CHRISLAM: Is Your Church Indoctrinating You With This Lie?


For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables”   (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

 While writing another article regarding the relationship between the Vatican and Islam, I came across a list of signatories of a letter written by Yale Religious Studies to Muslim clerics. The letter was in response to one written by 138 Muslim clerics, and addressed to Pope Benedict XVI before he stepped down from his position. The imams who wrote the original letter, were upset at statements made by the Pope in a speech he gave at a university. He had disparaged Islam.

There were hundreds of signatories attached to the Yale response, so I saved the list as a PDF in order to search for names and denominations and colleges. I was not surprised when I saw Rick Warren’s signature. The list was filled with mainstream churches who teach heresy. Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Church of Christ, Episcopalian where among the churches represented.

Yale’s response to Muslim clerics with signatories:

A Common Word From Yale Center for Faith and Culture (with signatories)

I came across another name, unfamiliar to me, from a Baptist church. It was Pastor Jim Somerville, and had his church listed as First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, D.C. I called this church and was told that Pastor Somerville had moved to a new church in Richmond, VA – FBC of Richmond.

I found the website of this church and I left a message with Pastor Somerville. He called me back and I told him that I had found his signature on the Yale document. His tone changed, and I realized that this man was not happy about my call. I asked him if he thought that the God of the Bible was the same as Allah. He told me unapologetically, that he believes and teaches that they are one and the same; that the Muslims simply see him through the lens of the Qur’an.

Read my article from 2015:

Jesus Is Not Isa From the Qur’an

I began to attempt to show him that our God and Allah are NOT the same. I had Scripture ready and verses from the Qur’an which clearly showed that God and Allah are two separate entities. The pastor became enraged, and told me not to lecture him! I asked one more time if he would allow me to share Scripture. That made him angrier and he was raising his voice in a rage. I then told him that I could not stay on the phone with him if he was going to yell. I said “God bless you” and I hung up.

I found Jim Somerville’s Facebook page and began to look at his posts. In one post, he shared with his friends that he was part of a network of pastors who had put together a website for sermons – mainly for shut-ins and people who did not have a church home. It is called “”.  This “ministry” is not only ecumenical (Catholic priests) but also has false teachers from the Emerging church.

Jim Somerville introducing Catholic priest on

I have prayed so much for this man to be exposed to his congregation. Perhaps there are some in his church who are like minded. But I have a feeling that most of the people are unaware that their pastor is so far away from sound doctrine from the Word of God. He is a false teacher.

I was told by a member of the SBC that each Baptist church is autonomous. He also said that if a church is known to be deviating from Baptist doctrine, then the SBC can choose to no longer list them as a member. I wonder if they will still accept their  money?

What the SBC really states about the autonomy of all of its churches:



I believe our pastor (or my church) has acted inappropriately. What can the SBC do about it?


“Since each local Baptist church is autonomous, the Convention has no authority to monitor or investigate the actions within that church or allegations against its pastor or any member of the church. The proper governing body to exercise discipline over any Southern Baptist is the congregation of which that Southern Baptist is a member, whether the person is the pastor of the church or any other member of the church. The SBC is not a church and has no authority to renounce, censure, investigate, or otherwise attempt to discipline members of any local church.

When a church chooses to cooperate with the SBC, it does not surrender any of its local autonomy. The SBC merely exists to serve as a collaborative ministry partner with all cooperating Baptist churches for the fulfillment of specific ministry initiatives. These ministries are outlined in forty-two ministry statements assigned to eleven convention entities, the SBC Executive Committee, and Woman’s Missionary Union. When a church indicates its agreement with the mission and purposes and of the Convention, it does not lose its autonomous character. It retains its full governance over all its affairs—selection of staff; compensation of staff; adoption of personnel policies; adoption of business and financial plans; and participation in all ministries it chooses.

The SBC has no voice in any of these matters. It cannot and does not lay claim to or take any steps of involvement in the internal matters of any local church. It has no oversight. It cannot and does not keep records of complaints or document the inner workings of any church. It is not privy to the membership records of any local church. Simply put, any local Southern Baptist church is fully autonomous in all its affairs.

What recourse, then, does one have if someone is dissatisfied with a pastor or the inner workings of a local church in regard to its pastor? We suggest you contact the individual directly in accordance with Matthew 18:15–17, or you contact the proper supervisory authority within the church over this individual.” – source

My question to the SBC about their statement defending their stance on church autonomy, and not interfering in any problems is this:

How can you stand by and watch a false teacher send a great portion of their congregation to hell? Their blood is on your hands!

In essence this is what the SBC is saying:

We understand that with thousands of churches registered as SBC members, there will be wolves in some of the pulpits. But we cannot interfere – the churches are autonomous and the congregation will have to address the false teaching.  However, the churches must send their financial support to the SBC to remain a member.

REALLY?  The souls of baby Christians or those seeking the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be left to the wolves, posing as shepherds? This is despicable in the eyes of the Lord. And Christians are wondering why membership in Southern Baptist churches is and continues to be on a steep decline?

We are to be Watchmen in these last days!

Shalom b’Yeshua



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  1. Muhammad. Pedophile. Murderer. Had sex with Aisha @ 9 yrs old. Cut off 500-800 Jewish heads personally. Was the favorite prophet of Adolf Hitler.

    Islam. From the pit of hell.

    You are doing a good job, watch woman on the tower. Keep the vigilance and arrows of fire in your quiver.

    In Yeshua


  2. Hmmm Allah is the same God of the Bible eh?

    Surat 17:111
    “Praise be to Allah, who begets no son,…”

    John 3:16 (NASB)
    16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

    Uh oh. We have a problem. they are NOT the same God…..
    Any further questions?

    Rick Warren call your office…

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