A Conversation Between the Potter and the Clay

Potter:     I have made you for a purpose and fashioned you by my design

Clay:       Why do you have to be so exact?

Potter:    Trust Me when I say “I AM the Potter and you are the clay”

Clay:       But I’m not sure I like this. I’m not even sure who you are.

Potter:    I AM

Clay:      Well that makes no sense to me. You say I AM and I ask I AM what?

Potter:    I AM the Potter and you are the clay

Clay:      Why are you making me at all?

Potter:   I knew you before I set the foundations of the world

Clay:      You are making me now. How could you know me before?

Potter:   I AM the Potter and you are the clay

Clay:     What do you want from me?

Potter:   I created you to fellowship with Me and to Love Me

Clay:     But I have my own mind and aspirations. Why do I need you?

Potter:   Because I AM the Potter and you are the clay.

Clay:     Well, I think that you have fashioned me quite enough

Potter:   I know your whole life and I am smoothing out the rough edges

Clay:     Why are you doing that?

Potter:   Because I AM the potter, you are the clay: and I Love you

Clay:      Love me?  Why would you love me and why would you take the time to                    make me perfect?

Potter:    I am fashioning you in the image of Myself.  But I have also given you the ability to chose right from wrong.

Clay:      If you are fashioning me in your image but you know that I may choose what is wrong, why are you doing this?

Potter:    Because I AM

Clay:       There you go again with “I AM”  why do you speak in this cryptic manner?

Potter:     You would not understand any other words which describe Me. I had no beginning and I will have no end. Therefore, I AM.

Clay:      You want me to love you. Why should I love you?

Potter:    Because My love for you is so great. I gave up what is most precious to me – for you.

Clay:      What is precious to you and why did you give this up for me?

Potter:    My only Begotten Son was placed on a Cross and His blood was spilled for you.

Clay:      I didn’t ask you to do this. And why would you ask your son to do this?

Potter:    Because I AM

Clay:      That makes no sense to me

Potter:  I love you, but you will turn from me. That breaks my heart

Clay:     Why will I turn from you?

Potter:   Because you chose to go your own way. I want you to be reconciled to Me

Clay:     So you gave your son to die so that I could be with you? But why?

Potter:  Because I AM.  And because you can only be with me if you are Holy.

Clay:    Am I holy?

Potter:  If you admit that you are not holy, and that you need my Son – you will be Holy

Clay:    You really do love me, don’t you?

Potter:  Yes, I do love you and I wish for all to never perish, but live with Me Eternally

Clay:     I am beginning to understand.  Your love is drawing me

Potter:  That is My Holy Spirit. We are Three in One: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Clay:    I want to belong to You.

Potter:  This gives Me much joy!

Clay:     I don’t want You to go away. Will You always be with me?

Potter:   ALWAYS – Because I AM.


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