Bethel Church of Redding CA Using Tarot Cards and Practicing “Christalignment” New Age on Steroids

I wonder if any of my readers read the Frank Peretti books from the early 1990’s.  Remember “This Present Darkness” and Piercing the Darkness?”

I was a very young Christian when I read those books.  Over the little church in the small town, were demons plotting and talking about the people – the Christians and the unsaved. They schemed about various ways to keep the people away from the Lord. Their work was to make sure that many would lose their faith and eventually follow the evil one.

In these last days, the evil one is “inside” of many churches (I use the term ‘churches’ quite loosely)  New age practices are an integral part of the church service.  The Kundalini spirit has entered these churches and is masquerading as the Holy Spirit!

I have written about the Kundalini Spirit and how many Christians have brought this demonic spirit into their church by practicing Yoga.

Christian Yoga: Bringing the Kundalini Serpent Into the Church   < read article here

Now, Bethel Church of Redding, CA have brought their own version of tarot cards into their service. I know – it sounds completely crazy. Unfortunately it’s true.


Charismatics Now Using “Christian” Tarot Card

Called “Destiny Reading Cards,” charismatics – some associated with Bethel Church in Redding, California – are engaging in what is essentially tarot card reading. You can see the clip below, and then we’ll explain.

They call it a “reading” and refer to the program as “Christalignment.” They don’t do “predictions,” but they will help empower your destiny rather than control it. Using what is essentially tarot cards, they do a “reading” about relations, jobs and issues to help people “make better decisions in the future.”

The tarot is a pack of playing cards made originally in the 1400s in Italy and France, which are meant to help a psychic “divine” truth either about the future or a present situation (some assume the name is taken from the Taro river in Italy). Explicitly occultic tarots include a 78 card pack (as opposed to all the other kinds of tarot, which are implicitlyoccultic). The charismatics at Bethel Church and elsewhere have commandeered this satanic practice and seek to help people gain insight into their life from these “readings.”


Mind, Body and Spirit” is a group put together by fans (left) of Bethel Redding, and includes various partners, including the parents of Bethel missionary, Ben Fitzgerald. Students from Bethel Church in Redding were helping with their “readings.”

Jenny and Ken Hodge are hosting an event, “Taking Jesus into Counter Cultures” on March 10. They have modeled the practice of “taking Jesus into counter cultures” by doing their Christianized tarot cards at events like porn expos.

You can see on their public Facebook pagetheir closeness with Bethel Church in Redding. You can see on their December 7 post their advertising of Christalignment (the top video) at an upcoming event. source

Brothers and sisters in Christ – if you ever enter a place of worship, and you see any of these New Age Occult practices – RUN do not walk to the nearest exit!

Read your Bibles!  See what God says about these devilish practices!

“Also he made his son pass through the fire, practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft, and consulted spiritists and mediums. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger” (2 Kings 21:6).

“He sacrificed his children in the fire in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, practiced divination and witchcraft, sought omens, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the LORD, arousing his anger”  (2 Chronicles 33:6).

Keep your eyes on Jesus and read His Word every day.

Shalom b’Yeshua







Head of Planned Parenthood: “It’s Time for Women to Brag About Their Abortions.”

Perhaps Cecile Richards is demon possessed.

I don’t have any other explanation for her words that women should “brag” about their abortions.  She is telling them to boast and brag about murdering their children!

Most of the Left who have had abortions talk tough about their experience. They’ll tell you that it meant nothing to them and that they don’t give it a thought.  I really wonder if these women are telling the truth, or just saying what they’ve been told to say.

I have read so many heart wrenching accounts of the nightmares and remorse of women who have aborted their babies. It haunts them for the rest of their lives – that is if they have not received forgiveness at the Cross and have been born again from above.


Cecile Richards: Time for Women to Start Bragging About Their Abortions, Don’t be “Ashamed”

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards urged women to keep bragging about aborting their unborn babies to fight the Trump administration’s pro-life policies.

 In a new interview with Democracy Now, Richards complained that the Trump administration is trying to protect unborn babies from abortion. She blasted his choices of Mike Pence and other strong pro-life advocates for top-level positions.

One of the things that Richards believes will make a difference is women who are willing to speak out proudly about their abortions.

The conversation began when host Amy Goodman asked Richards about the “Me too” movement, which exposes the sexual harassment and abuse that many women face.

“I think there’s some parallels in the reproductive health movement, in that for years women have been ashamed of sharing their own stories, including about abortion, abortion stories, and it is only now that women are sharing them on social media and that they’re being covered in the news as actually part of women’s healthcare …” Richards replied.

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

She continued:

“The danger is what this administration is doing — and Vice President Mike Pence is the orchestra master on this — of putting people into places of authority that will now repeal and take away women’s rights, where we have actually no public discourse. You can look at Health and Human Services now. It has been completely stocked with people who are against not only Planned Parenthood, not only against safe and legal abortion, they’re against birth control now.”

But Richards and her abortion chain often silence the women whose abortion stories do not fit with their agenda. Movements like the Silent No More Awareness Campaign have documented thousands of stories of women who deeply regret aborting their unborn babies. These stories rarely receive mainstream media attention.

Unsurprising, the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Planned Parenthooddidn’t come up. The U.S. Department of Justice officially is investigating whether the abortion chain Planned Parenthood sold aborted babies’ body parts for profit. – source

I wrote an article called “Silent No More.” If you have not read this piece, I encourage you to do so.  Even if you have never had an abortion, you might be able to send this to someone who is tormented by their abortion:

Silent No More  <click here to read the article

Brothers and sisters in Christ – we know that there is forgiveness at the Cross of Jesus Christ.  But we must repent and trust Him.  That means that we must agree with Him that abortion is murder.

