BHO Decimated Our Military Might: Is It A Coincidence That Now We Are Sitting Ducks?

It was clear from the start that Barack Obama was no friend to America. There were countless ways that this ‘enemy from within‘ was determined to weaken America and make her more vulnerable than ever before in this hostile and most dangerous world.

From downsizing our Military, to firing scores of Generals who refused to be “yes” men to BHO, to dealing with the Iranian regime and signing a treaty with them which would put not only America at great risk, but Israel as well. This pleased Obama greatly. There was only one country he hated more than America, and the was Israel.

Although President Trump plans to rebuild and bolster our Military and weaponry, this is not a task which can be accomplished overnight.  And it seems that America needs nothing short of a miracle at the present time.  We have never been this close to an all out Nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

ICBM’s and Mad Men – a Lethal Mix

The regime of North Korea (NK) has been appeased for over 50 years. It seems that Kim Jung Un, the present leader of NK,  is by far the most mentally deranged of his family. But is he really crazy?  Or perhaps crazy like a fox.

He has partnered with Iran in their mutual endeavor to produce the most long range and destructive nuclear war heads and missiles on our planet. I have read that the ICBM’s of both countries are disturbingly similar. There is a partnership between these EVIL countries.  We can thank BHO for supporting the signing of the Nuclear Arms treaty with Iran.  It was all part of the plan to put the U.S. and Israel in harms way.

We used to attend a church in which the youth pastor was from South Korea. Our son has lived and worked in S. Korea for years.  I talked to the youth pastor one day about Kim Jung Un. I wanted his take on this mad man – whether our son was in harms way living in Seoul, S. Korea.  He said to me “Not to worry” because every so often, the regime would raise its ugly head for one reason – they would receive money from countries as a way of appeasing and silencing them – at least for a while.

It’s no longer about money

The alliance between NK and Iran is most definitely not about money. It is about destruction of the West and ultimately the destruction of Israel. China will back NK. Yesterday they made a statement that if NK attacked the U.S., they would be neutral; but if the U.S. attacked NK first – they would stand against us. I would imagine that if this war comes to fruition, Putin of Russia will back the communist regimes.


Congress and Obama depleted the Military

We (that’s mostly me) do more than several columns on our military and its funding.  I even did a piece recently on the obscure topic of military budget sequestration.  This source was the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  We’ll see here the more general treatment by some experts.

I’ll take a short time out from our discussion of The Tet Offensive in Hue’.  We’ll get back to that next week.

“North Korea is making alarming progress in its ballistic-missile and nuclear-weapons programs.  Russia and China are developing and fielding advanced weapons against which the U.S. may not be able to defend.  Al Qaeda operates in more countries than ever.  Islamic State is targeting the West and launching attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Iran is supporting  terrorist organizations across the globe, modernizing its ballistic-missile and other capabilities and likely continuing to pursue nuclear weapons”.

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee last week that the U.S. is loosing the military edge on which our security has long relied: ‘Today every operating domain – including outer space, air, sea – undersea – land, and cyberspace – is contested’.

Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, seconded that worry in written testimony for the same hearing: ‘Without sustained, sufficient   and predictable funding,’  he wrote, I assess that within five years we will lose our ability to project power; the basis of how we defend the homeland, advance U.S. interests, and meet our alliance commitments’.

In short, the situation President Trump inherited is dire.  America today faces a variety of threats more serious and complex than at any time in the past 75 years”

Continuing the Chaneys write: “President Obama and his policies are largely to blame.  The 2011 Budget Control Act, which mandated across-the-board-cuts, known as sequestration, at a time when threats were growing, has also done serious damage. ‘No enemy in the field’, Mr Mattis told lawmakers , ‘has done more to harm our military than sequestration.’

What have eight years of Mr. Obama’s policies, and six years of the Budget Control Act,wroght?  The military superiority America relied on after the end of the Cold War has been seriously eroded, our capabilities diminished.  In the past three months alone, military leaders have testified that:

*The Army is ‘outranged, outgunned, outdated, outdated, with only three of 58 brigade combat teams ready to ‘fight tonight.’

*The Navy is the smallest and least ready it has been in modern times. Fewer than half the Navy’s aircraft can fly because so many are grounded for maintenance  or because they lack spare parts.

*The Air Force is the oldest and smallest it has ever been ,and less than half of its combat forces are sufficiently ready to fight tonight.

*The Marine Corps is insufficiently manned, trained and equipped across the depth of the force.”

“Rebuilding America’s defenses will require a massive, concerted and long-term effort that must begin today. Mr. Trump rightly promised to do this during last year’s presidential election.  Unfortunately, the White House budget submitted to Congress earlier this month fails to provide the necessary resources.”  (See lead-in above.)

More tough words from Vice President Cheney and Wyoming’s Representative Cheney:  “If Congress is serious about providing the resources necessary to defend the nation, lawmakers must do two things:  pass a base defense budget for fiscal 2018 of at least $640 billion, instead of the $603 billion the White House requested; and repeal the Budget Control Act to eliminate arbitrary spending caps and devastating sequestration.

The figure of $640 billion comes from the House and Senate Armed Services committees, which over the past year have conducted in-depth analyses and concluded this is the amount necessary in 2018 to begin  rebuilding the military.  This figure is a floor, not a ceiling.”

“For context, compare it with the projections from the Pentagon’s fiscal 2012 budget.  Because this was the last budget prepared prior to the Budget Control Act, it was also the last one assessing the threats America faces and what would be needed to meet them.  It projected a base defense budget of $661 billion for 2018.  That assessment was made before Islamic State arose in the Middle East, before North Korea’s recent progress on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, before Russia invaded akraine, before China’s aggression in the South China Sea, and before Mr. Obama’s indefensible nuclear agreement with Iran.”

The Cheneys conclude here: “ Rebuilding the military is not a one-year project.  To undo the damage of the Obama era and provide for America’s security in a world of increasingly threatening  adversaries, Congress must dedicate itself to providing significant resources for many years to come. “

This was a serious piece on a serious subject.  I quoted from it liberally.  The authors are serious Americans. I think that we all would agree that national defense is heavy stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, we can all get on with it.

Maybe, also we can get on with the conclusion we reached here a few weeks ago: That, This is No Drill. – source


Brethren, I believe that we are possibly at the doorstep of the Rapture. I am no date setter, but I do believe that the Lord has gifted me with discernment.

The most important things we can do as children of God are to pray and share Salvation with everyone we know who is lost.  We must be obedient to the Word.

Jesus said to make disciples of all nations. We must not let fear inhibit us from our most important job while we are still here on earth.


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  1. I know this is rather upsetting to me. For years we know the US was going to get judged and diminish greatly before the LORD returns. One EMP blast takes out the electric grid and fry mostly all electronic devices. You see how these kids have a mental melt down when they lose or forget their smart phone for a brief time. GOD help us…

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  3. The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama Jr aka Barry Soetoro is Anti-Christian and Jewish People / Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Antisemitism / Anti-USA Capitalism and Constitution!!

    United We Stand with Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America, Divided We FALL!! I am Pro-Israel-Yisrael / Pro-USA Capitalism and Constitution / PRO-LIFE!!

    Please Pray for the Holy Land of Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and our Christian Earth Everyday!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Our ONE True GOD’S LOVE 💕💙 is ETERNAL THROUGH HIS SON Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

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