Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive for Covid-19

Credit...Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society, via Reuters

A tiger from the Bronx Zoo in NY has tested positive for Covid-19. Now we know that these tigers haven’t flown around the planet, and they certainly do not take the subway; so it is reasonable to assume that the tiger contracted Covid-19 from someone working at the zoo.


A Tiger Is Slightly Sick With the Coronavirus. Your Cats Are Probably OK.

Scientists are still trying to understand which animals may be susceptible to the new coronavirus. Much is unknown, but there’s no evidence so far that pets can spread the virus to people.

When a tiger tests positive for the novel coronavirus, the immediate question is: What about other cats?

Nadia, a 4-year-old Malayan tiger who had a dry cough and a slight loss of appetite, tested positive for the virus that has caused a human pandemic, the Bronx Zoo reported on Sunday.

She is doing well, according to Dr. Paul Calle, the Bronx Zoo’s chief veterinarian. So are three other tigers and three lions that show the same symptoms. And, he said, neither Nadia’s infection nor early scientific reports from China of infections among domestic cats should make cat owners fear for their pets, or fear that the cats may pass the virus to humans.

“None of them actually ever acted terribly sick,” Dr. Calle said on Monday of the zoo’s infected cats. But there are many respiratory ailments specific to cats, and the zoo anesthetized Nadia, took samples and sent them for testing to veterinary colleges at Cornell and the University of Illinois, and then to the National Veterinary Services Laboratory, for confirmation. The results came back positive.

The test is not the same as the one used for humans, Dr. Calle said, so testing the tiger did not interfere with human testing. “You cannot send human samples to the veterinary laboratory, and you cannot send animal tests to the human laboratories,” he said, “so there is no competition for testing between these very different situations.”

Dr. Calle noted that there had been several experiments in which domestic cats were inoculated with large amounts of the coronavirus, but “that does not replicate what is happening in people’s homes around the world.” The amount of virus the cats were given, directly into the nose, was quite high.

He added, “If cats were generally susceptible, there would have been lots of reports in the preceding months about that.”




US Firms Tried To Get Our OWN Medical Equipment Out of China – But Chinese Kept It All For Themselves

I wrote an article a couple of days ago, in which I called the Communist head of China, Jinping, an International Terrorist.

After I published it, I wrestled with the thought that perhaps I had gone over the line. After reading the piece from Western Journal today, I realized that everything I wrote in that article was the truth.


China should be on its knees expressing remorse for the virus that emanated from its shores and infected the entire world.

But that is not what they did. The Trump administration claims that, rather than groveling for forgiveness that they do not deserve, they hoarded personal protective equipment.

These are the things like N95 masks that American hospitals desperately need but which China stopped American companies with factories on its soil from exporting, the New York Post reported.

A senior White House official said the measures were part of a play by China to “corner the world market” on PPE.

Now the Trump administration is considering working “through the United Nations” or lodging a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights.

“In criminal law, compare this to the levels that we have for murder,” Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said.

“People are dying. When you have intentional, cold-blooded, premeditated action like you have with China, this would be considered first-degree murder.”

The White House was informed by executives from 3M and Honeywell that China had started blocking the export of booties, gloves, N95 respirators and other PPE in January.

Simultaneously, the regime imported nearly 2.5 billion pieces of “epidemic prevention and control materials” from Jan. 24 to Feb. 29.
“Data from China’s own customs agency points to an attempt to corner the world market in PPE like gloves, goggles, and masks through massive increased purchases — even as China, the world’s largest PPE manufacturer, was restricting exports,” the White House official said.

Faced with a shortage of masks, President Donald Trump used the Defense Production Act to force 3M to make N95 respirator masks for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

That had to be done because China was hoarding the supplies, according to U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission founding member Michael Wessell.

“We understand that China has engaged in policies to try and not only develop its own capabilities, but to do so at expense of producers around the world,” Wessell said.

“At a time when demand was rising to deal with the crisis, China was marshaling all of the products for its own use,” he added.

“Some of China’s actions are probably illegal, but to bring cases when you’re in the middle of the crisis does little good for the patients who are in the hospital on ventilators — and might not have been there had they had access to PPE.”

Wessell is correct, but the broader point to keep in mind is that this is the status quo when you deal with communists.

If you choose to manufacture in a communist nation, you should never believe that you have control of your product.

Communism has no room for the individual. Everything is done for the state.

It is time that these American companies take notice and consider bringing their manufacturing back home to create American jobs and protect our nation’s security.

Never again should the well-being of our citizens be at the mercy of a nation that is not our friend. source

Despicable, is it not?  But as the journalist said:

“Never again should the well-being of our citizens be at the mercy of a nation that is not our friend”

And Communist nations are NOT our friend. Just look what they do to our brethren!  

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua