Chinese Police Destroy Church And Beat Worshipers

No matter how much we would like to think of China as a potential ally and friend to the U.S., the evil of Communism rears its ugly and satanic head; and once again we are brought back to reality.  We are reminded that  Communism and worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob do not mix.  The Communist government will not compete for the allegiance of the people.

The Communist State needs to control its people.


Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshipers into street and beat them

Violence broke out in Shanggiu in Henan province after 300 police officers and officials demolished the Shuangmiao Christian Church—which was under construction.

Officers dragged out around 40 Christians with one worshipper comparing the brutal scenes to the Japanese invasion of during the Second World War, according to charity China Aid.

Eight Christians remain in custody following the incident amid a crackdown on churches by the communist regime.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate is the highest agency in China responsible for prosecutions.

According to churchgoers Xi Jinping’s Communist Party ordered the church to be destroyed after branding the building an “illegal structure”.

Party officials were sent to the church to search the building and belongings of people on site

China Aid said the party confiscated phones and other personal property, damaged closets, smashed offering boxes, and stole laptops, money, and jewellery.

The demolition came as row between the church and government escalated over allegations the church refused to pay a £450 arbitrary road usage fee.

Pastor Zhang Di was summoned for questioning last month and accused of assaulting police officers and attacking a village official.

Church leaders are urging the government to release the pastor and churchgoers. They are also calling for police linked to the investigation to be punished.

The Chinese Communist Party has launched a major crackdown on in recent months in an attempt to oppress religious freedom and exercise control.

Churches not sanctioned by the government have been put under surveillance with hundreds of Christians arrested for disturbing public order for offences such as holding bible study groups and displaying crucifixes outside their homes.

There have been reports of Christians being banned from praying, singing hymns, crosses removed from buildings and people arrested for attending church services. source

Brethren, we in America have never experienced true persecution. While these brothers and sisters in Christ are beaten and imprisoned, others around the world are beheaded, and the ones who are not killed are in exile from countries in which they have lived for decades.

We MUST pray for them!  Think about them the next time you sit in a church service; pray that God would protect them.

Pray for our Lord Jesus to come soon!

Shalom b’Yeshua