10 thoughts on “The WARNING from FB

  1. hesmylife

    Obviously, FB doesn’t want you to tell the absolute truth. FB doesn’t want the doctors to tell the
    absolute truth either. However, people with discernment know we are being lied to. May God equip us to be overcomers in these last days. Please, all brothers and sisters in Christ pray
    for one another that we will stand fast in the Word, live in His truth, and know that we are citizens of His Kingdom and not of this world. Come Lord Jesus!

    the meantime let all believers pray for one another

    1. Your words mirror my feelings today. I have been in much prayer, asking our Lord to protect us in this storm and that we will draw strength from Him. I’ve also thought about how important it is right now for the body of Christ to be in prayer for one another. Thank you so much for your comments. God bless you……..

  2. Dorothy Addington

    This has motivated me to sign up to Parler finally. Are you on any of their posts?

    1. I’m signed up for Parler.com. I just need to motivate myself to go on there and begin to engage with others. Facebook is a type of addiction…….

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