His Eyes

There are days like today

So awful, Lord

Days filled with pitch black


And my mind tries to see You

In the blackness

I cry out where are You where are You?

Then Your voice

I can hear it Lord

Just a little, but it’s enough

For now

I yearn to truly hear You

I need to truly hear You

To hear the rushing waters

The Living Waters

It isn’t time yet, right?

I will wait. I have to wait.

One day when the waiting is done

Your face will be before me

And Lord, Your eyes

I  dream of Your eyes

What will the eyes of  Pure Love

Even look like?

Holy and Lovely

Unlike anything I have ever seen


6 thoughts on “His Eyes

  1. Margaret Kiemele

    Beautiful Geri….our times are in His hands. Our human spirit yearns and longs but. HIs timing is so different than ours!! Blessings

  2. tonytarr11

    a longing from the heart, what a beautiful thing*,…it makes me think of the ‘song of Solomon’! Blessings Geri

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