5 Year Old Ryland Was Shot 5 Times in the Sutherland Church Massacre and He Only Wants One Thing

Ryland’s life was spared that day, when a crazed man massacred 26 people in that little church.  Ryland was not only severely wounded physically, but he will have the memory of all of those people hitting the floor, bleeding, and I’m sure that he has been traumatized beyond comprehension.

Ryland wants just one thing as he lays in the hospital after his surgeries.  He wants to be able to open Christmas cards.

A friend sent me this story today.  I am going to send Ryland a card tomorrow. I am hoping that by writing this, he might receive many more cards.

from klove.com

Ryland Was Shot In The Texas Church Shooting…And He Wants Just One Thing For Christmas!

Most of our jaws hit the floor when we got word of what happened in the middle of a Sunday morning worship service at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  26 people’s lives were taken that day, including 3 members of 5 year old Ryland Ward’s family, his step mom and 2 sisters. Ryland was shot five times himself, but God spared his life.

Ryland is still recovering in a San Antonio hospital from his injuries, doctors were hoping to have him home in time for Christmas, but he isn’t healing up quite as quickly as they had hoped, so he will be spending Christmas in the hospital.

There is only ONE thing he really wants for Christmas and that’s Christmas cards.  His grandma, Sandy, says that he is so encouraged by reading the cards.  The cards make his time in the hospital more bearable, he especially likes hearing about people’s families and pets.  You can read more about his story here.

It would be great to fill his mail box this Christmas as the K-LOVE family, so if you would like to send a card and help encourage little Ryland, here is the address:

Ryland Ward

PO Box 174

Sutherland Springs, TX 78161

PLEASE take the time to send this little one a Christmas card. Tell him how much Jesus loves him, and tell him that Jesus cried that day when the people he knew and loved were gunned down.




2 thoughts on “5 Year Old Ryland Was Shot 5 Times in the Sutherland Church Massacre and He Only Wants One Thing

  1. I know the Lord Jesus will comfort and watch over the 5-year-old because Jesus loves children. It is a miracle and the Grace of God he survived the shooting. If I can mention this the daily mail website has an article about a 17-year-old who is pregnant and she has a brain tumor let’s pray her she’s a Christian and pray for the baby as well. The family talks about God on a gofundme page I saw that was set up for her.

    God Bless

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