle Christian students and snatch them from their own convictions.

I am writing this piece in hopes that many will print this out and have it available when attempting to speak truth to our unsaved young people.

From Conservapedia.com

You may view the references of all quotes on this site

Words of our Founding Fathers:

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” – Declaration of Independence”
  • “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, page 170
  • “The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.” – Samuel Adams, The Rights of the Colonists, 1772
  • “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” – Patrick Henry March 23, 1775
  • “The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.” – John Jay
  • “God’s hand was on me. God protected me and kept me through the battle.” – George Washington
  • “Principally, and first of all, I resign my soul to the Almighty Being who gave it, and my body I commit to the dust, relying on the merits of Jesus Christ for the pardon of my sins.” – Samuel Adams, Last Will and Testament
  • “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions … upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves … according to the Ten Commandments of God” – James Madison
  • “In the Name of the most Holy and undivided Trinity.” – Treaty of Paris (1783)
    Article 22: Members are required to make and subscribe the declaration of their faith in “God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, One God blessed evermore.”
  • “I acknowledge the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be given by divine inspiration.”  – George Read, signer of the Declaration of Independence, would include the following in Delaware’s State Constitution.
    Calls for a national “Day of public humiliation,fasting and prayer, that we may offer up our joint supplications to the All-wise, Omnipotent, merciful Disposer of all Events.” – John Hancock, June 12, 1775 proclamation of the Second Continental Congress.
  • While Governor of Massachusetts, John Hancock called for a prayer saying, “We think it is incumbent upon this people to humble themselves before God on account of their sins.”
  • “That God would be pleased to look down with an eye of compassion upon the whole human race, and dispel those clouds of ignorance, superstition and bigotry that overspread so great a part of the world, and that the knowledge of and reverential love and regard to the One God and Father, of all, and a true benevolence and good will to their fellow men, may pervade the hearts, and influence the lives of all mankind, and all Nations, Languages and Tongues be brought to join in singing, Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace and good will to men.” – Josiah Bartlett, proclamation issued on October 5, 1793
  • “I believe that there is one only living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. That the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are a revelation from God, and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.”
  • .”We will look for the permanency and stability of our new government to Him who bringeth princes to nothing and teacheth senators wisdom. “- John Hart address from October 5, 1776
  • “Thanks be given unto Almighty God therefore, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die and after that the judgment … principally, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner … to receive the same again at the general resurrection by the mighty power of God.” – John Hart Last will and testament attested April 16, 1779.  source

Brethren, there are many more quotes from our Founders which have not been placed in this article.  The majority of the Founding Fathers had an abiding love for our Lord Jesus Christ.  They looked to Him in prayer, knowing that they were dependent upon Him for everything in their lives and for the new government of the United States.

Our children and grandchildren are not shown the words of these men. The devil has made sure of that. It is up to us to speak truth to this generation of lost souls.

Pray for these people. Pray for the professors on University campuses across the nation.  Pray for the unsuspecting Christian students who are nearly eaten alive in many of their classrooms.

Some will come out even stronger in their faith. But not all.  Many will succumb to the Leftist lies and Atheistic views of professors and peers. source

Brethren, these are truths spoken and recorded in history directly from our Founders. But history has been rewritten to fit the false narrative of the God haters on the Left. And the saddest part of this is that our children and grandchildren are being taught the LIES.

The LEFT have plans for Christians and practicing Jews. I don’t know how much of this will touch our lives, but it seems to me to be like a train with no brakes. Things are happening at breakneck speed. We should be ready for persecution as Jesus told us:

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.  If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.  Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also.  But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me” (John 15: 18-21).

Prayer, as always, is of paramount importance.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


Why Is the National Guard Still In Washington DC?

Our grandson works in Washington, D.C. The Military has become a permanent fixture there. What is really going on?

From townhall.com

Why Is the National Guard Still In Washington?

There were roughly 25,000 National Guard members in Washington, D.C., for the inauguration of President Joe Biden. It has been normal practice to have some National Guard in town for inaugurations, but 25,000 was far more than any number from the past. Of course, nerves were raw after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, but there is little doubt that mobilizing 25,000 troops was an overreaction.

