Pedophiles And Satan Worshipers Your Child May Be Watching On Youtube

Many parents use the internet as a babysitter.  Did you know that there are channels made just for “tweens” who project images and words about homosexuality, Illuminati, pedophilia, Satan worship, satanic symbols, Islamic symbols and every evil thing you can imagine?

I found my grandson (9 years old) watching something on his iPad.  I told him that I wanted to watch this person and see what he was about.  I am going to place one of his videos (he has hundreds) in this article for you to see for yourself.

I found that the man in these videos also give the children a P.O. Box to send him money and I’m guessing that many are sending him photos of themselves.  After I had seen enough, I sat my grandson down and told him that this man was not suitable for him to watch.

Putting your kids/grandkids in a room with a demon

If you are allowing your kids to freely view youtube, I need to stress to you the dangers of doing this.  Would you send your kids to a Satan worshiping party? Would you send them into a room full of pedophiles?  I am hoping that all of my readers would say NO – absolutely NOT!

I am really speaking to the grandparents of children who are prodigal, and allow their kids to freely watch youtube without any supervision. I told both of my grandson’s parents about this, and quite honestly they thought I was being ridiculous.

It’s up to us

If you are a grandparent and find that your grandkids are watching filth and trash as you will see in this video, I believe it is up to you to speak to your grandchild. The deception is so thick and obviously Satanic – our fallen away children have no discernment and not even any common sense.

Here is one of “Mike’s” videos:

I was led to talk about things to my grandson that I never thought I would need to address.  I told him about pedophiles and how they are all over the internet, just waiting to find children with whom they can establish an online relationship.  I talked with him about satanic symbols and Islamic symbols. I told him to NEVER send ANYTHING to ANYONE  he does not know personally.

A mom tries to warn about youtube (You will notice that the warning video was taken down by youtube!!


Important Warning about pedophilia on Youtube

Hi there, I’m really sorry in advance for how disturbing this is, but I needed to share it with other parents as Youtube is a family friendly site and they won’t do anything to change things unless parents put pressure on them.
A couple of Twitter friends are Youtubers and made a video exposing the blatant pedophilia happening on Youtube. They’re only small starter content creators so the video isn’t likely to reach many people without help, and also because of their audience there probably aren’t many parents who are going to watch it. That’s why I’ve brought it on here to a wider audience of people who will take it seriously.

While there is no explicit images in the video, the comments they read out are of a disturbing nature for obvious reasons, so discretion is advised- I am just the messenger, as are these guys, so no hate please. The link to the video is below.

Now I have tweeted the CEO of Youtube with the video but she is unlikely to pay attention if not many people are talking about it. Her Twitter handle is @SusanWojcicki, please absolutely spam her with tweets about this as this strategy has forced Susan Wojcicki to directly address Youtube’s standards in the past. One of their problems is that they barely hire any actual staff to deal with flagged videos and inappropriate content. With only an automated filtering system there is a lot that can fall through the cracks. In the mean time, keep your kids away from webcams!

Thanks for your help superparents! – source

***I’m sure that you noticed that youtube took down the video which warned parents about the pedophilia!

Please take this seriously

For the sake of your grandkids, please understand how dangerous this is. If you don’t have control over what they view in their homes, then you must talk to them about everything they are viewing.

Satan is roaming about, seeking whom he will devour – and it just might be a child in your family!

Shalom b’Yeshua