But when we receive His forgiveness, a heavy burden lifts off of us.  We receive His peace that only He can give.




Businesses Shut Down by Law Enforcement: Selling Baby Organs for 1000% Profit


The magnitude of this PURE EVIL is hard to fathom.  I try to imagine the owners of these killing mills sitting in their board rooms, discussing their bottom lines.

Can you see it?  Someone has done a PowerPoint presentation showing the murdered babies and how much profit they are making from the sale of babies’ brains, kidneys, lungs and any other organs which are in demand. The board members congratulate one another as they down coffee and donuts.

Of course, the two companies which were fined $8 million and their businesses permanently shut down are located in California.  No surprise there.


From Day One, the ACLJ has been aggressively calling for Congress and federal and state law enforcement to investigate Big Abortion for the horrific practice of selling aborted babies’ body parts (fetal tissue) for profit. It’s illegal, but until recently has gone on unhindered from the fear of prosecution.

Bombshell revelations yesterday not only confirm the existence of this practice and substantiate our aggressive legal advocacy but also show that the abortion industry can be defeated.

The District Attorney for Orange County, California, has just announced a settlement of a lawsuit his office filed against two fetal tissue procurement companies, DV Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences. Both companies admitted liability for their role in selling human fetal tissue and stem cells for profit, which is against the law. As a result of this settlement, the two companies must pay close to $8 million dollars and “permanently close and cease all business operations in the State of California.”

The body parts of aborted babies were commodities to these companies. As the District Attorney noted:

The defendants hired an outside marketing consultant to develop marketing materials, including a catalog posted on the company’s website in January 2010, and sent them to various sales leads. The two companies advertised prices in a range as low as $40 a vial for the “total RNA” cells from several fetal tissue sources to as high as $1,100 a vial for specific cells derived from fetal brain tissue. They priced the products in a middle range from $300 to $375 a vial for fetal lung derived products, $300 to $450 a vial for fetal kidney derived products, $500 to $700 a vial for fetal heart derived products, and $250 to $700 a vial for fetal liver derived products. . . .

The companies also regularly offered “sales” pricing promotions, including, for example, a “25% off” summer sale and “25% off” fall promotion in 2013. Sales staff was given wide flexibility in using discounts in order to close a sale, because they all knew they still ended up “on top.”

In fact, one of the emails uncovered as part of the District Attorney’s investigation stated, “‘1000% gross does not seem unreasonable based on infrastructure and lack of competition.’  In that email exchange, they further stated, ‘If the market can handle a higher price then we will go with [that] since we will be giving discounts to the distributors.’”

The lawsuit followed an investigation of the two companies that began in September 2015. The investigation was spurred by a complaint made to the District Attorney by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

At that time, CMP had recently concluded a journalistic undercover investigation of the sale of aborted fetal tissue. CMP released a series of videos, including both the full video footage of recorded conversations and excerpted “highlight” videos, of senior abortion providers discussing practices such as profiting from the sale of baby body parts and altering abortion methods to procure fetal specimens.

The release of the CMP videos prompted the United States Senate and House of Representatives to conduct two, year-long investigations into the selling of fetal tissue. Extensive reports were issued by the House and Senate Committees in December 2016 along with numerous criminal and regulatory referrals to federal, state, and local entities for further investigation.

The Senate Committee’s criminal referral to the Department of Justice and FBI of eight organizations, including Planned Parenthood, for investigation and potential prosecution for violating laws banning the buying and selling of human fetal tissue, has received much attention these past few days after the Department of Justice confirmed that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are under investigation.

The recent focus on Big Abortion is due to the undercover investigative reporting of CMP. The ACLJ represents a former CMP board member, Troy Newman, in a lawsuit filed by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) as well as in another lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood. Both lawsuits stem from the CMP investigation of fetal tissue sales.

The NAF lawsuit, in particular, is pending at the United States Supreme Court. After the release of the first few CMP videos in July 2015, NAF filed suit. A federal judge in San Francisco entered an injunction (or gag order) barring the publication of any recordings made, or confidential information learned, at two NAF conferences. A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction, although one judge dissented in part.

In light of the injunction, the defendants are forbidden from voluntarily disclosing to law enforcement agencies, other government bodies, and the general public any of the recordings or other information obtained at the NAF conferences. The injunction is the reason the “public version” of our Supreme Court petition includes redactions of the information contained in the enjoined materials. The Supreme Court, however, is able to consider all the information involved in this case including that which law enforcement, among others, cannot now see.

The importance of this case prompted Attorneys General of twenty states to file an excellent friend-of-the-court (amicus) brief in support of our certiorari petition. As the Attorneys General note, the Ninth Circuit decision enabling the gag order to stand “sets a precedent that hampers law enforcement’s ability to effectively receive information and investigate possible civil or criminal wrongdoing” and also “empowers would-be wrongdoers, especially those engaged in collusion, conspiracy, or other multi-party enterprises, to shroud their actions and hamper investigations.”

The Supreme Court is expected to decide whether to review the case sometime this winter. – source

We need only to look at Scripture to understand how people have literally become unfeeling monsters.  Where are their consciences?

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12).

“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,  treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,  having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people”  (2 Timothy 3:1-5) ESV used for emphasis)

Brethren – this total disregard for human life should show us what is most likely coming for us.  If these people can brutally murder innocent babies and sell them for their parts; what do we think is coming for those of us who oppose such horrific crimes?