Now, 5,000 are still in the nation’s capital. The inauguration was nearly two weeks ago. It went off without incident. There is no need for troops in the city. And yet, touring the federal area of Washington, one finds tall fencing and razor wire creating a huge militarized zone around the Capitol, with National Guard members guarding it from inside the fence. The barrier is not just on the perimeter of the Capitol. It extends for blocks beyond the building in every direction.

Now the head of the Capitol Police wants to make the fencing permanent, and the National Guard has not left. They are staying at least until mid-March, apparently because authorities fear another Jan. 6-style riot from Trump supporters.

“There are several upcoming events — we don’t know what they are — over the next several weeks, and they’re concerned that there could be situations where there are lawful protests, First Amendment-protected protests, that could either be used by malicious actors, or other problems that could emerge,” Secretary of the Army John Whitley told the press last week.

The proposal to make the fence permanent has met bipartisan opposition, not only from Capitol Hill but from the District of Columbia government.

“Permanent fencing would send the wrong message to the nation and the world, by transforming our democracy from one that is accessible and of the people to one that is exclusive and fearful of its citizens,” said Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s delegate to Congress.

It’s a different story with the troops. While some, like D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, have called for the troops to go home, others, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have remained silent, preferring to make vague and ominous statements like, “The enemy is within.” That is apparently Pelosi’s way of turning the security issue to her partisan advantage, hinting that Hill Republicans are the true enemy.

There are reports the troops are staying because those in charge — Pelosi? Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer? Others? — want them at the ready during the Trump impeachment trial, set to begin next week in the Senate. There are other reports that there might be a big protest on March 4, which was the Constitution’s original presidential inauguration day until it was changed to Jan. 20 in the 1930s. In any event, the troops are in town.

The Biden White House is staying out of it, publicly at least. At a recent briefing, spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to answer a question on the Guard, referring journalists to the Defense Department.

But there are some voices saying enough is enough. Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a U.S. Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, has called for the troops to go home. In a FoxNews.com op-ed, Cotton wrote that the Guard deserves gratitude for deploying on short notice after the violence at the Capitol began. They stayed for the two weeks until the inauguration. Now, it’s time for them to go. Source

It is obvious to the discerning that there has to be a reason to keep the National Guard in D.C. Personally, I think it may be a statement to the American people that there is nothing we can do about the the illegitimate occupants of the White House.

It’s an “In Your Face” to the majority of people who voted for Trump.


“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” (Proverbs 29:2).

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


A Very Smart Israeli Rabbi States 31 Reasons Why He Will NEVER Take the Covid 19 Vaccine

I get many emails from the brethren asking me if I will take the Jab, and if not – why. I think that this rabbi has summed it up pretty well. I agree with everything he says.

The following list was created by the Israeli rabbi Chananya Weissman.

31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine

by Rabbi Chananya Weissman

From gatesofvienna.net

It’s not a vaccine. A vaccine by definition provides immunity to a disease. This does not provide immunity to anything. In a best-case scenario, it merely reduces the chance of getting a severe case of a virus if one catches it. Hence, it is a medical treatment, not a vaccine. I do not want to take a medical treatment for an illness I do not have.

2. The drug companies, politicians, medical establishment, and media have joined forces to universally refer to this as a vaccine when it is not one, with the intention of manipulating people into feeling safer about undergoing a medical treatment. Because they are being deceitful, I do not trust them, and want nothing to do with their medical treatment.

3. The presumed benefits of this medical treatment are minimal and would not last long in any case. The establishment acknowledges this, and is already talking about additional shots and ever-increasing numbers of new “vaccines” that would be required on a regular basis. I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.

4. I can reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus by strengthening my immune system naturally. In the event I catch a virus, there are vitamins and well-established drugs that have had wonderful results in warding off the illness, without the risks and unknowns of this medical treatment.

5. The establishment insists that this medical treatment is safe. They cannot possibly know this because the long-term effects are entirely unknown, and will not be known for many years. They may speculate that it is safe, but it is disingenuous for them to make such a claim that cannot possibly be known. Because they are being disingenuous, I do not trust them, and I want no part of their treatment.

6. The drug companies have zero liability if anything goes wrong, and cannot be sued. Same for the politicians who are pushing this treatment. I will not inject myself with a new, experimental medical device when the people behind it accept no liability or responsibility if something goes wrong. I will not risk my health and my life when they refuse to risk anything.

