CULT ALERT: Don’t Be Fooled by The Church of Almighty God!


A young Asian woman became my friend on Facebook. I immediately had a warning come up in my spirit. Something was wrong.  She kept placing “ads” for her church named “The Church of Almighty God.” It was as if someone had taken much time to put together PowerPoint slides, promoting this church.  Sometimes she would place these “slides” on my page 2-3 times a day.

She would contact me many times a day via FB message. She wanted to talk and was extremely pushy.  There was something very strange about this young woman.

I knew that it was time to do some investigating.

Church of Almighty God is a CULT.  There is no gray area. It is also known as Eastern Lightning.  They are from China. They are brutal and have murdered many people. They believe that Jesus has returned to earth as a Chinese woman!


Deceived by the Lightning

Christians in mainland China’s “underground” house churches have faced persecution from the country’s Communist government for years. They now face another threat from one of the mainland’s largest cults, which frequently uses deception and coercion to gain converts from among house churches.
The cult calls itself “The Church of Almighty God.” The Chinese government refers to it as the “Real God” cult. Chinese Christians call it “Eastern Lightning.” Its followers believe that Jesus has returned in the form of a Chinese woman, like “lightning that comes from the east,” according to the description of His second coming in Matthew 24:27.

In April 2002, Eastern Lightning members kidnapped 34 leaders of the China Gospel Fellowship, a network of house churches. Cult members posing as representatives of Haggai Institute, a leadership training school in China, lured the leaders to attend a seminar where they were separated and held against their will. One woman managed to escape and alert the police. By June all the others had escaped or were released, although some who were drugged while being held captive continued to suffer physically.

An article dated January 2004 on one of the cult’s Web sites (, however, denies as “rumor” the reports that Almighty God’s Church believes in “a woman with the surname Deng who was once possessed by a demon in Zheng Zhou of Henan province.” The article explains, “Actually, the place of birth and location where God became flesh is not in Henan province at all. Furthermore, the surname is not Deng.” The article does not, however, identify someone other than Deng as the Christ; rather, it explains why “the flesh of the Almighty God” could not be demon possessed. The fact that no one has ever seen or photographed the woman they call the “female Christ” makes her identity or even her existence difficult to confirm.

The Second Incarnation. The group believes that the Bible is out-of-date and that those who limit God’s revelation to just the Bible are like the Pharisees who held on to the Old Testament and rejected Christ. Followers are told to give up the truth of the past and build their foundation on the Holy Spirit’s word for today: the writings of the “female Christ,” which are “God’s new word.” source

Here is their Facebook page:

Church of Almighty God

Needless to say, be on the alert for members of this cult. They seem to be all over Facebook now. The bizarre beliefs and violence against those who refuse to join, prompted me to write this article.

Please alert others about how dangerous these people are.

Pray for those who are involved with Church of Almighty God. Pray that they will meet the Lord Jesus, and be set free from this demonic cult.


6 thoughts on “CULT ALERT: Don’t Be Fooled by The Church of Almighty God!

  1. God pours out his Holy Spirit on china to create a people after His own name and along comes satan with his counterfeit religion…..its hard to imagine more people go to church every week in china than all of europe. but in the state sanctioned church they are not allowed to preach Christ`s second coming. the true church is growing in china but it is a persecuted church. we should pray for them

  2. Thank you for your post. I was contacted by them twice this last week by two different people.. Is there a campaign going on?? As soon as I started asking challenging questions, they blocked me on facebook.. I am trying to uncover their intent as I want to protect my friends/family/church. Have you had any additional dealings with this group?

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