A WARNING TO THE BRETHREN: WordPress is Beginning to Take Down my Articles: Please Print Out Any Articles Which You Want to Keep

I received an email from one of my readers today, warning me that some of my articles are being deleted by WordPress. Here is the email:

“When I went to look at these (below), I was directed to a screen that said, “Expired.  Nonce.” 

Just Do the Math – Covid-19 Could Kill Millions: A Letter of Warning From 50 Physicians in MA

The Georgia Guide Stones, Population Control and the Coming Antichrist: We Are So Close Now  (Brethren, THIS article explains the reason that the Eugenicists are killing a massive number of people right now.)

I went back to my WordPress and when I looked up those articles it says “This has expired.” NO articles on WordPress EVER expire. I’m sure that they were told to take them down.

PLEASE look through the articles and print out any that you do not want to lose. I am seeing the Writing on the Wall – Big Tech is not going to put up with writers such as myself much longer.

Many know that I have been banned for life on Facebook. Perhaps WordPress will take my site down, although I do pay to use their platform.

If I disappear completely from online – I will see all of you in heaven with our Precious Lord Jesus! If you find out that my husband and I are “missing” please pray for us. I do believe that many of us will be placed in Fema camps.


22 thoughts on “A WARNING TO THE BRETHREN: WordPress is Beginning to Take Down my Articles: Please Print Out Any Articles Which You Want to Keep

  1. ghagge@gvtc.com

    Thank you and God bless you always! You are an inspiration to thousands of Christians. May He protect you and your family.

  2. Hi Geri, could you email the two articles to me? I really would like to read them. Thank you. May God protect you as you are spreading His truth!
    Mary Reeves

  3. Geri, if you were to disappear you would be missed intensely! Your writings are so inspirational! My very best to you and your husband, may God richly bless you both!

  4. I have been posting articles on USA.Life. I like them. I signed up for GAB and Parler recently but I don’t think they have any platform to post articles. If any of you are aware of being able to post articles on their sites let me know.

  5. bryan Johnston

    I’ll keep posting your e-articles on my Farcebook page – so far, so good. Take care. Shalom/God bless+++

  6. I did a search on your search bar for “Population control” and the article does come up. The article is dated 3/20/2020. Maybe there is a glitch or maybe I’m not on the same article??

      1. Good News

        Sorry to hear that Geri.

        You might want to check with your host. I’ve never heard of WordPress removing articles before? There are some good hosts who haven’t bowed the knee to Big tech yet, they may be forced to do that going forward, but they are out there. Check 1&1.com. Big efficient hosting company that is keeping a close eye on Big Tech but not bowing.

  7. Joy D'Andrea

    Geri you are in my prayers. Will miss you terribly if they shut you down. So far FB let’s me post on my News Feed. Will be posting this too.

  8. Mary

    Hi Geri, would you be able to send me the article about The Georgia Guidestones they took down. I would appreciate it and, girl, keep the fight, faithfully : )

  9. Geri, can you repost the missing articles again, with different headings?
    Thank you for all you do. Grace & peace to you from across the pond. XX

  10. I love your articles. It is God’s blessing to be persecuted. I pray for God’s protection of you and your family and your readers. HE will give us what we need to do His will. ❤

  11. There is an intense fight in the heavenly sphere between good and evil. Hopefully, good will prevail, so we, the Christians, aren’t rounded up for our beliefs. 

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