Kabbalah In Israel: This Is How Antichrist Will Fool Israeli Jews

I’m certain that most of my readers have heard the term “Kabbalah.” I am convinced that this is how Israel will have open arms and receive the man of sin as their savior.

Kabbalah is new age mysticism – pure and simple.  I’m going to show you right from the source – a website devoted to explaining Kabbalism.

From kabbalah.info


Although its origins are rooted in deep antiquity, from the time of ancient Babylon, the science of Kabbalah has remained virtually hidden from humanity since it appeared more than four thousand years ago.

This very concealment has sustained Kabbalah’s undying allure. Renowned scientists and philosophers of many countries, such as Newton, Leibniz, and Pico della Mirandola, have investigated and tried to understand the science of Kabbalah. However, to this very day only a few know what Kabbalah really is…
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The science of Kabbalah is unique in the way it talks about you and me, about all of us. It doesn’t deal with anything abstract, only with the way we are created and how we function at higher levels of existence…
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In the science of Kabbalah, we study what we need to do in order to enter a hidden structure: spirituality. We study how we can ascend beyond our world, to the field that governs it…
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Why do I want something more or different than what everyday life offers? Kabbalah phrases this question like this: How does the desire for the higher force emerge?..
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The science of Kabbalah states that there is only one reason for all pain—to make us ask about its meaning. We can then use these questions to raise us from the level of our earthly existence, where the causes are hidden, to a higher level of existence, where the reason for the pain is revealed…
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Kabbalah is not theoretical research. It is a practical method intended to help us through every moment of our lives. Through Kabbalah, one discovers the future, the past, one’s attributes when he or she first descended into this world many lifetimes ago, and the distance one still needs to traverse…
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Today people are ready for the science of Kabbalah. It welcomes all those who truly seek to discover the meaning of life, the source of our existence, and offers a practical method of attaining it…
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Kabbalah is New Age and Much Like Hinduism

Only 10% of Israel is Orthodox. These are mostly Orthodox Rabbis who live in Jerusalem.  The reader must understand that most of Israel rely on Kabbalist Rabbis. They are into New Age philosophies BIG TIME.   They believe in reincarnation. They believe in achieving higher levels of consciousness.

The most highly respected Rabbis in Israel are Kabbalist rabbis. Can you see that Antichrist will come with New Age doctrine and that Israel will rejoice and believe that this is the one for whom they have been waiting?

We must continue to share the Gospel and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. If you have a Jewish friend who is into Kabbalah, pray for them that the Lord will remove the scales from their eyes. Pray that they will accept their true Messiah Yeshua before the Great Tribulation comes upon this world.

Shalom b’Yeshua



Israel Hating Rabbis Supporting BDS: What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Liberal American Rabbis, also known as “The Synagogue of Satan” in the Word of God, who support BDS against Israel, are upset at Israel’s decision to ban them from visiting.  They say it’s not democratic.  REALLY?

These hypocrites are supporting a boycott of Israel – an evil plan, put together by people who wish to harm Israel. These Rabbis are only Jews externally.  Their heart is far from God. Their hatred of the Holy Land is blatant, and they believe that there should be no consequences for their actions against Israel.

My father

My dad was an avid supporter of Israel – both vocally and financially. His passion and love for the miracle that is Israel, helped me to love the Jewish homeland as well.  The Lord allowed me the privilege of leading my dad to Yeshua before he died. Isn’t it interesting that my dad grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home, yet he was so open to Jesus and the Gospel.  This just proves further how evil liberalism really is.

My father loved God and he sought after God – just like I did before I was saved in 1983.  His heart was close to God; not like the liberal Jews whose hearts are far from God.  They serve their master, the devil.

From jpost.com


“Whether we support boycott is a controversy for the sake of heaven.”

More than 200 rabbis from the liberal movements of American Judaism signed a letter opposing Israel’s travel ban on leaders of the boycott movement against Israel.

The rabbis signing Wednesday’s letter were responding to an incident last month in which Rabbi Alissa Wise of Jewish Voice for Peace, which supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, was prevented from boarding an Israel-bound airplane leaving Dulles Airport in Washington, DC.

Four other people traveling to Israel as part of an interfaith delegation, including two other Jews, a Christian and a Muslim, were also prevented from boarding the flight at the request of the Israeli government.

“We hold diverse opinions on BDS. Even though many of us have substantive differences with Rabbi Wise and other rabbinic colleagues who support the BDS movement in some or all of its forms, we believe that the decision to bar Rabbi Wise from visiting Israel is anti-democratic and desecrates our vision of a diverse Jewish community that holds multiple perspectives,” read the letter, which had been signed by 212 rabbis as of late Wednesday morning.

“Boycotts are a legitimate nonviolent tactic that have been used both in our own country and around the world in order to create justice for marginalized and oppressed communities. Whether we support boycott is a controversy for the sake of heaven. It endures because we struggle together and debate how we can create peace, justice, and equality for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” the letter said.

The signers included Rabbi Sharon Brous, of the independent IKAR congregation in Los Angeles; Rabbi Amy Eilberg of Los Altos, California, the first women ordained by the Conservative movement; and Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.

In March, the Israeli parliament, or Knesset, amended the Law of Entry to prevent leaders of the BDS movement from being allowed into Israel. The amendment applies to organizations, as well as the leadership and senior activists of those groups, that take consistent and significant action against Israel through BDS and threaten it with material harm.

JVP said at the time of the incident that it was the first time the amendment had been enforced before passengers boarded their flights to Israel and the first time that Israel has denied entry to Jews, including a rabbi, for their support of BDS.

An anti-BDS bill making its way through Congress would expand existing law that bans boycotts imposed by foreign governments to include those imposed by international organizations like the European Union and the United Nations. – source

The hypocrisy of these men is despicable to me as a Jew and as a Jewish Christian.  The audacity of this quote by them is ludicrous :

“Whether we support boycott is a controversy for the sake of heaven.”

The do not understand that if they don’t repent of these evil actions, and accept Yeshua as their Messiah, they will NOT see the Kingdom of Heaven.