7. Israel’s Prime Minister has openly admitted that the Israeli people are the world’s laboratory for this experimental treatment. I am not interested in being a guinea pig or donating my body to science.

8. Israel agreed to share medical data of its citizens with a foreign drug company as a fundamental part of their agreement to receive this treatment. I never consented for my personal medical data to be shared with any such entity, nor was I even asked. I will not contribute to this sleazy enterprise.

9. The executives and board members at Pfizer are on record that they have not taken their own treatment, despite all the fanfare and assurances. They are claiming that they would consider it unfair to “cut the line”. This is a preposterous excuse, and it takes an unbelievable amount of chutzpah to even say such a thing. Such a “line” is a figment of their own imagination; if they hogged a couple of injections for themselves no one would cry foul. In addition, billionaires with private jets and private islands are not known for waiting in line until hundreds of millions of peasants all over the world go first to receive anything these billionaires want for themselves.

10. The establishment media have accepted this preposterous excuse without question or concern. Moreover, they laud Pfizer’s executives for their supposed self-sacrifice in not taking their own experimental treatment until we go first. Since they consider us such fools, I do not trust them, and do not want their new treatment. They can have my place in line. I’ll go to the very back of the line.

11. Three facts that must be put together:

Bill Gates is touting these vaccines as essential to the survival of the human race.
Bill Gates believes the world has too many people and needs to be “depopulated.”
Bill Gates, perhaps the richest man in the world, has also not been injected. No rush.

Uh, no. I’ll pass on any medical treatments he wants me to take.

12. The Establishment has been entirely one-sided in celebrating this treatment. The politicians and media are urging people to take it as both a moral and civic duty. The benefits of the treatment are being greatly exaggerated, the risks are being ignored and the unknowns are being brushed aside. Because they are being deceitful and manipulative, I will not gamble my personal well-being on their integrity.

13. There is an intense propaganda campaign for people to take this treatment. Politicians and celebrities are taking selfies of themselves getting injected (perhaps in some cases pretending to get injected), the media is hyping this as the coolest, smartest, most happy and fun thing to do. It is the most widespread marketing campaign in history. This is not at all appropriate for any medical treatment, let alone a brand new one, and it makes me recoil.

14. The masses are following in tow, posting pictures of themselves getting injected with a drug, feeding the mass peer pressure to do the same. There is something very alarming and sick about this, and I want no part of it. I never took drugs just because “everyone’s doing it” and it’s cool. I’m certainly not going to start now.

15.Those who raise concerns about this medical treatment are being bullied, slandered, mocked, censored, ostracized, threatened, and fired from their jobs. This includes medical professionals who have science-based concerns about the drug and caregivers who have witnessed people under their charge suffering horrible reactions and death shortly after being injected. When the establishment is purging good people who risk everything simply to raise concerns about a new medical treatment — even if they don’t outright oppose it — I will trust these brave people over the establishment every time. I cannot think of a single similar case in history when truth and morality turned out to be on the side of the establishment.

16. This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race.

17. It is purposely not being portrayed as the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race, and the fact that it is a medical experiment at all is being severely downplayed.

18. Were they up front with the masses, very few would agree to participate in such an experiment. Manipulating the masses to participate in a medical experiment under false pretenses violates the foundations of medical ethics and democratic law. I will not allow unethical people who engage in such conduct to inject me with anything.

19. The medical establishment is not informing people about any of this. They have become marketing agents for an experimental drug, serving huge companies and politicians who have made deals with them. This is a direct conflict with their mandate to concern themselves exclusively with the wellbeing of the people under their care. Since the medical establishment has become corrupted, and has become nothing more than a corporate and political tool, I do not trust the experimental drug they want so badly to inject me with.

20. We are being pressured in various ways to get injected, which violates medical ethics and the foundations of democratic society. [It also violates the Nuremberg Code established after World War II]. The best way to get me not to do something is to pressure me to do it.

21. The government has sealed their protocol related to the virus and treatments for 30 YEARS. This is information that the public has a right to know, and the government has a responsibility to share. What are they covering up? Do they really expect me to believe everything is kosher about all this, and that they are concerned first and foremost with my health? The last time they did this was with the Yemenite Children Affair. If you’re not familiar with it, look it up. Now they’re pulling the same shtick. They didn’t fool me the first time, and they’re definitely not fooling me now.

22. The government can share our personal medical data with foreign corporations, but they won’t share their own protocol on the matter with us? I’m out.

23. The establishment has recruited doctors, rabbis, the media, and the masses to harangue people who don’t want to get injected with a new drug. We are being called the worst sort of names. We are being told that we believe in crazy conspiracies, that we are against science, that we are selfish, that we are murderers, that we don’t care about the elderly, that it’s our fault that the government continues to impose draconian restrictions on the public. It’s all because we don’t want to get injected with an experimental treatment, no questions asked. We are even being told that we have a religious obligation to do this, and that we are grave sinners if we do not. They say that if we do not agree to get injected, we should be forced to stay inside our homes forever and be ostracized from public life. This is horrific, disgusting, a perversion of common sense, morality, and the Torah. It makes me recoil, and only further cements my distrust of these people and my opposition to taking their experimental drug. How dare they?

24. I know of many people who got injected, but none of them studied the science in depth, carefully weighed the potential benefits against the risks, compared this option to other alternatives, was truly informed, and decided this medical treatment was the best option for them. On the contrary, they got injected because of the hype, the propaganda, the pressure, the fear, blind trust in what “the majority of experts” supposedly believed (assuming THEY all studied everything in depth and were completely objective, which is highly dubious), blind trust in what certain influential rabbis urged them to do (ditto the above), or hysterical fear that the only option was getting injected or getting seriously ill from the virus. When I see mass hysteria and cult-like behavior surrounding a medical treatment, I will be extremely suspicious and avoid it.

25. The drug companies have a long and glorious history of causing mass carnage with wonder drugs they thrust on unsuspecting populations, even after serious problems had already become known. Instead of pressing the pause button and halting the marketing of these drugs until these issues could be properly investigated, the drug companies did everything in their power to suppress the information and keep pushing their products. When companies and people have demonstrated such gross lack of concern for human life, I will not trust them when they hype a new wonder drug. This isn’t our first rodeo.

26. Indeed, the horror stories are already coming in at warp speed, but the politicians are not the least bit concerned, the medical establishment is brushing them aside as unrelated or negligible, the media is ignoring it, the drug companies are steaming ahead at full speed, and those who raise a red flag continue to be bullied, censored, and punished. Clearly my life and my wellbeing are not their primary concern. I will not be their next laboratory guinea pig. I will not risk being the next “coincidence.”

27. Although many people have died shortly after getting injected — including perfectly healthy young people — we are not allowed to imply that the injection had anything to do with it. Somehow this is anti-science and will cause more people to die. I believe that denying any possible link, abusing people who speculate that there might be a link, and demonstrating not the slightest curiosity to even explore if there might be a link is what is anti-science and could very well cause more people to die. These same people believe I am obligated to get injected as well. No thanks.

28. I am repulsed by the religious, cult-like worship of a pharmaceutical product, and will not participate in this ritual.

29. My “healthcare” provider keeps badgering me to get injected, yet they have provided me no information on this treatment or any possible alternatives. Everything I know I learned from others outside the establishment. Informed consent has become conformed consent. I decline.

30. I see all the lies, corruption, propaganda, manipulation, censorship, bullying, violation of medical ethics, lack of integrity in the scientific process, suppression of inconvenient adverse reactions, dismissal of legitimate concerns, hysteria, cult-like behavior, ignorance, closed-mindedness, fear, medical and political tyranny, concealment of protocols, lack of true concern for human life, lack of respect for basic human rights and freedoms, perversion of the Torah and common sense, demonization of good people, the greatest medical experiment of all time being conducted by greedy, untrustworthy, godless people, the lack of liability for those who demand I risk everything… I see all this and I have decided they can all have my place in line. I will put my trust in God. I will use the mind He blessed me with and trust my natural instincts. Which leads to the final reason which sums up why I will not get “vaccinated.”

31. The whole thing stinks. SOURCE

So now, if your friends and family want to know the reasons to NOT get the jab, you can send them this article.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


Source: gatesofvienna.net/…s-why-i-wont-take-the-vaccine/