This extremely important and very worthy cause (job) was offered to me. As a writer, I do not have the time to invest in this.  I did tell the gentleman who asked me that I would send out the request and pray that the Lord gets this to just the right person of His choosing.

This project which has been done by the brother in Christ from Florida for the last 8 years, has saved an untold number of baby’s lives.  You must understand that this is a labor of loveNOT a paid position.  (However, rewards in heaven will be substantial!)

Kenneth is available to explain and clarify things by phone or email.  He truly is a courageous brother in Christ.

Here is what he sent to me:


This is a project which should begin in October and end in November.  The project would require that you spend approximately 70 total hours on your work, find approximately 6 volunteers at your church, and coordinate their efforts at stuffing and sealing envelopes for approx 5 hours.  I also need you to raise $3,000 per year for this annual project starting NEXT year. (This could be accomplished by “gofundme.”)

I need you to find a replacement for yourself for following years if you decide not to participate in those years.

You will need organizational skills and you will need moderate proficiency in Word and Excel.

You can live anywhere.  You need access to Word and Excel.

I will help you with your work by phone and email.

Do not respond to this job listing by phone.  Respond by email at this address only:  LifeResearchInstitute2020@Gmail.com  

Job Description and Qualifications for Helper of  The Educate the Foundations Project

Person would

  • Access web site of Candid to get grant-giving data into a spreadsheet.  This is easy.
  • Access the same web site to get board members names.  This also is easy.
  • Produce the text of a report by editing a prior report.
  • Generate tables which would go with the report.
  • Divide the offending foundations according to what they gave their money for.  E.g., Planned Parenthood, promiscuity education, contraception for children, litigation, or general.
  • Use PowerFinder software or the Internet or to find home addresses of approximately 2,000 board members.
  • Generate a mailing list of these board members.
  • Hire a company to get the addresses onto envelopes.  Since stamped envelopes can be purchased, it won’t be necessary to put stamps on the envelopes.  Assume that the money to hire the company would be Kenneth E. Kogut’s money.
  • Hire a company to fold letters.  Again, not with one’s own money.
  • Presumably with the help of church volunteers, stuff and seal envelopes.  This would take 5 hours.
  • Create a step-by-step instruction guide, for use in following years, to do the above.
  • Raise money, or find someone who would, for next year’s work.  This will probably be approximately $3,000.  There is no need to raise money for 2019.
  • During the last year of his or her service, find replacement workers for the following years.

Job-holder qualifications

  • Person must be a Christian.
  • Person must be dedicated to saving unborn babies.
  • Person must be comfortable doing office work.
  • He/she must be able to use Excel and Word fairly well.
  • He/she must be committed to working approximately 70 hours in October and November, both months combined.  That is all the time is required except for preparing for the 2019 effort.
  • The helper would report to Kenneth E. Kogut during the first two years.  He is prepared to give excellent advice.  (The Educate the Foundations Project is to be annual).
  • All labor is to be unpaid.

Highlights of the Educate the Foundations Project

Purpose:  To educate board members of US “charitable” foundations which fund promiscuity education, contraception for children, and abortion.  Because of limitations of the source of the data, it isn’t possible to completely separate these three categories of giving from each other.

Source of data:  a non-profit called Candid.  Data is accessed by computer.

Magnitude of foundation giving:  The last time foundations were educated was for 2001 giving.  Poor health of the leader of the effort has prohibited him from educating again.  A summary of grants made during 2001 is:

Category    No.*of Foundations No. of Grants      Total $   $/Foundation $/Grant 
Pro-abortion foreign       45 570 197,915,000 4,398,000 347,000
Pro-abortion domestic     223 825 112,627,000 505,000 137,000
Pro-abortion total    231 1,395 310,542,000 1,344,000 223,000
Pro-life foreign    5 10 318,000 64,000 32,000
Pro-life domestic 52 70 2,775,000 53,000 40,000
Pro-life total    56 80 3,093,000 55,000 39,000

*Almost every foundation which gave for foreign use also gave for domestic use.  Therefore, the Pro-abortion total should not be 45 + 223, and the Pro-life total should not be 5 + 52.

Cost estimate for the education effort:  $2,850.  If educational material must be purchased, that cost will have to be added to the $2,850.

Project effectiveness: Based on the 2001 education work, that work stopped the funding of $27,000,000.  The dollars not granted divided by the current cost estimate is $9,474 (so only $1 would be spent to stop approximately each $10,000 of foundation giving), and we would spend 4 cents per baby saved.

Example of success in educating one particular foundation:  In 1993, The Josiah Macy Foundation (funded by Macy’s stores) gave $450,000 to Planned Parenthood to train doctors to become abortionists. After one LRI Project effort costing about $2, they gave nothing else toward abortion for eight years.  Then, perhaps because they had many new board members, they gave again, but gave only $15,000 toward abortion.

Administrative control:  In the past, administrative control was by Life Research Institute as operated by Kenneth E. Kogut.  Life Research Institute was a non-profit, but it no longer exists.  Kenneth E. Kogut will administer/supervise the next two education efforts, but he isn’t planning to accept donations either directly or through Life Research Institute.  Because of Kogut’s poor health, this project must be handed off to others.  Kogut’s limits right now will have to end with administering.

Frequency:  This Project is to be annual, and work can begin every October.

Labor Needed:  First, approximately 70 person-hours of intellectual-type labor are necessary (over three or four weeks).  Then, approximately 75 person-hours of folding paper and stuffing envelopes are necessary.  These 75 hours of folding, etc., could be done by other volunteers.

Thank you,

Kenneth E. Kogut

If you are interested, please pray about this. God will show you if He wants you to be involved in this life saving measure for babies across the globe.

Again, please answer Kenneth via email initially:   Liferesearchinstitute2020@gmail.com

He expects lots of questions. He will always be available to answer any of your questions!

In Yeshua,

Geri Ungurean




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