Damning Evidence of Blatant Voter Fraud: Now Twitter Has Suspended the Person Who Provided the Evidence – No Surprise Here!

A friend sent me an email with this attached. The evidence is so clear- so “In your face” – President Trump should give this to his attorneys. Hopefully he has.

From the Cloverchronicle.com

Click below to see all Videos:

Video Collection 2020 Voter Fraud – The Clover Chronicle

Twitter user @anon_fa_mous recently put together an excellent compilation of videos and other evidence showing the blatant fraud that has occurred during the 2020 election cycle.

All videos, pictures and captions were taken from their account. Follow them here.

OH, BUT WAIT!!! See what it says on their twitter account:

ACCOUNT SUSPENDED?? Oh………what a shock, huh?

Brethren, it’s going to be a long winter………

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


4 thoughts on “Damning Evidence of Blatant Voter Fraud: Now Twitter Has Suspended the Person Who Provided the Evidence – No Surprise Here!

  1. Thats about the size of it I keep putting this up just to let them know we have proof. https://twitter.com/RogerCulwell/status/1324475952953462784?s=20 Biden saying he and O. created the best voter fraud ever, they keep fighting but I go to another Laptop and sneak in another one ever once and a while, got one through a little bit ago, they are a little scared of me because I gave Mr. Z. of fb a word 2 days before he lost 17 billion dollars, that he was trying to stop God and every soul that he stopped from hearing the word would scream from hell, and there blood would be on his hands, and this will cost you, and 2 days later he lost 17 billion dollars, he quit putting me in fb jail, but limited my post and when I go on there someone takes over my laptop but he don’t put me fb jail, and I seem to get by with more own Twitter than most its Gods hand on me but they have gotten braver since they think they have won, but they are doing more now. May God richly bless you Geri, they have really been attacking me today, couldn’t even hardly listen to my worship music for the ding of notif. and the church to telling me not to try and be freat just good, I am just trying to wake people us and save this nation, I am not trying to be great, GOD is the one who is great, I think people just want show them selves as something, I just want to show what God is. its not about me its about this nation and the people.

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