Time Magazine BRAGS About How an Elite Global Cabal Stole the 2020 Election

We knew it. They knew it. And now it’s being bragged about by Time.com. They are calling it a coup which needed to happen to save our democracy.

Read the Article for yourself HERE

“TIME Magazine ADMITS that an Elite Cabal of powerful individuals colluded with the Media and Democrats to stop Trump from winning the election and place Joe Biden in power. They aren’t even pretending anymore. #Biden#Trump#TIME“​

Well, there you have it, brethren – an “In Your Face” by George Soros and his demonic friends.

Does this not beg the question: Why can’t a team of lawyers bring the article from Time.com in as EVIDENCE and IMPEACH China Joe?


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


12 thoughts on “Time Magazine BRAGS About How an Elite Global Cabal Stole the 2020 Election

  1. Lila McGraw

    The TIME mag article itself was very biased like all other articles about President Trump. Notice the adverbs and adjectives used. Trump “corrucpted the election,” How was he going to currupt the election??? To keep from crying, I have to remember that God works all things together for our good. To keep from going crazy, we have to remember that God is in control.

  2. Good News

    The Time article is nothing more than propaganda in a war of disinformation. In fact there’s so much disinformation in the article it would take weeks to parse it all. The primary purpose of their article seems to be additional confusion and an official explanation for what we all know was a rigged election. Surely they are attempting to let a little steam off the pressure cooker of truth as well.

    This piece appears to be nothing more than a cheap magicians trick. While everyone is distracted while looking at the purported explanation in the Time article claiming to have “fortified the election” they are not looking at the actual voter fraud which took place.

    Anyone that questions whether there was voter fraud ought to watch the recent release of Absolute Proof, a production which outlines and proves voter fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. Most interesting is the timing of Time’s propaganda piece hitting the streets simultaneously with Absolute Truth.

    Our nation has dwindling options for correcting these most egregious affronts to our Republic, not a democracy, as drilled home in the Time piece. First and foremost is getting the truth out about the lies we are continually fed through MSM and despite the censorship of social media.

    We need to learn as much as possible about the globalist efforts to institute the Great Reset and share that far and wide with anyone that will listen. Otherwise it won’t be long before all the power of the world will be turned over to the antichrist. I suggest folks visit the World Economic Forum website and learn as much as you can about Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. It may be too late to stop this devious plan to change the world but it isn’t too late to learn the truth and use it to lead others to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior.

  3. Robert

    Uh yeah all intelligent people know this was stolen, and the bad guys won (for now).
    keep rockin

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