The Official Beginning Of the One World Religion (Short Video)

As a Christian, the reader will notice immediately which “religion” is missing.   Well, it’s not a religion at all. We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But you will not see a presentative from the Evangelical Church – not in this line up of the new One World Religion.

Brethren – do NOT be alarmed! As our Lord has told us in His Holy Word “Let not your hearts be troubled.”

The events we have been witnessing in the last months are unprecedented in world history.  We are SO close to our Blessed Hope!!

Share the Gospel with the lost! If there is someone in your life for whom you have a burden on your heart – pray for them and then share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

These are exciting times for the Body of Christ!

 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”  (John 14:6)

Shalom b’Yeshua


9 thoughts on “The Official Beginning Of the One World Religion (Short Video)

  1. Yes, be excited, not fearful! I confess…I must remind myself this at times!! I’ve taken’ to reading The LORD’s WORDS outloud. It lasts longer in my/our ears when I do so. I also listen to the WORD on tape at night in bed…so very helpful to fall asleep with HIM…In my ears!

  2. It seems we are seeing more and more events like this unfolding at a rapid pace. I just wonder how much longer before our Jesus comes to take us home. I’m ready.

    1. Actually, the evangelical churches (world-wide) have signed the Roman Catholic document…it basically states the churches have come back to the R C religion and authority. It also states that the Roman Catholic religion trumps each individual religion/church. Several of these same churches have signed the Chrislam document which also states that Islam is the first and superior religion. The problem? A good share of the congregants have no idea.

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  4. Jesus WILL come to take us home. He will rapture His church. But scripture plainly states we will be going through the great tribulation. Sorry, folks, better start reading your Bibles to familiarize yourself with what it really says about the rapture. At the very least, tell the Christians in the Middle East who are being beheaded for their faith that they will be raptured away. But, hey! Maybe the great tribulation and the pre-trib rapture is only for North Americans? Think about it. Love to all. Watch my in-depth scriptural study on the tribulation and the rapture, here:

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