Can the readers comment?

ANOTHER UPDATE: One reader was able to comment but I was not allowed to reply. Just don’t know what is going on.

UPDATE: I was just notified by a reader that she has not been able to comment on WordPress or Twitter for a few days. If anyone received into on what is happening, would you please email me at

I am not able to post comments. If I do not receive any answers to this question, then I will know that something is wrong.

If you see that you cannot comment, would you please send me an email at

Thank you!

22 thoughts on “Can the readers comment?

      1. I upgraded to Business version of WP and the customer support said that can cause issues. I unchecked a toggle for the commenter not having to log in to comment. I hope and pray that this fixes these issues!

  1. Hello y’all I’ve read alot of these articles and I support this group. Most of all I support the Good Lord and thank Jesus Christ for saving my soul from a Devil’s burning Hell….I have not ever heard of this site or blogger ect. And I’ve seen some post from 2015……I would be very grateful if anyone would please reach out to me for I have questions and know some things folks need to hear!…..King Jesus will be come back for the saved… however until that point I will keep the Good fight. God Bless y’all all and your family’s pray hard

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