Anthony Fauci Has a ‘Mad Scientist’ Vision to Track and Surveil American Citizens

People like Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and George Soros have at least one thing in common:  The need for control.

I’m not talking about the control that a father has in his family. No – this control is more “Hitleresque.”  It’s dangerous and these people are mentally deranged.

I’ve often called Bill Gates a Mad Scientist, so when I saw the title of this piece in The Washington Times; it immediately caught my attention.  I thought to myself “That writer gets it!”


Anthony Fauci, the medical expert who has President Donald Trump’s ear on coronavirus, wants to implement a “contact tracing” program in America that will in effect set the stage for government to surveil its citizens.

Only he describes it in such a kindly caring gentlemanly manner that it’s not supposed to be noticed as intrusive and unAmerican and unconstitutional.

“The keys,” Fauci recently said, of opening America to business and activity and travel, Business Insider reported, “are to make sure that we have in place the things that were not in place in January, that we have the capability of mobilizing identification — testing — identification, isolation, contact tracing. There will be cases [of coronavirus]. We’ve got to be able to act on them in a very deliberate way that doesn’t allow us to get into the situation we find ourselves right now.”

Contact tracing?

What he’s calling for there is the use of technology to tell who’s been vaccinated against coronavirus, who’s not, and how, where and when those two groups of people cross paths.

He’s calling for government health officials to have the technological power to track citizens in the United States.

Like in South Korea. source

Our son lives and works in South Korea.  He has been telling me how fantastic it is that the government has such high tech surveillance equipment and software. He’s been in Korea for many years. 

Actually, it’s strange to me that he has no negative thoughts about a government tracking his every move; who he has been with and where he has gone.  

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, countries like China and South Korea have touted their surveillance capabilities as a way to track the virus. But don’t let them fool you. When the “Vaccine” finally comes out (and I’m sure that the Gates Foundation will have the patent) the powers that be will use the tracking capabilities to know who has received the Vaccine – who has contracted Covid-19 – and each person will even have a digital certificate to prove any and all questions the authorities may have.  


Brethren, do you see where this is going? Do you understand how all of this has been done systematically?  And also, do you see how Covid-19 was used and may be used in the future to justify the intrusive measures which will come to be commonplace.

But should we as Americans view this as commonplace, or should we see this for what it is – a stripping away of our liberties and freedom. Is this what fear has done to the typical American citizen?


This Communist giant not only has the most sophisticated tracking system, but they have gone a step further with their surveillance of their people.  They have what is called a Social Credit program, in which they use facial recognition and many algorithms which alert the government of the behavior of its  citizens.

The more compliant the person is with the rules of the government; the more the person befriends others who are compliant and the more the person is responsible with their money – the higher the social credit score.

And conversely, the person whose data comes back to the government with “low” scores – well, there is a price to pay. Many who have low scores have limited mobility and buying power. This is “Big Brother” on Steroids.


If America as a whole consents to the vaccine and to the surveillance – we may as well say that our First Amendment right has been taken away forever.  

Are we willing to give up the very First Amendment which our forefathers obviously felt was of utmost important to our Republic – because we fear a Virus?  

Think about that.

I will not get this vaccine and I don’t care what penalties I will pay for refusing it.  I may be incarcerated or worse.  But I will NOT lay down and allow the likes of Bill Gates and his ilk to force me into receiving their toxic vaccine.

And make no mistake about this: This surveillance and intrusive facial recognition and algorithms to track each of us, will be conveniently in place for Antichrist when he makes his appearance.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua