Violence Sweeps U.S. as ‘Systemic Liberalism’ Handcuffs Police: Marxist BLM Cries “This is the Revolution – Change is Coming!”

As I read the news, my emotions vacillate. I am saddened, then angered and then back and forth again. I know that we should be praying for those who are responsible for lawlessness and carnage. I am trying very hard to pray.

But most of my prayers have gone up for the families of the victims, who have been murdered by the Marxist terrorists.

Our inner cities have literally become war zones since riots, looting and violence swept our country after the death of George Floyd. Calls for the defunding of police nationally were demanded by BLM and ANTIFA.

NYC has cut the funding of their police department by $1 billion.  Plain clothes police officers have been eliminated.

The Marxists took over a six block area of Seattle and Anarchy reigned there until so many shootings and deaths prompted the liberal mayor to finally take back this lawless area so that police could enter and bring law and order back.  This area had been named ‘CHOP.’

Now, violence and death have become commonplace in myriad of inner cities, and the very sad truth is that this is exactly what BLM and ANTIFA desire.  


Gunfire and carnage are sweeping across America’s streets.

At least six children ages 6 to 14 died in a spate of shootings over the past five days, as the level of gun violence and murder surpassed the deadly total at the same time last year.

Chicago reported 87 shootings and 17 fatalities from Thursday evening through Sunday night. At least 13 of the shooting victims were under 14 years old.

New York suffered 44 shootings and 11 deaths from gun violence from Friday through Sunday.

Philadelphia reported 31 shootings and seven deaths from gun violence.

Atlanta reported 23 shootings and the death of an 8-year-old girl, who was killed while riding in a car with her mother when they passed an illegal roadblock by a mob of protesters.

Law enforcement professionals say the eruption of violence is a perfect storm of animosity toward the police and liberal criminal justice reform policies that have put violent offenders back on the streets and hamstrung police departments.

The police departments insist they have not ordered officers to stand down in the face of racial justice protests. But police, whether by order or for fear of prosecution for use of force, appeared to take a hands-off approach amid the growing violence.

In Baltimore, police did not intervene when a mob on Saturday toppled a prominent statue of Christopher Columbus and tossed it into the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison on Monday said officers held back because “it was tactically unsafe.”

“As the Baltimore Police Department was responding to several life and death incidents across the city, a small number of officers were assigned to assist with peaceful protests taking place in the downtown area,” he said in a statement. “As the number of protesters grew, it was tactically unsafe for those few officers to position themselves between the protesters and the Christopher Columbus Statue in an attempt to prevent vandalism and destruction.”

Dean Esserman, senior counsel for the National Police Foundation, said police are not engaging lawbreakers because of confusion about their role amid calls to overhaul policing.

“I don’t hear that police are standing down, but they are not getting orders and hesitant to act on their own, which is a natural reaction to what is going on these days,” he said.

Baltimore’s life and death incidents over the holiday weekend included at least a dozen shootings that resulted in one death.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry blames the unchecked violence on Democratic leaders who dominate nearly every large city in the U.S., which also are ground zero for the onslaught of killings.

“Not all of America is dangerous right now. If you go out and look at smaller cities where there is rule of law and holding people accountable, they are safe,” Mr. Landry, a Republican, told The Washington Times. “Big cities with large populations are dangerous right now because of systemic liberalism.”

New bail policies implemented in Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia have resulted in hundreds of individuals arrested on low-level crimes almost immediately returning to the streets. Once free, those criminals have become more brazen, experts said.

“There are some in this country who believe no one should be held behind bars absent an actual conviction because of the presumption of innocence. And that mindset is starting to permeate a lot of jurisdictions where people who have a history of being violent and dangerous are being arrested again on murder or attempted murder charges,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

Changes to bail laws have been instituted in each of the cities that were wracked with violence over the weekend.

New York state lawmakers last year reduced the number of crimes for which offenders could be held on bail, which eliminated bail for 90% of the state’s arrests.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced last year his office will no longer seek bail for offenses that account for 61% of all cases in the city’s criminal justice system.

Experts say enforcing low-level offenses can prevent more serious crimes, a theory known as “Broken Windows” policing. The Broken Windows policy was credited with lowering New York city’s crime rate in the late 1990s.

Critics have charged the practice has resulted in aggressive over-policing of minorities and overburdens the criminal justice system with small, quality of life crimes.

Mr. Landry, however, counters that the success of the Broken Windows theory speaks for itself.

The spike in violence doesn’t surprise law enforcement, Mr. Acevedo said, noting officers have been tracking the increase in violent crime since the bail changes were implemented. He says murders in his town are up 34% through this year.

And Houston isn’t the only city where the murder rate is rising. Philadelphia is on pace to have its highest murder rate since 2007, and New York’s 2020 murder rate through June is 25% higher than it was during the same period last year, according to statistics from both police departments.

“We’ve been sounding the alarm for probably two years now, but people don’t seem to be paying attention,” he said. “The country has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic and no one was paying attention and, in the meantime, we are losing Americans to gun violence and violent crime.”

Many of the Democrat-led cities are pushing on plans to slash funding for police departments amid ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died in the custody of four White police officers in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

“I think police are demoralized,” said Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. “Protesters are throwing rocks and stones at them, politicians are undercutting their ability to do their jobs.”

Mr. Acevedo said complaints about community violence from the same politicians decrying the police with broad accusations of brutality creates a double-edged sword for officers.

“You can’t complain about police brutality on one hand and on the other hand complain about more people being shot in a neighborhood in one weekend than all the use of excessive force complaints combined,” Mr. Acevedo said. “They had something like 80 shootings in Chicago this weekend. I don’t think they’ve had 60 officer-involved shootings in Chicago this year.”

Last year, 76 people were fatally shot by the Chicago Police Department, according to the most recent statistics from Mapping Police Violence, a group that tracks police shootings across the country.

“If people are unwilling to throw their mayors out of office and get rid of city councilmen who want to defund the police, there is absolutely nothing you can do,” Mr. Landry said. “There is no magic bullet. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just have to enforce the law.”

Ultimately, he said, the violence will end when those communities get fed up.

“There is going to be a tipping point,” Mr. Landry said. “Violent crime doesn’t affect one victim, it affects multiple victims. If your brother gets shot and killed, your parents become the victim. You become the victim. Violent crime has the potential to create exponential victims every time it rises.”

Mr. Carr was more optimistic.

“I am hopeful the temperature can be turned down,” he said. “We have to uphold the law. If people know laws are being enforced and those engaged in lawlessness are held accountable, they will feel comfortable.” source

Once again I am inserting this video as proof of the ideologies of BLM being Marxist. This is a co-founder of BLM and she speaks for other leaders of the organization as well:

This is more than a bit disconcerting. With the 2020 presidential election not too far off, one can’t help but be a bit anxious about BLM and ANTIFA terrorists making known their presence to voters at the polls in order to intimidate.


BLM’s Violence & the Death of America’s Cities

The corpses are already piling up.

The police-hating rhetoric of the openly and proudly Marxist “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement is doing exactly what it did five years ago – creating a massive increase in violent crime and homicide throughout urban America. You may recall that back in 2015-16, BLM’s anti-police protests and riots – particularly in the aftermath of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri – intimidated officers nationwide into becoming much less proactive in dealing with criminal suspects. A Pew Research Center report titled “Behind the Badge” – which tabulated the results of a questionnaire that was sent to thousands of officers – confirmed that 85 to 95 percent of law-enforcement officers in large police departments became highly reluctant to engage criminals except where absolutely necessary.

The consequences of the new timidity of law-enforcement were monumental:

  • In 2015, America’s 56 largest cities experienced a 17% rise in homicides.
  • Twelve cities with large black populations saw their murder totals spike even more dramatically – e.g., by 54% in D.C., 60% in Newark, 72% in Milwaukee, 83% in Nashville, and 90% in Cleveland.
  • Robberies surged in America’s 81 largest cities during the 12 months that followed the shooting of Michael Brown.
  • During the first quarter of 2016, homicides in America’s 63 largest cities increased by 9%, while nonfatal shootings were up 21%.

And today, as a result of the anti-police riots and denunciations that have swept the country since the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis – eruptions led in large measure by the Marxists and anarchists of BLM – we are already seeing the same trends all over again.

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As you watch this video taken directly from the BLM website, make no mistake that what these people are marching for and demanding is  that our American Democratic Republic will be overthrown, and a Marxist/Communist government be put in its place.  

This means that Trump must be gone. They loathe him and patriotism of any kind in America.

Please do make time to watch this interview with my favorite author and writer, Thomas Sowell. He is the voice of reason to the black community. My husband and I love Dr. Sowell and have sent this video out to numerous people. Please share!

Brethren, need I even say how vitally important it is for us to pray? God is allowing all that we see transpiring in the U.S.  This has to mean that all of this is part of His plan.

But we still should be praying for the lost and sharing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many are frightened and may be so open to hearing a message of Hope.  

That is the Gospel.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua