What Kind of Love is This?

Gasping for every breath

And bleeding from merciless


Yet with eyes of compassion

You asked Your Father

To forgive

What kind of Love is this?


In the Garden

In Your humanity

You asked Your Father

For the cup to pass You

But Your Deity cried out

For His will to be done

And not Your own


Where have Your faithful

Students gone?

In fear they have scattered

But You knew they would

Not understanding  the words

You spoke to them

They mourned for their Master


Your eyes searched the crowd

For the one You loved

And for Your mother

In Your agony speaking words

To both

To care for one another


As the ground shook

From Your Father’s


And darkness fell

Over the earth

You made

You gave up the Ghost

And the eyes of many mockers

Were opened

And knew who You were


And just as You said

The grave could not hold You

You appeared to those

Whom You taught

Forgiving their doubts

Restoring their Joy

And promising to empower them

You ascended back to heaven

From where You came


O Lord

We long for Your return

To take us to our real


Never to be apart

From You again


Please Help us Lord

To rest in You

And to do Your will

Until that Blessed day

When we see You

At last




















8 thoughts on “What Kind of Love is This?

  1. it’s called selfless agape love which gives without limit – He did tell us greater love has no man for another than he lay down his life for another.

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