The CULLING Continues: AstraZeneca DNA Vaccine to be Tested on Young Children: Pieces of Aborted Fetal Cells Will be Injected Into Innocent Children

Brethren, why should this surprise us? With 19 States in the U.S. having legislation to allow tiny victims of botched abortions to be “placed in a room until they die” NOTHING should shock us about the monstrous and inhumane treatment of children.

These are the times of which Jesus spoke and warned, perilous times in which deceivers come and MANY are deceived.

I hope that the reader knows that children such as the one featured in this video are targeted by Bill Gates and other Eugenicists. Just as Hitler’s dream was for a supreme race of human beings, eugenicists wish to rid the world of what they consider “Defective” people.

I have followed and researched the correlation between Vaccines with aborted fetal cells, which have been used for decades, and the disproportionate rise in Autism in children. Many scientists believe that the vaccines and autism are linked. All of the vaccines given to newborns have aborted fetal cells.

In my article “THE CULLING OF THE HUMAN RACE BEGINS: See the Horrifying Ingredients in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine the ingredients are indeed horrifying. So who have mad scientists decided to test this on? Of course, the most vulnerable of our population – small children who will have no say in the matter.

If you missed this video from “” please watch.

Excerpt from Culling article:


What is ChAdOx1? It is the number of AstraZeneca Vaccine

Definition of Recombinant:

Recombinant DNA


The word recombinant refers to the DNA which is formed by combining DNA from multiple sources. It is a result of genetic recombination. Two different DNA are combined with each other to create a new DNA molecule which is not found in the original genome. It is known as recombinant DNA or chimeric DNA. Foreign DNA can be easily inserted into another organism genome to create a recombinant DNA molecule. The creation of recombinant DNA is done by genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology. Recombinant DNA is formed in laboratories by bringing together genetic material from different sources.



MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5) is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male fetus[1][2] The cell line was isolated by J.P. Jacobs and colleagues in September 1966 from the seventh population doubling of the original strain, and MRC-5 cells themselves are known to reach senescence in around 45 population doublings. source (emphasis added)


Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine to be tested on children for first time

“It is important to establish the safety and immune response to the vaccine in children,” said Professor Andrew Pollard.

LONDON — Britain’s University of Oxford said Saturday it will test the impact of its Covid-19 vaccine on children, becoming the first developer to trial whether its coronavirus shot is effective in young people.

The trial will assess the “safety and immune responses” in children and young adults aged between 6 and 17 of the vaccine it developed with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the university said in a statement.

The trial, which will enroll 300 volunteers will take place in three English cities, London, Southampton and Bristol, the statement added. The inoculations are expected later in February, it said.

“While most children are relatively unaffected by coronavirus and are unlikely to become unwell with the infection, it is important to establish the safety and immune response to the vaccine in children and young people as some children may benefit from vaccination,” said Professor Andrew Pollard, chief investigator on the Oxford vaccine trial.

The two-dose Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is cheaper and easier to distribute than some rivals.

AstraZeneca has a target to produce 3 billion doses this year and has said it has multiple orders from countries including the United States, Canada, Japan and Brazil, as well as the U.K.

Britain has Europe’s deadliest coronavirus outbreak with more than 116,000 deaths, and is in its third national lockdown as authorities try to contain new, more transmissible virus variants. Most schools are also closed.

In recent weeks, there have been concerns about the vaccine’s effectiveness to global mutations, in particular a variant detected in South Africa.

Earlier this month, the U.K. also announced it would be trialing mixing vaccine shots. Patients will receive different vaccines for their first and second doses: either the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot followed by the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, or vice versa.


Britain has been championing its public vaccination efforts as more than 14 million people from its population of around 66 million have received their first vaccine dose, so far.

So, brethren – it seems that the world has become one HUGE CLINICAL TRIAL for the mad scientists (Tony Fauci) and “pretend” scientists like Bill Gates.

Sometimes I can hardly breathe as I read about what is happening globally to people who are welcoming these untested and DANGEROUS so-called Vaccines.

And now they are using our precious children for their experiment in Eugenics!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua