Baby With the Bathwater Syndrome

I have noticed of late that some of my readers tend to initially dismiss words spoken by knowledgable doctors and scientists about the danger of the Covid-19 Vaccine. Before I say what I want to say, I respect those who pull away from “experts” when they find that these people are into the New Age Cult.

If I was promoting articles and videos on their New Age beliefs, as if this was “kosher” I would expect not only comments on this subject, but also reprimands from the brethren!

But I want to set the record straight. Any experts on the Virus and mostly the Vaccine – I use them because of their knowledge and education on these fast tracked and never before used “vaccines” which we are finding out are not truly “Vaccines” in the conventional sense.

This is a life or death topic and I felt that I needed to use experts in this field who are brave enough to tell the truth about the dangers of the “jabs.”

At this point, because this is of utmost importance to many who are considering taking the Covid-19 “V” I refuse to throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

I love you brethren, and I hope that I have made myself clear on this subject.


12 thoughts on “Baby With the Bathwater Syndrome

  1. readernan52

    Thank you for faithfully and courageously proclaiming the truth, in spite of the attacks on you. I decided long ago to refuse the vaccine. Many of my friends and family are just giddy about taking it. They refuse to listen to the facts. The media voices are louder than mine.

  2. Marie Woolard

    If Jesus does not Call us Home first, then I fully expect to be in-prisoned in one of obama’s FEMA built concentration camps. I decided long ago to never take the new “vaccines” of any type/reason. Unfortunately, my adoptive mom is very impatiently searching for a doctor to give her the vaccine that will murder her😔.

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