Head of Planned Parenthood: “It’s Time for Women to Brag About Their Abortions.”

Perhaps Cecile Richards is demon possessed.

I don’t have any other explanation for her words that women should “brag” about their abortions.  She is telling them to boast and brag about murdering their children!

Most of the Left who have had abortions talk tough about their experience. They’ll tell you that it meant nothing to them and that they don’t give it a thought.  I really wonder if these women are telling the truth, or just saying what they’ve been told to say.

I have read so many heart wrenching accounts of the nightmares and remorse of women who have aborted their babies. It haunts them for the rest of their lives – that is if they have not received forgiveness at the Cross and have been born again from above.

From lifenews.com

Cecile Richards: Time for Women to Start Bragging About Their Abortions, Don’t be “Ashamed”

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards urged women to keep bragging about aborting their unborn babies to fight the Trump administration’s pro-life policies.

 In a new interview with Democracy Now, Richards complained that the Trump administration is trying to protect unborn babies from abortion. She blasted his choices of Mike Pence and other strong pro-life advocates for top-level positions.

One of the things that Richards believes will make a difference is women who are willing to speak out proudly about their abortions.

The conversation began when host Amy Goodman asked Richards about the “Me too” movement, which exposes the sexual harassment and abuse that many women face.

“I think there’s some parallels in the reproductive health movement, in that for years women have been ashamed of sharing their own stories, including about abortion, abortion stories, and it is only now that women are sharing them on social media and that they’re being covered in the news as actually part of women’s healthcare …” Richards replied.

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She continued:

“The danger is what this administration is doing — and Vice President Mike Pence is the orchestra master on this — of putting people into places of authority that will now repeal and take away women’s rights, where we have actually no public discourse. You can look at Health and Human Services now. It has been completely stocked with people who are against not only Planned Parenthood, not only against safe and legal abortion, they’re against birth control now.”

But Richards and her abortion chain often silence the women whose abortion stories do not fit with their agenda. Movements like the Silent No More Awareness Campaign have documented thousands of stories of women who deeply regret aborting their unborn babies. These stories rarely receive mainstream media attention.

Unsurprising, the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Planned Parenthooddidn’t come up. The U.S. Department of Justice officially is investigating whether the abortion chain Planned Parenthood sold aborted babies’ body parts for profit. – source

I wrote an article called “Silent No More.” If you have not read this piece, I encourage you to do so.  Even if you have never had an abortion, you might be able to send this to someone who is tormented by their abortion:

Silent No More  <click here to read the article

Brothers and sisters in Christ – we know that there is forgiveness at the Cross of Jesus Christ.  But we must repent and trust Him.  That means that we must agree with Him that abortion is murder.

But when we receive His forgiveness, a heavy burden lifts off of us.  We receive His peace that only He can give.




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  1. It’s so hard to believe anyone would actually brag about having an abortion. I question the mental and spiritual condition of such a person. It is demonic in nature. Sad part is, some will probably join her.

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