Remember the Salem Witch Trials? See What Salem MA is Like Today

Recently, I wrote an article about the Satanic Temple in Salem, MA offering scholarships to students:

SATANIC TEMPLE Offers Scholarships to High School Grads   <click here to read

The following day, I received an email from a reader. She told me that she and her husband live quite close to Salem, MA. She began to tell me about rituals and bizarre events which take place in Salem, MA.

The events and traditions the reader told me about were very evil and scary, so I asked her if she could send me some links about these events. I told her that I was interested in writing an article about this.

Most of us remember learning in school about the Salem Witch Hunt and Trials. I had no idea about what goes on in this day and age at the historic location.

In 1675, Jonathan Corwin, heir to one of the largest Puritan fortunes in New  England, purchased this large and stately house.  Seventeen years later, Corwin and his family would take part in the most famous Witch Hunt in American History.

The Jonathan Corwin House in Salem, Massachusetts, USA, known as The Witch House, was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin (1640–1718) and is the only structure you can visit in Salem with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.


Halloween is the special time of year when the shades of the dead whisper from forgotten places and spirits walk among us. The Witches of Salem honor this time with Festival of the Dead, an annual event series that explores death’s macabre customs, heretical histories, and strange rituals. Presented by Salem Warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain hosted by the foremost authorities on the spirit world, Festival of the Dead beckons guests to step through the veil into a realm where spirits await.

Festival of the Dead explores death’s mysteries through events that investigate the favored and forbidden ways in which people have honored, celebrated, and secretly delved into life’s inevitable destination. Events for 2020 include:

Defying the boundaries of religion, culture, and continent, death captivates our imaginations and ensnares our minds, beckoning us to journey to destinations beyond the tattered shroud of mortality. 

If any readers still think that Halloween is a safe and acceptable holiday for Christians – think again!

From the

Salem’s Gigi Gill: A Gracious Giver to the North Shore Community & New England


An excerpt from the website:

Not every town can say they have their own official drag queen, but in Salem, Massachusetts, Duchess Gigi Gill holds that title proudly.

Since 2011, Gigi has been doing work to increase the inclusion of LGBTQ people in their respective North Shore communities. Gigi worked with Salem’s Mayor Kim Driscoll and other town figures to start up the recognition of World AIDS Day, get their own pride parade, and put Pride stickers on businesses that can be safe zones to LGBTQ people. From there, Gigi has also raised Pride flags outside the town halls in Peabody, Danvers, Salem, Beverly, and Gloucester, and has put on meals for elderly LGBTQ people such as her award- winning Over the Rainbow Dinner Club. source

Brethren, does it surprise you that Salem has it’s own official drag queen?  It shouldn’t.  Witchcraft and the LGBTQ movement are closely related. 



The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense, oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. The Satanic Temple has publicly confronted hate groups, fought for the abolition of corporal punishment in public schools, applied for equal representation when religious installations are placed on public property…

Brethren, it is quite obvious that these people are well organized and a large part of their mission is to reach children and recruit them for Satan.  This sickens me.

In only six years, The Satanic Temple has become the primary religious Satanic organization in the world, with chapters internationally, and a number of high-profile public campaigns designed to preserve and advance secularism and individual liberties. The rise of The Satanic Temple has been met with an increase in commentary regarding what Satanism is as media outlets struggle to grasp how this upstart religion has begun to shift religious liberty debates with mere claims of equal access.

With unfortunate regularity, The Satanic Temple is confused with an earlier organization, the Church of Satan, founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in the 1960s, to the apparent chagrin of both. The Church of Satan expresses vehement opposition to the campaigns and activities of The Satanic Temple, asserting themselves as the only “true” arbiters of Satanism, while The Satanic Temple dismisses the Church of Satan as irrelevant and inactive.


The Satanic Temple Compares Itself to the Church of Satan

Sounds like a turf war, doesn’t it?  Like they are trying to show the world that they are more evil and more devoted to Satan than the church of Satan. 

Also, it is interesting to see that both the church of satan and the satanic temple do not believe in an actual “satan.” Maybe that is because if they did, they would also have to acknowledge God!

Think about the witch hunts hundreds of years ago; they actually burned them at the stake. And today it is a tourist attraction for people to not just ‘see’ but to partake in their evil. 

Since we know that we are in the end of the end days – this should not shock us. Satan wants to take as many to hell with him as he can.

Brethren, I must say that writing this article has left me feeling very sad.  People have no idea what awaits them if they reject Christ and embrace evil. Some people reject Christ, yet do not involve themselves in Satanic evil.  No matter, if anyone dies without Christ, they are lost forever and will spend eternity in hell.

Those whose eyes are blinded to Truth will one day stand before the Great White Throne of Judgment. And from there they will be thrown into hell.

Pray for the unsaved in your lives. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness. You may be the only one who ever shares Christ with a particular person in your life. Think about that………

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua