An Article Written by Satan With Commentary by a Child of God


As I read this article, I felt as if the devil himself was standing in front of me. Of course I didn’t see him, but he was in every word; in every innuendo – every arrogant and lofty thought, and every narcissistic accusation.

He was lying – Big Bold Lies – and I remembered that our Lord told us the he is the very “father of lies.”

And so he is.

We are living in a time in which truth is all relative.  They say there is no absolute truth.  But we know that is a lie. Absolute Truth is the Person of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”  (John 14:6).

We are the Remnant, brethren.  With each passing day, I feel this world pressing in against us. They mock us and they mock our Lord Jesus. Everyone has rights; the gays, the transgenders, the abortionists – but the Remnant is losing the rights upon  which this once great country was founded. 

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake” (Matthew 24:9).

Hated for His namesake.  I wear that as a badge of honor, don’t you?  The Love that sent our Jesus to that Cross for us – I can hardly take it in.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

As you read this article inspired by Satan, I will be commenting here and there. I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to speak truth in the midst of the lies. My comments will be indented.


American churches must reject literalism and admit we got it wrong on gay people

Churches will continue hemorrhaging members until we face the truth: Being a faithful Christian does not mean accepting everything the Bible teaches.

So, Satan yet again lying to the readers, telling them that the churches will continue “hemorrhaging members” until we face the truth – that truth being that it is time for Christians to reject literalism (believe that the bible is a fairytale) and that we got it wrong on gay people. The reason that churches are waning is simply the fact that there are far fewer True Christians (the Remnant)  than originally thought.

A sad thing is happening in America. The church is killing itself. A great revelation has occurred that is bringing joy and happiness to millions, but it is being met with resistance and retrenchment from many of my colleagues inside the church.

No, Satan, we are not killing ourselves; and this so-called joy and happiness of which you speak affecting millions is actually called SIN. We will continue to resist this ungodly behavior.  Our Bible is the inspired Word of our Holy God and we will treasure it and believe it to our final breath.

The revelation is that LGBTQ people are just like the rest of us — only LGBTQ. They are not perverts nor are they abnormal, as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental health experts once declared them to be. People don’t choose their sexual orientation any more than they choose their race or gender. This is what lay behind a recent comment by Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, that Vice President Mike Pence’s quarrel — if he has one — is not with the mayor. “Your quarrel, sir,” said the openly gay Democratic presidential candidate, “is with my creator.”

Oh Satan, you know that the lifestyle of the gay community is not normal, and we who belong to our Father must continue to speak truth to the gay community because we love them.  Love speaks truth. Our Creator does not create a gay child. That would go against His nature – Holy and Righteous. Men and women choose the sinful lifestyle.

The United Methodists, one of America’s most beloved denominations, are doubling down on their opposition to gay clergy and gay marriage by threatening expulsion to congregations that don’t toe the line. The threat is particularly ominous given that the denomination — rather than the local congregations that paid for them — hold title to the church buildings.

Conservative columnists like Patrick Buchanan warn of the “crackup” of Christianity.

Here’s the corner we have painted ourselves into. The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it. Yet, the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures did not float down from heaven perfect and without error. They were written by men, and those men made mistakes. A few of the more obvious ones include the sources of inspiration for the census taken during the reign of King David (II Samuel attributes it to God, while Chronicles  attributes it to Satan), the date of the crucifixion (John says it was on Passover, but Matthew, Mark and Luke say it was a day earlier) and the date of Abram’s pilgrimage from Mesopotamia to Canaan (Genesis says it was before the death of his father, Terah, but Acts says it was after).

Satan, the Word of our Holy Bible was written by men – BUT – these men were under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God.  The men merely penned the words which God spoke. So it IS without error.  No mistakes in the Word. It is perfect as our Lord is perfect. (I want the reader to understand that this article from was written by a retired Baptist minister.  I believe that he preached this heresy to his congregation week after week!)

Reason, experience contradict scripture

The most difficult challenges arise when the teachings of Scripture are contradicted by reason and experience. Slavery is the best — or perhaps worst — example. In hindsight, we can see the obvious. “Love your neighbor as yourself” does not leave room for the enslavement of others. But Southerners had Scripture on their side. Slaves were admonished to submit to their masters in the writings of both Peter and Paul. The Hebrew Scriptures likewise considered slavery as part of the divine order.

When Adam and Eve were sent from the Garden of Eden because they disobeyed  their Creator, SIN entered the world.  Satan, you know that the Garden was perfection – heavenly – until that day that you deceived Eve and Adam sinned willfully.  Was that your finest hour?  Truly pathetic.

Again, Satan, when sin entered this world,  it was no longer as our Lord God had intended. All He asked was for Adam and Eve to obey one command. You were determined to attempt to ruin what God had made.

A similar thing happened with women’s rights. While the Apostle Paul, again, exhorted women to submit to their husbands and keep silent in church, reason and experience taught otherwise. Despite Catholic and evangelical resistance, more and more of today’s churches are elevating women to positions of leadership and authority.

The Bible is clear that when Jesus came, He made sure that all people knew that men and women were equal in His eyes. But we have different roles. This is God’s perfect plan for the family. It was Eve who was deceived, not Adam for he sinned willfully.  God is omniscient – all knowing.  He knows what is best for his Creation.

We got it wrong on gays and lesbians

Churches will continue hemorrhaging members and money at an alarming rate until we muster the courage to face the truth: We got it wrong on gays and lesbians. This shouldn’t alarm or surprise us. We have learned some things that the ancients — including Moses and Paul — simply did not know. Not even Jesus, who was fully human and therefore limited to what first century humans knew, could know about cancer, schizophrenia, atomic energy and a million other things the centuries have taught us.

Once again you speak lies. It is all you know. We did not get it wrong on gays. Homosexuality is an abomination to God.   Leviticus 18:22 says:  “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.”  These are words from the Creator of the heavens and the earth!

It’s difficult to watch good people (and the churches are full of them) buy into the sincere but misguided notion that being a faithful Christian means accepting everything the Bible teaches. We don’t impose the death penalty on adulterers, Sabbath breakers and rebellious children. Nor do we chase women from God’s house because they are menstruating or exclude men because of their physical handicaps.

Yes, Satan, we DO believe everything in our Bible. You tried in every way to keep Jesus from going to that Cross. You did not want Him to take ALL SIN upon himself so that “whosever” believes would belong to Him and have eternal life.  You want to take as many souls with you to your final home – the lake of fire.  You keep referring to OT Scripture, but you know that when Jesus came, he brought the Covenant of GRACE.  Grace through faith.

“Who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”  (2 Corinthians: 3-6).

Yet all of this, and more, is commanded by the Bible. The time has come for Christians to take a deep breath and ask themselves, “What does loving my neighbor — and my enemy — as myself look like?” And then proceed accordingly.

Our God is Love, Holiness, Righteousness and Justice.  His Words to His own are clear, and we will never take that “deep breath” of which you speak, and twist our Father’s Words!  God’s Word never changes.  The Remnant will persevere to the end.

 We know Who wins and we will proceed accordingly!

Brethren, this article was actually written by a retired Baptist minister who now works for   I am quite sure that this man did not change his views on the Word of God for this news source.  I believe that he spent however many years pastoring a congregation, yet never believing what he was reading from the bible. How incredibly sad. And I’m quite sure that this man represents the greater majority of Pastors.  They are Hirelings.

Cling to God and His Holy Word!   I pray with you that it won’t be too much longer before we see our precious Savior and are NEVER separated from Him again!

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Shalom b’Yeshua