A Video With Expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny On the Covid 19 Vaccine: How It Will Systematically KILL Millions of People in the U.S. Beginning 4 to 14 Months AFTER the Time the Initial Vaccine Was Given

I will be posting a video in each article which I feel is important for us to view and share.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny: Mass Depopulation In 2021 with Reinette Senum of “Chew on This”

I have always said that the Vaccine would be programmed to stagger the deaths of those who receive it. It would never work to kill everyone immediately – first of all, the public would realize that the depopulation they had “heard” of was indeed true, and people would run for their lives!

By staggering the deaths, scientists and doctors working for the NWO will simply say that it is a mutant variety of Covid 19 and had nothing to do with the original vaccine.


I will be posting a video in each article which I feel is of utmost importance for us to view and for you to share.

Dr. Tenpenny is an extremely accomplished doctor, but also has the talent of imparting her wisdom to us – lay people- to help us understand what is really going on!

I will publish another video tomorrow. God bless you brethren!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


A WARNING TO THE BRETHREN: WordPress is Beginning to Take Down my Articles: Please Print Out Any Articles Which You Want to Keep

I received an email from one of my readers today, warning me that some of my articles are being deleted by WordPress. Here is the email:

“When I went to look at these (below), I was directed to a screen that said, “Expired.  Nonce.” 

Just Do the Math – Covid-19 Could Kill Millions: A Letter of Warning From 50 Physicians in MA

The Georgia Guide Stones, Population Control and the Coming Antichrist: We Are So Close Now  (Brethren, THIS article explains the reason that the Eugenicists are killing a massive number of people right now.)

I went back to my WordPress and when I looked up those articles it says “This has expired.” NO articles on WordPress EVER expire. I’m sure that they were told to take them down.

PLEASE look through the articles and print out any that you do not want to lose. I am seeing the Writing on the Wall – Big Tech is not going to put up with writers such as myself much longer.

Many know that I have been banned for life on Facebook. Perhaps WordPress will take my site down, although I do pay to use their platform.

If I disappear completely from online – I will see all of you in heaven with our Precious Lord Jesus! If you find out that my husband and I are “missing” please pray for us. I do believe that many of us will be placed in Fema camps.


Has ISRAEL Found the Cure for COVID and How to STOP the Cytokine Storm? You Will Be Shocked at the Accusations Against Israel In the EUTIMES.Net

Or maybe we should NOT be shocked at those accusations. I believe that Europe is so filled with anti-Semitism right now; if they could reopen Auschwitz and the rest of the camps, they would get the death trains running again.

And who knows? Perhaps George Soros would help out with piling the Jews onto the trains. His hatred for his own people escalates as the years go by. He told an interviewer that those times when he helped the Nazis were the best years of his life!

First I will show the reader the piece from breakingchristiannews.com about the breakthrough in Israel to cure Covid 19:


Abigail Klein Leichman : Feb 9, 2021  United With Israel

“The Phase II patients who have been discharged from the hospital are currently healthy. We believe that these compelling results have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Allocetra in these complicated patients, highlighting the potential of Enlivex’s product candidate to benefit severe and critical Covid-19 patients as well as others suffering from cytokine storms and organ dysfunctions across various clinical indications.” -Prof. Vernon van Heerden, head of the General Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah

[UnitedWithIsrael.org] Even with Israel’s world-leading rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations, drugs to treat Covid patients are in desperate need across the world. (Image: via United With Israel)

Two such drugs developed in Israel show great promise in clinical trials: EXO-CD24 and Allocetra.

EXO-CD24, an experimental inhaled medication developed at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, cured all 30 moderate-to-severe cases in a Phase I clinical trial.

Developed over the past six months at the hospital, EXOCD24 stops the “cytokine storm”—where the immune system goes out of control and starts attacking healthy cells—that occurs in the lungs of 5-7% of Covid-19 patients.

“To date, the preparation has been tried with great success on 30 severe patients, in 29 of whom the medical condition improved within two to three days and most of them were discharged home within three to five days. The 30th patient also recovered but after a longer time,” the hospital reports.

“The drug is based on exosomes, [vesicles] that are released from the cell membrane and used for intercellular communication. We enrich the exosomes with 24CD protein. This protein is expressed on the surface of the cell and has a known and important role in regulating the immune system,” explained Dr. Shiran Shapira, director of the laboratory of Prof. Nadir Arber, who has been researching the CD24 protein for over two decades.

“The preparation is given by inhalation, once a day, for only a few minutes, for five days,” Shapira said.

She said the experimental treatment has two unique characteristics. The first is that it inhibits the over-secretion of cytokines. The second is that it is delivered directly to the lungs and therefore has no systemic side effects that injected or oral drugs can cause.

“Even if the vaccines perform their function, and even if no new mutations are produced then still in one way or another the corona will remain with us,” said Arber, director of the medical center’s Integrated Cancer Prevention Center. “To this end, we have developed a unique drug, EXO-CD24.”

Arber added that this advanced preparation “can be produced quickly and efficiently and at a very low cost in every pharmaceutical facility in the country, and in a short time globally.”

Prof. Ronni Gamzu, CEO of the medical center, said, “Prof. Arber’s results for first-phase research were excellent and gave us all confidence in the method he has been researching [here] for many years. I personally assisted him in further obtaining the approvals from the Ministry of Health for further research.”

Meanwhile, Enlivex Therapeutics last week reported positive results from a multi-center Phase II clinical trial of its experimental Covid-19 immunotherapy drug Allocetra in severe and critical Covid-19 patients.

We reported in October that five Covid-19 intensive care patients were discharged from Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem after treatment with Allocetra.

Nine severe and seven critical Covid-19 patients were treated with Allocetra in the Phase II clinical trial. Fourteen of them recovered and were discharged from the hospital after an average of 5.3 days.

The Phase II trial originally was expected to enroll 24 patients but was “completed early in support of anticipated accelerated regulatory filings of the trial’s positive safety and efficacy data,” Enlivex reported.

Altogether, 19 out of 21 Phase II and Phase Ib Allocetra trial patients recovered and were discharged from the hospital after an average of 5.6 days. Most of the patients in both studies had pre-existing risk factors such as male gender, obesity and hypertension.

“The results we have seen from the 12 Covid-19 patients treated to date with Allocetra are exciting,” said Prof. Vernon van Heerden, head of the General Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah and the lead investigator of both clinical trials.

“The Phase II patients who have been discharged from the hospital are currently healthy. We believe that these compelling results have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Allocetra in these complicated patients, highlighting the potential of Enlivex’s product candidate to benefit severe and critical Covid-19 patients as well as others suffering from cytokine storms and organ dysfunctions across various clinical indications.”

Allocetra is based on the research of Enlivex chief scientific and medical officer Dr. Dror Mevorach, head of internal medicine and of one of Hadassah’s coronavirus wards. It works by restoring balance to the immune system.

Mevorach said Allocetra “may have utility as a safe and efficacious treatment … regardless of the specific coronavirus mutation that afflicted the patients, and across different life-threatening, high mortality clinical indications with high unmet medical needs.” Source

Brethren, yesterday I came up a eutimes.net article about Israel and Covid 19 vaccines. It is filled with sarcasm, accusations – just the kind of hatred we would expect from Europe towards my people:

From eutimes.net

Evidence Surfaces Israel Using Placebo and Have Changed PCR Test to Prove Vaccines are Working

According to a new study in Israel, an astonishingly low number — 0.06% — of people who have received the second round of the Pfizer COVID vaccine reported “sick” — and none of them seriously:

New data released by the Maccabi Healthcare Services has confirmed the effectiveness of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

As of Thursday, only 254 individuals out of the 416,900 [0.06%] who were already a week after the second Pfizer shot – the time where the immunity is considered to kick in – got infected with the virus, the organization reported. Moreover, those who were found to be positive only had light symptoms, with just four of them being hospitalized, all of them in light condition.

Over the same period of time, some 12,944 new cases of COVID-19 emerged in the control group of some 778,000 people having a diverse health profile.

A comparison between the data from the two groups shows that the vaccine is 91% effective seven days or more after the second injection is administered.

From a segmentation of the infections that did occur, it appears that the immunity increases as the days go by. Among the 254 people who contracted the virus, 76 of them were infected after seven days, 44 on the eight day, and 24 on the ninth day. Between day 22 and 24 – when the test period ended – no one was infected.

According to the studies conducted by Pfizer, the vaccine had an efficacy of about 95%, which is considered very high.

With some 2.5 million members, Maccabi is the second largest health fund in Israel. About 900,000 of its customers have already received the first shot, and about 500,000 the second one.

“The data continue to be very encouraging and to show that the effectiveness of the vaccine is high and stable,” Dr. Anat Aka Zohar, head of Maccabi’s Information and Digital Health Division said. “The findings clearly indicate that as the days go by after the second dose, the immunity becomes stronger.”

She also emphasized that the vaccine does not only protect against infection but also again developing more severe symptoms.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the public these COVID vaccines would not stop anyone from contracting the COVID “virus” — rather, the vaccines would merely help in lessening the symptoms of those who get infected — exactly what all vaccines are theoretically supposed to do.

Yet, if we are to believe the Israeli “experts”, the Pfizer vaccine is miraculously stopping people from actually becoming “infected” or testing postive at all — which is in complete defiance of vaccine science.

But when it comes to this pandemic, there seems to be a lot of “miracles” happening in Israel — like the complete disappearance of the seasonal flu.

Big Pharma even went out of its way to convince Jews that the COVID vaccines were strictly “kosher” — perhaps a dog whistle that the fix was in?

There is absolutely nothing about the Pfizer vaccine that would stop people from testing positive for COVID — 99.9% of people who test positive for COVID are asymptomatic.

And a recent study in China — with 10 million people — proved that there is zero transmission of COVID in asymptomatic people.

So the only way for vaccinated Israelis to no longer test positive for COVID is for the Health Ministry to have lowered cycling threshold for the PCR test — from 35 or 40 to under 25 — which is exactly what the World Health Organization recommended two weeks ago.

Not only that, the second round of the Pfizer COVID vaccine allegedly has a stronger dose than the first round — and according to the Israelis, there have been NO serious side effects or deaths reported — even though over 300 deaths have already been reported from the first Pfizer vaccine in America.

All of these “miraculous” results coming out of Israel can be explained very simply — Israelis are receiving placebo vaccines, and they have changed the PCR standards to make it falsely appear that the vaccines are working — just as we predicted they would do over 6 months ago.

Certainly we cannot blame the Israelis for giving their own citizens safe placebo vaccines — that’s what any responsible government would do to protect its people — especially elderly and frail Holocaust survivors.

As we previously reported, it would be absolutely unconscionable and irresponsible to subject Holocaust survivors of all people to dangerous medical experimentation with these untested vaccines — international laws against such experimentation were implemented after WWII for that very reason.

Unfortunately, these fake successful results in Israel will be used to convince 100s of millions of “gentiles” in the West that these dangerous — even deadly — vaccines are safe and effective — and many people will become disabled and die after they take “hot” doses of the real vaccines.


When I read the vitriolic comments from the eutimes in the article it made me very angry. I thought to myself that Jew hatred is at an all time high throughout the world. I remember my dad telling me that a Holocaust of our people was very likely to happen again.

We know from Scripture that Antichrist will slaughter 2/3 of Israel, but I think that a massacre of the Jewish people could happen even before the Wicked one makes his entrance on the world stage. It could happen here in America along with Christians and anyone who supported President Trump.

I read the hateful article again and I felt my anger continue to rise – but this is how I handled it:

I wrote a comment on the article; renamed myself “Fanny Rosenbloom” and told the editor of the eutimes to “Try to get a grip on the jealousy of the Jewish people.” I ended the comment with SHALOM!

The editor would not publish my comment – big surprise, huh? Today I will make another comment with “How Can I Be Saved” from my WP website. Please pray that the editor will read through How to be Saved and might be drawn by our Lord. Only God knows if this might happen.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua