LT. COL. ALLEN WEST: “Stand Up For the Rule of Law and Not Be Forced into Surrender to the Rule of the Mob”

I have always loved and admired Lt. Col. Allen West.

My husband and I met him at a Rolling Thunder event in D.C. in 2011. We had been hoping and praying that Allen West might consider running against Obama in 2012. 

I had formed a group on FB called “Pray for Lt. Col Allen West.” I told him when we met him that day about the group, and also told him that we hoped that he would consider a run against Obama. 

He thanked me for making that group. He said that he was in prayer every day about running, but he had to hear from God. He eventually decided against running, but he has remained a courageous Constitutional Conservative to this day. 

Listen to his words about ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in this short video:

Transcript of Col. West’s video:

“Hey greetings everyone, Lieutenant
Colonel Allen West senior fellow at the
Media Research Center. I just got to ask
what is going on in the United States of
America right now?
In the 59 years of my life I would have never thought that I
would see what is happening in America where we have these anarchist groups, where we have these Marxist groups that are running around rampant all over the United States of America ripping down our monuments ripping down our memorials and basically undermining our constitutional republic and yet we sit
paralyzed not doing anything about it.
No one is standing up and discussing the absolute absurdity of what is happening in the United States of America.
And think about it – we have these two organizations one of them ANTIFA  which has been designated as a domestic terrorist organization you know what that means -that means that every single person that is donating money to ANTIFA; now you are
in violation of US statute and code.  
You are providing material support and comfort to an enemy you are aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.
SO, why is it that we are not cutting off the resourcing why are we not freezing the accounts of people that are providing resource support to ANTIFA?
When I look at this autonomous zone that has been set up in Seattle Washington all of a sudden these young people are coming up with weapons and ammunition and things of this nature.
Well let me tell you something I just recently finally got the clearance for a tax stamp for my 1945 a45 Thompson short-barrel rifle it took me almost ten months.
Now I’m a law-abiding legal gun owning American citizen I’m a former member of United States House of Representatives;  a 22
year veteran of the United States military retired lieutenant colonel
and it took me almost ten months to get a weapon that I legally purchased.
How are these weapons showing up in the hands of these young anarchists in Seattle and where is the ATF?
See I remember back some time ago when the tea party, a constitutional conservative grassroots movement arose and yet the power of the federal government was unleashed against them.
The IRS and other agencies they were beaten down everyday Americans had their privacy invaded their lives assailed but
yet we can’t do anything against a designated domestic terrorist
organization and now we see what is happening in our nation’s capitol where they now have gone to federal land and attacking another monument to one of the presidents of the United States of America and we’re just sitting around idly doing nothing about it?
And I’m tired of this black lives matter organization they don’t care about black lives. They have admitted that they are a trained Marxist organization and that’s who they are.
And when you think about Marxism it is a philosophy that is the
antithesis of who we are in this constitutional republic these United
States of America.
I understand freedom of speech I understand freedom of
expression I understand people having he right to be able to believe inwhatever political ideology they wish, but when you are seeking wholeheartedly to undermine our nation that’s called sedition and we need to deal with that appropriately.
And when you consider the corporations and businesses over four
hundred and sixty million dollars that have flowed into the coffers of black lives matter those funds need to be seized because black lives matter is nothing but a lighter version of ANTIFA – it is also a domestic terrorist organization.
Now why is it that so few people are standing up and saying these
very simple true facts why is it that we’re so afraid of standing up to these organizations why is it that we’re gonna sit around and allow this what we see happening in America to happen on our watch?
This has to end President Trump.
This is a leadership moment this is not about worrying with the New York Times or Washington Post or any of the other leftist media outlets are going to say.
Because we here at the media Research Center – we track what the leftist media does and we know their hypocrisy, but it is time forus to stand up stand up for the rule of law and not be forced to surrender to the rule of the mob.
Because that’s really what is happening.
If you want to compare what is going on in the United States of America to any other period in history that we can pretty much so
recall right now this is the mid 1930s in Germany these groups are no different from the SA the brown shirts that used to roam the streets.
What we see happening in America is no different from Kristallnacht that was going on there and when you consider how they are
trying to undermine our judeo-christian faith heritage and all of the traditions and the principles and the foundations upon which this nation was established; this is an ideological civil war this is a cultural battle that we’re in and we cannot afford to lose this.
 I’m out here in El Paso Texas and I met a couple last night from Poland and they came up to me and they said Colonel we came here because we believed in America and all that it stood for how is
it that America is going in the opposite direction?
It’s time for us to turn into the wind it’s time for us to face this
challenge it’s time for us to shut down these anarchist and Marxist groups that we see roaming across our great nation.
It’s time for us to find our courage our conviction our commitment and our character.
Let me close by saying this:
 On 31 July 1982 I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic – to bear true faith and allegiance to the
same I took that obligation freely without any purpose of evasion of mental reservation so help me God that oath has no statute of limitations.
And to black lives matter, you’re my enemy because you seek
to destroy that which I love and that which I took an oath to support and defend.
FIGHT’S ON AND I’M READY”  ~Lt. Col. Allen West
What more can I say, brethren?  Lt. Col. West said it all.



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  1. I am a Canadian — and I spent some time praying today (June 27th) that no innocent lives would be lost in the States on July 4th. This was a ‘weird prayer’ for me — obviously I don’t have any inside knowledge on anybody’s plans for the 4th and I don’t even usually pray for the States. (Canada in many ways needs more prayer than the USA).
    Its so good to read the truth about who is behind Black Lives Matter. (I almost got into an argumetn at work with someone when I told her I couldn’t support #BLM. but knew black lives mattered, as I have many black acquaintances. i was a children’s pastor at a church that was 95 per cent black for several years. I only typed this to you because I know you are in prayer for your nation.

  2. Feel free to delete the above comment if you want to. Part of me feels I should not have made it, even though it is what happened . . .

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