Trump Derangement Syndrome, Our Family Members and the Toxic Leftist Media

Today I was told by someone in my family, that if I continued to support Donald Trump, then I should NOT call myself a Christian. 

Of course, this person is duped by the evil one and he only watches CNN and MSNBC to gather his news for the day.  I liken this to being thirsty and grabbing a bottle of arsenic to quench your thirst.  

Leftists news commentators are Toxic!

The person who said this to me is probably reading this. He goes to my WordPress to read my articles which put him in a rage.  If you are reading this, please know that I love you dearly, but I love the Lord Jesus Christ more and I AM a Christian, regardless of what you say.

You are drinking from a contaminated well. Each day, when you tune into CNN and the other Communist news outlets, you are being indoctrinated with LIES from the pit of hell. I am praying for you to come back to your First Love. You do NOT want to be here when the time of Tribulation hits the earth.  

If you are here at that time, I pray that you will remember all that you read from the Word of God when you were young. I pray that you will see that everything that is happening in our world today aligns perfectly with the Word of God.

If you are here during the Tribulation, I pray that when you see the man of sin, Antichrist, at the helm of a group of nations, you will be given discernment from God to see the so-called “man of peace” for who he truly is.

I pray that the blinders will fall from your eyes as you realize that God is Real and True. If you choose to worship this beast, and take his mark, then you will lose your soul and your “eternity” will be in hell with Satan and his demons and all those who have rejected Christ.

I pray that if you turn back to the Lord during Tribulation, that God will give you strength and courage. Antichrist will hunt you down with one purpose – to decapitate you as a follower of Jesus Christ.  But being martyred for Christ will see you through to heaven, and you will stand with all of those “Tribulation saints” who cared not for their physical bodies, but cared for Truth. The Truth is Christ:

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

I am praying that you repent and return to Jesus before the Tribulation time. If you do that, you will be gathered away from this wicked earth with all other believers, and will never be separated from our Lord again.

Donald Trump

He is a flawed man just like all people.  Are you not flawed? I know that I am. But when we are born again, God sees His Son Jesus when He looks at us.

Trump is doing the best that he knows how during this tumultuous time.  ANTIFA is a terrorist organization, funded by George Soros. THIS is a fact, not conjecture. Soros is the personification of evil. He follows the devil.

The Death of George Floyd

I wept when I saw the video of the murder of this man. He was a good man and helped his community. The officer who did this should be charged with First Degree Murder.  And the others who looked on as the life left Mr. Floyd should be incarcerated for life.

When President Trump spoke of “Dominating the streets” he meant a strong military and police force presence. I agree with him 100%. We are a Nation of laws. It is not okay for people to destroy property and loot stores. 

It is NOT okay for these same people to shoot police officers! 

I believe that in order to become a police officer, that stringent tests and background checks need t0 be made. I believe that anyone who wants to be a police officer should have their social media presence scrutinized.  There are many things which need to be done.

But allowing ANTIFA to destroy our cities and shoot police officers is NOT OKAY.

So, again I tell you that I love you.But I am praying for the Lord to bring you back to Him.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



13 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome, Our Family Members and the Toxic Leftist Media

    1. sandraddee

      So heartfelt, Geri. I am praying for you and your family. Keep praying. He hears you.

  1. Sharon

    Geri, that is the exact story I am dealing with…my son is in Seattle, took me off his friends list so he wouldn’t see my posts out on the news feed, and is appalled at my world view that he doesn’t share. He hates our President with a passion, and he was going to try and help get Bernie Sanders in the WH, and he also works at MicroSoft, so that makes Bill Gates his boss…. I’m ashamed to say we did not make him go to Church but a few times growing up, so it was easy for the schools and colleges to turn him against the U.S.A. and Capitalism, etc. They taught him every single mistake our country ever made, tho.

    Someone else will probably have a hand in making both our sons listen with their hearts, as it seems impossible that they will listen if it is Mom or Dad speaking. But, then God comes through many times in the impossible.

    I pray for your sense of Peace and stability as times get rough in our personal lives, as well as the world going nuts around us. Just keeping my eyes on Jesus here, and glad that my husband has finally come around to wanting to learn more about the Bible and studies with me with Chuck Missler, ( great for the scientific mind ), and also watches David Jeremiah with me, and J.D. Farag. So, God is working , and I pray your son will soon open his eyes and ears, also.

    Geri, I pray for you and Tim, too. You have no idea how much your f/b friendship has meant to me in times of wanting to give up ….so, just know that I appreciate you.

    Sharon Mart, Halifax, Pa.

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  2. bettypetraitis

    Dear Sister IN CHRIST,

    My heart is grieving with yours. I have two sons and many family members that believe as your son does.

    Geri, you use the talents GOD has given you so very well. I have been blessed and educated by you many times. I thank you so very much!

    When we are HOME with our SAVIOR I look forward to finally meeting you!

    Love IN HIM, Betty

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  3. LWolfe

    Arguments with nonbelieving family can be quite disheartening, though God could still help them see the truth…especially in this difficult time. However, I am suspicious of Trump. He flashes the 666 hand sign more than anyone I’ve seen.

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