ATTENTION: If Your Cable Company Does NOT Offer OANN (One America News) It’s NOT an Oversight – DEMAND that They Add OANN! List of Offenders Are in This Article

Yesterday, I was speaking with some friends and one of them asked me if Verizon offers us I responded that they do, and that my husband and I watch it often.

He told me that Comcast does not offer

Out of curiosity, I searched the internet to see if this was a problem or perhaps an oversight. It’s a BIG problem and the article I have posted straight from will show the reader which cable companies are refusing to offer ‘One America.’


Request One America News Network

Don’t have One America News Network?

Demand that your satellite or cable TV provider carry OAN! Below is a list of just some of the providers so you can go directly to their contact page – and thank you for the support!

Blue Ridge

Cable ONE

Charter Communications (Spectrum)

Comcast (Xfiniti)

Cox Communications

Dish Network




Time Warner


Brethren, I know that the main thing we should be doing right now is praying and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m sorry if you disagree with me here, but I do think that it is time to take a stand against the Communist Coup which took place on Nov 3, 2020. Even Time Magazine is bragging to the public in a tell-all article about how the Left stole the election.

Are we to do absolutely nothing?

Of course, violence is not an option and has NEVER been an option – contrary to what comes out of CNN (Communist News Network). But we certainly can make our voices known and do something as simple as calling our cable companies and asking for One America to be on the list of cable news.

If everyone who is upset about this will make that call, the owners and accountants of these companies may just begin to listen.

After all – it’s their bottom line they are most concerned with.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


Time Magazine BRAGS About How an Elite Global Cabal Stole the 2020 Election

We knew it. They knew it. And now it’s being bragged about by They are calling it a coup which needed to happen to save our democracy.

Read the Article for yourself HERE

“TIME Magazine ADMITS that an Elite Cabal of powerful individuals colluded with the Media and Democrats to stop Trump from winning the election and place Joe Biden in power. They aren’t even pretending anymore. #Biden#Trump#TIME“​

Well, there you have it, brethren – an “In Your Face” by George Soros and his demonic friends.

Does this not beg the question: Why can’t a team of lawyers bring the article from in as EVIDENCE and IMPEACH China Joe?


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua