WHERE ARE ALL THE GUNS AND AMMO Purchased Under Obama For Government Agencies?

I have been pondering this for the last couple of weeks. Do you remember this? Many of us were alarmed when Obama spent $Millions purchasing a massive number of hand guns, shot guns, M-16s and other fully automatic weapons and ammo for his government agencies.

It seemed like a “Fast and Furious” event for Obama’s government employees. The hypocrisy of it was glaring. The same president who grabbed every opportunity to have a photo-op or a well publicized meeting “on air” after a shooting event, to show the American people how “evil” guns really were; was buying them up for government agencies.

Well, it looks like Americanthinker.com has wondered about this too.

From americanthinker.com

During the last two years of the Obama administration, some unusual purchases were made.  Large quantities of ammunition were purchased, as were firearms, mostly for somewhat obscure agencies or agencies with no real need for such weaponry.  Estimates are that over 1 billion rounds of ammunition were ordered, which resulted in making ammunition scarce for the normal civilian market.

Also significant was Obama’s troublesome statement made during his campaign, as follows

We cannot continue to rely only on our military … we’ve got to have a civilian security force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.  We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.

What national security objectives?  Surely, he is not talking about arming the civilian population, as he wants to disarm us.  Why would he want such a “civilian security force”?  Could it be that he realized he couldn’t use the U.S. military to enforce his social dysfunction for multiple reasons?  One is the Posse Comitatus laws, and another was the simple fact that the military likely would refuse his orders.  Looking below, we can see he was arming agencies under his Executive Branch control.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service spent $4.77 million purchasing shotguns, 7.62mm caliber rifles, night-vision goggles, propane cannons, liquid explosives, pyro supplies, buckshot, LP gas cannons, drones, remote-control helicopters, thermal cameras, military waterproof thermal infrared scopes and more.

The SBA loaded up their arsenals with Glock pistols.  The Fish folks spent approximately $410,000 on their Glocks and rifles and modified their Glocks with silencers.

The Department of Health and Human Services was outfitted with sophisticated weaponry normally carried by Special Forces, stored at an undisclosed location.

Others include:

  • Department of Energy: approximately $50,000 worth of M-16 fully automatic rifles
  • General Services Administration: approximately $16,000 in shotguns and Glocks
  • Bureau of Reclamations: approximately $697,000 for firearms and ammunition
  • EPA: almost $70,000 for ammunition
  • Smithsonian: approximately $42,500 for ammunition
  • Social Security: approximately $61,000 for ammunition
  • $426,268 on hollow-point bullets, including orders from the Forest Service, National Park Service, Office of Inspector General, Bureau of Fiscal Service, as well as Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The latter three, sure, but the Forest Service, National Park Service, and Inspector General’s Office?
  • Bureau of Engraving and printing: approximately $100,000 on firearms
  • U.S. Mint: almost $180,000 for ammunition
  • Bureau of Fiscal Services: approximately $672,000 on ammunition and firearms
  • Department of Agriculture: $1.1 million for weapons and ammunition

We are now seeing anarchist groups like Antifa, BLM, and others carrying nice weaponry.  Just look at a recent photo of a CHAZ resident with his tricked-out AR-15 or M-16.

There are now several left-wing gun clubs such as the Socialist Rifle Association, Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club, and the John Brown Gun Club, with the last one often asked to provide security around the Seattle area for protests and rallies.

We now know that Obama and Holder set up selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels in what is known as Fast and Furious.

Perhaps it is high time that the president orders a detailed inventory and audit of these weapons and ammunition.  If anything is missing, where is it?  Also, has any of these weapons been used in any known crimes?

Most have probably forgotten about Obama’s aforementioned statement and his subsequent unusual purchases for odd agencies, but maybe we had better wake up and take a look around before it is too late. source

Here is a piece I read today which sent cold chills down my spine in light of the Obama gun and ammunition purchases Obama made for government workers:

From allnewspipeline.com

Americans Better Get Prepared For Rebellion And Revolution Coming From Our Own Government! Government Employees Plotting ‘Mob Rule’ Is A Call To Arms For ‘Everyday Americans’

We have heard and reported about the plans of certain Antifa anarchist groups planning to be “in the streets” before the polls even close on election day, planning protests and riots, no matter who wins the election, but planning to burning the nation down if President Trump is positioned to win.

What many have speculated on, but could not prove… until now, is that these groups include federal employees that recently conducted a Zoom call, are part of these anarchist groups.

The proof comes by way of a leaked Zoom chat, and a number of documents that have been exposed by a disenfranchized member of the “Sunrise Movement,” which is a “coordinated network of liberal activists mobilizing around the country in an effort to foment chaos in the wake of a potential Trump victory or a contested election.”

H/T CD Media, which provides the following quotes, before we go through the leaked video and document contents,  where federal employees discuss how bureaucrats can disrupt government functions to the point where they can shut it all down. 

• Whoever’s got the guns can win – let’s take over the buildings!  We are going to be in a crisis but we want it to be one that we are creating.  We want to make sure that we are on the offense and not the defense.  We want them to be responding to us and not us responding to them.   – Lisa Fithian, Trainer

• The information was leaked by a disaffected insider of the “Sunrise Movement,” part of a loose but extremely coordinated network of liberal activists mobilizing around the country in an effort to foment chaos in the wake of a potential Trump victory or a contested election.

• The videos and documents discuss a well-coordinated plan to shut down federal buildings (including the White House), public transportation portals, and disrupt Congress when it returns post-election.  Sunrise is an umbrella movement comprised of 400 “hubs” and hundreds of affinity groups including 350.0rg and Extinction Rebellion.

Read rest of article HERE

Brethren, whatever the plans of Deep State, NWO, Soros and any other subversive groups or individuals, GOD has the last word!

We MUST trust Him and look to Him for protection.

“Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart”

(Psalm 37:1-4)

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


4 thoughts on “WHERE ARE ALL THE GUNS AND AMMO Purchased Under Obama For Government Agencies?

  1. praying now no innocent lives be lost, but that they turn on themselves in their own camp, I know they have a takeover planned the Lord showed me, not slept much in days, praying God steps in, and takes care of it. they have to much to lose to not try something, and they have tried so hard with this virus, so it will take the hand of God to win and protect us, but we might want to arm even ourselves. Be save Geri and may God richly bless you

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  3. Ed Merkel

    You’re raised important points here, Geri. Some of the ammo contracts were multi-year contracts to deliver the total number of cartridges ordered. At one point I actually did a calculation of exactly how many boxcars would be needed to deliver all of the ammo they’d ordered, and it was a substantial number. And like you wrote, nobody has revisited the issue. There are Federal Agencies, EPA, Bureau of Land Management, that are actual law enforcement agencies, and are better armed that half the soldiers we send into combat. And they answer to no one.

    That said, probably 70% of the estimated 350 million firearms are in conservative hands. In addition, they hold a billion rounds of ammo, if not more. But what they lack is coordination. Which is the Left’s specialty.

    At some point we’ll need a website that can keep track of, and monitor, these many hard-left groups, like Sunrise Movement. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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